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Does Rice Make You Fat
Does rice make you fat?

When it comes to diet foods, white rice isn’t the best option due to its high calorie content. furthermore, even though it is sometimes lower in calories (depending on the type) compared to its healthier counterparts, a moderate serving size will not offer a considerable amount of protein, fiber or water, required to keep you full throughout the day. however, if you pair a small amount of rice with healthy, high fiber and high protein foods such as lentils or green leafy vegetables, you can significantly lower your calorie intake for the meal and still consume rice on a regular basis without negatively affecting your weight. calories the calories in rice vary slightly between the types of rice you choose. white rice, being the most common option, offers 205 calories per cup, cooked. cooked brown and wild rice on the other hand offer 215 and 165 calories respectively, along with higher amounts of fiber, protein, b vitamins, magnesium, selenium and other vital vitamins and minerals. if you’re a frequent consumer of rice, portion control is important as it is easy to place more than one cup of rice on a plate, whether you cook it with other unhealthy ingredients or have it with a side dish. when you look at the calories alone, rice won’t make you fat but rice has certain psychological affects, which may contribute to weight gain. most people are already aware of how addictive white rice can be due to its high refined carb content. many rice dishes are also prepared with ingredients containing excessive calories, such as butter (102 calories/tablespoon), margarine (76 calories/tablespoon) or vegetable oil (around 120 calories/tablespoon). fried rice may contain more than 250 calories per 1 cup serving and beef stir fried rice contains 345 calories per cup serving. when white rice is cooked with oil or ghee, expect the numbers to go above 300 calories per cup. therefore, if you are concerned about gaining fat, consider having white rice boiled in water with a healthy side dish. fiber brown rice is a whole grain which still has its natural fiber intact. when rice is polished and processed to produce white rice, its germ and bran have been removed, which means it’s not a whole grain anymore with a rich fiber content. although white rice can be enriched with vitamins and minerals, the fiber cannot be returned to it. brown and white rice have roughly 45 grams of total carbohydrates per cup, cooked, but brown rice consists of 3.5 grams of fiber, versus 0.6 grams of fiber in white rice – that’s 6 times more fiber! consuming fiber is largely underrated, especially when it comes to weight loss. fiber makes the bulk of whole foods and since it cannot be digested, it comes with zero calories. this factor ensures that your blood sugar levels are stable, you’re full after a meal and satiated enough to avoid snacking throughout the day.

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Foods That Fuel Muscle Building
Foods that fuel muscle building!

