MevoFit Fitness Tracker Bands

Meet the most advanced fitness tracker bands and smartwatches. The wide range of fitness tracker includes a basic steps tracker, a women-centric fitness tracker band with period tracking and an advanced band for athletes an sports enthusiasts.

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MevoFit Fitness Apparels

MevoFit brings activewear for women driven by the idea of a healthy, sporty and fashion-forward lifestyle. All our styles keep up with your workout, as well as the latest trends, to outfit your trip to the gym and beyond. We strive to create a clothing brand that satisfies the desire of every customer to become more trendy.

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MevoFit Gym Bags

Are you looking for a versatile duffle bag for the season ahead? MevoFit's Gym Bags seamlessly blend style and function, so that you can pack up for gym, office, travel, or classroom with ease.

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MevoFit helps you live a healthy, balanced life by
tracking your all-day activity, exercise, sleep and weight.

Why Choose MevoFit?

MevoFit Apps work with you and on your body in compelling ways to provide immense health benefits by constantly motivating and rewarding you with fitness credits as you get fit and that can be exchanged for getting the MevoFit trendy line of consumer goods focused towards fitness like Fitness bands, Gym wear, outdoor and indoor gadgets and accessories to further help you boost your fitness regime. In order to keep the user engaged with the app, we have gone one step beyond to provide them amazing fitness merchandise in lieu of their earned credits.

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Why MevoFit

Compare MevoFit Fitness Trackers

MevoFit has a wide range of fitness tracker bands. Checkout the comparison of the fitness tracker bands to choose the best one for yourself!

MevoFit Drive
MevoFit Slim
MevoFit Slim HR
MevoFit Bold

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Compare Trackers

MevoFit Social Community

MevoFit apps come with a fully loaded advanced social community which connects people of same mindsets. People can easily discuss their issues, provide solutions and motivate each other to reach their goals!

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MevoFit Rewards Mechanism

MevoFit has come up with a unique system to reward its users with credits for every healthy action they do in the app. These credits can be used to buy exclusive MevoFit merchandise at amazing discounts!

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MevoFit Community


We all have our reason for getting fit. Discover how people around the world have changed their lives with Mevofit and see what moves them.



Khyati Mahajan, Founder & CEO “Being an avid fitness follower myself, I started trying out various fitness apps available & found some of them quite interesting. After using them for sometime, I came to point of fatigue having to deal with over 5 apps to maintain my needs from available features. I had no way to sync all the fragmented data from all these apps at one place. It became very overwhelming, boring & stopped making sense & eventually I came out discouraged. Meanwhile, professionally I was lucky enough to be a part of an app development business and had an excellent experience of having to deal with user experiences, interests, behaviors, challenges, app designs & flows. Since the frustration coincided with my point of expertise professionally, I decided to throw in towel on the existing apps, determined to solve this problem once and for all, for the good of myself and a better,healthier and fitter society.”


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