One of the essential type of exercise which helps in maintaining healthy weight too is strength training. as you gain muscles, you’ll also experience improved balance, flexibility, coordination and bone health. what is important to consider is that besides the resistance bands and running shoes, there’s another essential element involved in building muscle, which is diet! no, by diet we don’t mean proteins, your body needs lots of supporting nutrients, such as carbohydrates, heart-healthy fats and even a little h20 to build muscles. it’s the combination of protein, these supporting nutrients and eating adequate calories that will help you fuel your body to reach your goals. checkout these small diet tips which will help you in healthy muscle building – 1. increase the intake of heart-healthy fats in 1 gm of fat there are 9 calories, more than double in comparison to carbs and proteins. does it mean that it is twice difficult to burn off? this is totally dependent as to how you take it. when it comes to strength training, fat is doubly efficient in providing your body with energy. fat is also necessary for nutrient absorption of fat-soluble vitamins (a, d, e and k). so, if you’re going to eat fat make sure to choose heart-healthy fats like monounsaturated fats, polyunsaturated fats and omega-3 fats. 2. spread out your protein intake don’t aim at loading protein in your meals as they are not stored in the body for energy like carbs and fats. there’s a limit to how much protein the body can use to build muscle at any given time. in order to justify this, there was a study at the university of texas looked at protein synthesis efficiency in two groups. the first group ate a moderate 30-gram serving of protein, while the second ate a larger serving that contained 90 grams. despite the second group’s threefold increase in protein, the researchers found no greater boost in muscle synthesis. so, if you are aiming to build muscle, you’ll get the most bang for your protein buck by spreading your daily intake out among all your meals. 3. fuel yourself with water fuel your thirsty muscles with water. when muscles aren’t well-hydrated, protein production is inhibited. dehydration can also impact your performance, slow you down, cause greater damage to muscles and even result in digestion problems. water will keep your gi tract healthy, and it also helps you feel full. 4. target quality and not quantity when it comes to proteins it is advised that one should target quality proteins from real foods. protein drinks, powders, supplements, chocolates, cereals, bars and beyond are everywhere, but are they necessary? not really! protein from naturally occurring sources, such as seafood, lean meats, nuts and dairy, contains all the essential vitamins and nutrients. protein powders and shakes do not offer any muscle-building benefit above and beyond what real food does. 5. don’t forget the carbs when it comes to muscle building, carbs are essentially important. crabs- rich food should be eaten at breakfast to replenish fuel that’s broken down during sleep. carbohydrates are what your body uses for fuel during anaerobic exercises like weightlifting. additionally, carbs are broken down into glucose, which stimulates insulin, a hormone that transports amino acids into muscle tissues. it is advised that one should go for high-quality carbohydrates because refined carbohydrates — like those found in white bread, white rice, white pasta, sugar-filled snacks and cereals — cause a blood glucose imbalance. load up on minimally processed whole grains, beans, vegetables and fruits, which deliver fiber, minerals and nutrients but keep blood sugar steady. here are some sure shot muscle building combinations here are simple tweak ideas to improvise your diets and effectively target strength training and building muscles – 1. quinoa – a protein (all 9 essential amino acids) packed whole grain which is high in fiber and gluten-free, making it easy to digest. 2. nuts – the smartest combination out of all, which is rich in heart-healthy fats, fiber and protein. add a handful to protein-packed greek yogurt, fiber-filled salads or just enjoy an ounce of them raw before a workout. 3. eggs – the most common source of protein egg whites but what about the yellow yolk? the yolk contains essential fatty acids, folate, iron, calcium and fat-soluble vitamins — all for only about 55 calories! when you eat only the whites, you’re missing out on a lot of nutritional benefits, and also the main flavor! 4. salmon – this tasty, quick-cooking fish is packed with 27g protein per 4-ounce cooked fillet and 1.32g omega-3 fatty acids, making it a must have. 5. chickpeas – they have 10 grams of fiber and 11 grams of protein into each cup. do we need to say anything more?

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The Sweet Truth Is Honey Better Than Sugar
The sweet truth: is honey better than sugar?

Made by honey bees using the nectar of flowers, honey is a gorgeous amber fluid that has been used as a natural sweetener for countless centuries. although honey is considered superior to sugar in terms of its nutritional value, the latter is still consumed over 40 times more. what’s spectacular about honey is that not only is it sweeter to sugar, it also comprises many trace elements and antioxidants required for the proper functioning of the body. therefore, it’s more than just a flavoring for your honey cakes and breakfast cereals. unlike in the case of raw honey, sugarcane undergoes a series of vigorous processing, which eliminates its vitamins, minerals, proteins and organic acids, which is why sugar, the end product, possesses no nutritional value – it’s just a mass of energy in the form of sucrose. honey, particularly the raw, unpasteurized kind offers a set of unique benefits that may be enough to make you replace sugar with honey in your diet for good. 1. rapid energy source following a nutrient-dense, wholefood diet is vital for increased energy levels, improved metabolism and overall health and wellness. if you’re looking for a quick energy boost, for example, before starting work or a workout, honey may do a much better job than a sugar-laden drink. firstly, it’s because it contains more calories, with one teaspoon of honey containing 22 calories versus 16 calories per teaspoon sugar. this shouldn’t be worrying for weight-watchers because even though honey has more calories, you’ll actually consume less of it because it’s sweeter and denser than table sugar. in addition, table sugar is essentially just sucrose – a product of one fructose and one glucose molecule bonded together. therefore, your body has to use its own enzymes to split the two. in the case of honey, fructose and glucose are already kept separated by an enzyme added by honeybees. honey is beneficial because it releases fructose gradually into the bloodstream, thus providing sustained energy that lasts for hours. 2. low glycemic index honey has a lower glycemic index (gi) than sugar, which means it is absorbed at a much slower rate than table sugar. sugar’s high gi indicates that it increase blood sugar levels rapidly, causing sharp insulin spikes. this may contribute to weight gain, obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes and heart disease. 3. a great cough remedy according to the world health organization (who), honey is a demulcent – a substance that relieves irritation and soothes the throat and mouth by creating a protecting film. research also shows that honey functions similar to dextromethorphan, which is commonly found in over the counter cough medicines to improve cough and related sleep problems in children. 4. prevents allergy symptoms consuming locally produced honey introduces pollen spores carried by the bees from local plants into your system. the allergen in honey activates your immune system and helps the body build immunity against it naturally. having a tablespoon of honey per day before pollen season can help your body be prepared for allergy season. however, it’s important here that you get locally produced raw honey. 5. antibacterial some researchers state that honey has potent antibacterial properties that may be handy in fighting different types of bacteria in the body. furthermore, some may choose to treat burns and wounds with honey because it prevents infections and promotes healing. apart from being incredibly sweet and delicious, honey can have a remarkable impact on our overall health. the key is to remember that not all honey is going to be the same. while certain honeys may have antibacterial properties and a nutritional value that are a hundred times more pronounced, others may just be clear, sparkling fluids that are just visually pleasing but not strong competitors against sugar due to their lack of nutritional importance. to get the most out of your honey, stick to purchasing the least processed, raw types.

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3 at home inner thigh exercises that will burn your legs
3 at-home inner thigh exercises that will burn your legs!

Summer is almost here, which means more booty shorts, bikini thongs and super tight tights. while we aren’t strong proponents of the thigh-gap craze, we do like to keep our legs tight and sculpted – who doesn’t anyway? the following are some fool-proof exercises that sculpt and strengthen your inner thighs and work other parts of your legs, the booty and your core as a bonus! froggie jumps any workout that involves jumping is sure to zap major calories and not to mention, tone our legs within a very short amount of time. stand with your feet wide and your knees and toes aligned and angled out. reach down to the floor with your hands and squat down super low, bringing your butt as close as possible to the ground. keep your chest lifted and your toes and knees still aligned. now, explode upwards, rotating your body 90 degrees to the right with your feet together and arms overhead. come back to the ground going into a deep squat. repeat rotating 90 degrees again so that you’re facing the back of the room. complete a full rotation following the same method and keep repeating till you hit 60 seconds. rest for 20 seconds and start rotating from the left side. inner thigh squats this workout will show you that you don’t need much time to sculpt and tone your legs. stand in front of a countertop or sturdy chair, forearm distance away and hold on to it lightly using your right hand. keep your feet hip-distance upward, toes pointed to the front. position a small soft ball or a pillow of the same size between your inner thighs and keep your idle hand on your hip. lift your heels and slowly bend your knees as if you’re sliding down a wall by an inch. press your inner thighs, squeezing the ball. keep your core tight throughout the exercise. return to standing position with left arm overhead, squeeze the ball with your inner thighs, lower again by an inch and repeat. perform 30 reps and then repeat on the other side. squeeze and lift this is a great workout for people with weak inner thighs, including those recovering from injury. it can be performed anywhere and it is easy to learn as it requires small isolated movements. place a small soft ball between your ankles (if you don’t have a ball, you can use a cushion or do the exercise without either) and lie on your right side. support your head with your right hand. use your other arm to stabilize your body by pressing the left hand to the mat, in front of your chest. support the ball by squeezing your inner thighs and lengthen your legs. lift both legs without separating them about 6 inches off the ground and hold for 5 seconds. bring your legs back to the mat and lift back up immediately. repeat 10 times, rest for 10 seconds and repeat on the opposite side. download mevo app now available both on app store & play store – sign up on android or iphone

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6 simple ways to eliminate toxins

We are exposed to toxins from food, water and even air all the time. fortunately, our body has an efficient detoxification system that functions all day, every day, which is composed of the liver, skin, gut, lungs and kidneys. our main filtration system is the liver which has two major processes. phase 1 produces toxic free radicals, which are later taken care of by phase 2, which annihilates them. however, if phase 2 slows down, there’s a high risk of a toxic buildup. to prevent these from happening, follow the given strategies: 1. drink tea drink tea and make it a routine habit. once in the morning, another in the afternoon and third during sunset. you can have more, of course. tea possesses antioxidants that fight free radicals and certain tea blends also contain herbs that promote further liver detoxification. some great examples include teas containing burdock, dandelion root, milk thistle and peppermint. green tea, black tea, white tea 2. drink plenty of water water doesn’t only hydrate the body but it also helps flush toxins out of it. drinking at least 8 glasses per day and more if you are involved in jobs requiring strenuous activity such as construction work, if you’re an athlete or regular gym goer or if you live in a hot area. 3. exercise sweating is a great way to release toxins from your skin. although a sauna visit is a great idea, exercising every day is even better. there are several ways exercise can help detoxify you. it can help you burn fat, which carries toxic chemicals. it increases blood and lymph circulation to remove metabolic waste and toxic waste from cells. additionally, it helps you release toxins via sweat. performing crunches can help tummy muscles and massage the colon, helping you remove fecal matter or solid waste more effectively. 4. use natural cleaning products most cleaning products consist of a byproduct called dioxin, which is a harmful chemical that may disrupt your endocrine system and immune system. it can also increase your risk of cancer and tamper with your liver detoxification. minimize harsh, chemical-based detergents, toothpastes and skin products and use natural ingredients such as lemon juice, baking soda and apple cider vinegar for household cleaning and even personal care. 5. reduce canned foods canned foods contain bpa, a pollutant that can stimulate free radical production in the body and exhaust antioxidant reserves, increasing your risk of chronic disease. 6. de-stress stress, if excessive, can be detrimental to the human mind and body. it has been scientifically proven that stress promotes risk of various problems such as weight gain, high blood sugar, hypertension, ibs, liver problems and heart disease. work on improving your stress immediately with relaxation techniques such as yoga and meditation. make sure that you get at least 7 hours of shut-eye every day as well.

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4 Ways to Trick Yourself into Feeling Full
4 ways to trick yourself into feeling full

Majority of the food industry ensures consumers achieve low levels of satiety from their food. this helps increase sales. satiety is the measure of how long it takes for you to be hungry again. weight loss experts always recommend foods that produce high levels of satiety however; most packaged foods do the complete opposite. to take control of your eating habits, try the following methods to ensure you’re satisfied and fuller for longer. 1. have more fiber fiber is an indigestible nutrient that absorbs water from the body and your food and transports it to your intestines. this gives you a great level of satiation following a fiber-rich meal. one study showed that adding 6 grams of soluble fiber, such as from ground flaxseed to yogurt shows the same satiating power as a snack that would have an additional 260 calories. experts recommend consuming 25 to 35 grams of fiber every day. high-carb foods on the other hand, such as buns, rolls, chips, cookies, donuts and sodas are satiety killers because they increase hunger levels after a meal. 2. pack on more protein protein, the muscle building fuel, is also a great satiation booster. this is mainly because it leads to an interaction between the peptides created from the protein and the brain, increasing levels of satisfaction. aim for 20 to 40 grams of protein per day from red meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy, legumes and whey protein. 3. suck on ice cubes as bizarre as this may sound, sucking on an ice cube triggers the brain to feel that you’re actually eating something, activating feelings of fullness. another benefit of ice cubes is that they are calorie-free and they melt into water, which can further help you feel full. to boost ice cube’s health benefits, add flavorings such as berries, oranges or mint. alternatively, you can make sugar-free popsicles with freshly made fruit juice. people with sensitive teeth or braces may have to be careful with this trick. 4. don’t rush thoroughly chewing your food increases oro-sensory factors, which send signals to the brain and help increase satiety. studies show that people who spend more time chewing their food are likely to eat much less by the end of the meal. furthermore, whenever in doubt, have the food whole instead of processed. for example, a whole fruit is far more satiating than a fruit juice, even if the latter is home made because of the chewing action required with the former.

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Top Foods That Cause Stress
Top foods that cause stress

We all have that batch of chocolates hidden in the pantry just to help us at the end of a rough day. people turn towards food while battling stress. food triggers the reward centers in the brain and the most effective ones are those that are sweet, fatty and salty. unfortunately, these are the foods that are taking a toll in your digestion, metabolism and ultimately your mood. have no idea what we are talking about? keep reading… 1. refined sugar sugar is a positive mood’s worst enemy unless it’s taken in a controlled manner, like a small piece of chocolate once in a while. sugary foods hold little to no nutritional value and they lead to fluctuating blood sugar and insulin levels. these lead to poor concentration, bad mood and irritability. if you’ve eaten a bit too much during the holidays, chances are you’ve experienced some mood swings along the way as well. 2. high sodium we need sodium, but in moderate amounts. sodium is a water magnet. if you take too much sodium, you’ll retain more fluid. this stresses your heart to work harder, increasing your blood pressure. high sodium foods also cause bloating and puffiness that can be quite unpleasant. 3. energy drinks if you’re turning towards energy drinks for a quick pick-me-up, you might as well stick to a cup of joe instead. energy drinks and other highly caffeinated beverages feed stress and make it a bigger mess. the combination of caffeine and sugar makes you jittery, taxing the body and adding more stress. energy drinks also affect your sleep and cause irritability afterwards. 4. processed junk processed crap is loaded with sodium, fat, artificial additives and sugar. they’re comfort foods we typically turn towards however, they actually aggravate stress levels. they contain very little nutrients, lots of calories and they directly increase cortisol (the stress hormone) levels. 5. sugar free candies and gum artificially sweetened candies are just as bad as sugar-sweetened ones. they worsen digestive problems and thus, exacerbate stress. this can lead to grumpiness, bloating and general discomfort with your body. 6. spicy foods who doesn’t love spicy food? if you’re experiencing digestive problems that may be contributing to your stress, it’s important that you stay away from spicy foods to alleviate discomfort. folks who are easily stressed cannot process food as effectively as others. stress stunts your metabolism and makes it more difficult for the body to digest food. this causes food to remain in the stomach for longer, leading to acid reflux.

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Is Fructose Bad for You
Is fructose bad for you?

Sugary drinks are less preferred since they lead to weight gain. the main reasons behind these arese – 1. sugary drinks are extremely high in empty calories 2. they don’t make you feel full 3. you are unlikely to make up for the calories by eating less in today’s blog we are aiming at looking the wider story. sugar or sucrose is mainly made up of two different sugars: glucose & fructose. fructose has a bad reputation owing to the way our body responds to it. but beyond this, here we are aiming to figure out if our brain responds differently to fructose versus glucose. and how might this impact our appetite and food choices? scientific view currently many studies highlight that sugary beverages lead to weight gain. the main reason for this is that these studies have considered the impact of glucose and fructose together since there was lack of resources which would help in standardizing the diets of thousands of participants. to get down to the actual results of fructose versus glucose, scientists collected detailed data from 24 healthy adult participants. there was a study conducted in university of california, los angeles in which scientists randomly assigned participants a 10 oz liquid containing either 2 oz of fructose or glucose. the analysis was done for the data collected both before and after the participants sipped their sweet drink. the participants were called on later days to receive the drink they didn’t get on day 1. in order to get better results, the volunteers had to fast both times before having the drinks and follow the same exercise and dietary patterns. the results of study were that the participants reported their hunger and desire to eat decreased after both the fructose and glucose drinks. along with this participants’ brain scans and food choices highlight another angle on the same – 1. blood insulin levels and blood sugar were higher in glucose drinkers than fructose drinkers. this is not such a good news as moderately higher insulin and blood sugar levels help our body feel more satiated which is likely to avoid any type of unhealthy eating. 2. participants who had fructose responded more readily to food pictures as compared to those who had glucose. this suggests that participants may be more motivated to eat after a dose of fructose. 3. fructose drinkers were more likely to choose food over a delayed money reward compared to glucose drinkers.this implies that after drinking fructose people can subconsciously pick immediately calorie-gratifying choices over long term benefits. the results though we can analyze from the above study that fructose and glucose affect us differently, we rarely eat fructose and glucose in isolation. the results imply that pure fructose isn’t good for you health-wise. the best way to reduce your intake of fructose is to eat less added sugar. diet advice: you can surely curb your sugar cravings with fresh fruits. though fruits also contain fructose, but the amounts are relatively low. along with this, fruits contains plenty of fiber to slow down fructose absorption. further fruit is a natural source for valuable antioxidants, phytochemicals and vitamins like c, a, folate and many other nutrients. not only this, eating fruits and vegetables is shown to lower your risk for heart disease, diabetes, cancer and so much more.

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Rules for Stronger Biceps
Rules for stronger biceps

When anybody asks you about how your muscle building plans are going?; the first thing you do is lift your arm and flex your biceps. this automatically implies that the biceps are the most recognizable muscle group in the whole body. the way to have well sculpted arms requires more than a few sets of curls once a week. if you are really looking to build stronger biceps, all you need to do is start following these simple rules now – 1. target your back muscles the biceps are a small muscle group compared to the other muscles in the body. before laying all your focus on them, it is advised to target the bigger muscles. why target back muscles? all the back exercise, especially the upper back ones involve biceps movement too. if you fatigue your biceps first, your back will never get the attention it needs. target the right area first to get the desired bicep muscle results. 2. no less than 8 reps the best way to train your bicep muscles is to use variation of the curl exercise – exercises where you hold weights in your hands and bend your elbows to bring your hands closer to your shoulders. this movement requires single joint working which does not go well with heavy weights. if you try to go too heavy, you’ll have to swing the weight with your hips or lower back, taking the tension off your arms and increasing the risk of injury. it is advised that when you are aiming to train your biceps, use a weight that allows you to do at least 8-15 reps. the best recommended workout pattern would be 3-5 sets with at least 30 total reps! 3. weight moderation is the key you must have seen that a lot of people use heavy weights, slinging the weight up and letting it fall back to the starting position. please don’t try to imitate the same as it would be one of the biggest mistakes you can make when trying to build stronger biceps. controlling the speed of your reps is important because if you let the weight down too fast, the muscles relax and won’t grow. try following the 1-2-3 tempo – take one second to curl the weight to the top position, squeeze your biceps for two seconds, then take three seconds to lower the weight back to the starting position to get the best muscles! 4. take the challenge focus hard on your biceps by moving the weight and squeezing your muscles at the top of every rep, which will make the muscles work overtime and make each and every set more contributive towards your goal. to take it further, try squeezing your biceps even when you are lowering the weight. be careful as this method is likely to make you extra sore! 5. try different wrist positions doing the same curls everyday can be a boring task. to spice up your workout session try various wrist positions like supinated (palms-up), pronated (palms-down) and neutral (palms-facing)often. changing the grips will also help in targeting the bicep muscles in different ways, as well as work smaller forearm muscles that can make your arms look bigger. opt for muscles and keep switching your wrist position after every few reps. though building stronger biceps takes patience & rules – use lighter weights, lift weight slowly, change wrist positions and more but believe us these efforts will be worth it when you will be bursting out of your shirtsleeves and asking “whose got the strongest biceps?” looking for some amazing bicep training plans? download mevo app now available both on app store & play store – play store link – app store link –

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Detox with Tea
Detox with tea

Detox teas aren’t new in the market. celebrities such as giuliana rancic are popular for using tea diets to shed several pounds within a set period. kendall jenner recently claimed that she got her body runway ready by drinking as many as 12 cups of a lemon grass and green tea a day. by now, it’s well-established that any trend involving detoxing with just a fancy beverage is unsustainable for a long period. chances are that surviving on tea for more than a day will leave you fatigued, irritable and incapable of performing any active tasks. however, a teatox or a tea detox that is designed to supplement an existing, healthy diet can actually benefit you massively, without taking a toll on your energy levels. why tea? unlike any other drink, the health benefits of tea cover all territories. one 2013 study showed that tea can help lower your risk of heart disease and stroke, while lowering blood pressure, improving cognitive health and mood and keeping your energy levels up all day along. since traditional teas like green and black tea contain lower caffeine levels than coffee, they do not cause any energy crashes. in fact, some studies show that teas such as green tea could help you lose weight, possibility because of their caffeine content and its ability to boost metabolism. detox teas green, black and white tea are amazing on their own, but you can boost benefits using a tea blend or detox tea with other added ingredients, such as: 1. ginger 2. garlic 3. red clover 4. milk thistle 5. lemongrass 6. peppermint 7. fenugreek 8. fennel 9. dandelion 10. chamomile 11. cilantro 12. cayenne such ingredients contain properties that help support the liver – a major organ involved in the natural detoxification process of your body. ingredients such as ginger can help ease oxidative stress in the liver and improve its detoxification ability. look out for this ingredient one common ingredient found in detox teas you should keep an eye out for is a herbal laxative called senna. as a part of the detoxification process, senna helps cleanse the intestines, but taking too much or consuming it for too long is linked to a few side effects. these include electrolyte imbalance, diarrhea, dehydration and vomiting. we recommended consuming teas without any senna or laxatives, but if you still want to have it, consume it for a few nights only to prevent any harmful effects. how to detox with tea experts suggest drinking tea when you wake up and before you go to bed, as it can help your system rev up in the morning and calm down in the night. be strategic about the drinks you choose and avoid any tea with caffeine (green tea, black tea etc.) in the night as it may interfere with your sleep. if you love tea, you may drink several cups a day. a word of warning, if you’re sensitive to caffeine, you may be able to handle five to seven cups without any issues. the most important part… is not your tea blend but what you have on your plate. a tea can be treated as a supplement for detoxification but consuming a diet filled with processed food, sugar and trans fat will make your teatox ineffective. in order to get the most out of your tea detox, be sure to consume plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and healthy sources of protein and good fats. download mevo app now from google playstore/app store to get amazing healthy quinoa recipes which will keep you motivated to accomplish the weight loss goals faster and live a healthy life. sign up on android or iphone

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6 Health Tips Approved By Lazy Girls
6 health tips approved by lazy girls!

If your biggest challenge so far is lifting yourself off your bed, you’re not alone. most of us have programmed our minds to come up with a series of excuses to skip a workout or a healthy meal. to help even the laziest women out there, we’ve come up with a list of expert-approved tips and tricks that anyone can follow in their everyday lives. 1. workout less – but eat right it’s simpler than it sounds. instead of spending hours on the treadmill, you can try cutting down your empty calories, such as those from sodas, candy and junk food and drop your pounds dramatically. opt for healthy, clean foods such as lean protein, healthy fats, whole grains and fruits and veggies as they are packed with nutrients and come with very little calories. in addition, they’re also packed with protein and fiber that will help fill you up and prevent you from overeating. as for your gym session, cut it down to 30 minutes and if you want to take your health and weight loss to the next level, we recommend hiit. 2. maximize your workouts performing short bursts of intense exercises is a great way of getting a 50 minute workout in 10 minutes. push yourself above and beyond your limits and chances are you’ll be able to go back home to your bed within a fraction of your regular gym time. 3. freeze your produce going to the supermarket and recalling what you need, only to find them rotting at the back of your fridge later is a huge chore. a solution for this is to purchase a week’s worth of produce on a sunday and freeze them in portions. this will prevent your fruits and veggies from going bad and will preserve their freshness and nutrients. they also become easily accessible for smoothies, stir fries and soups. 4. drink more water this is an old grandma’s tale but we can’t stress enough on how important this is. not only because water keeps you hydrated and sustains all of your bodily mechanisms, but it also keeps you full, boosts your metabolism and increases fat burn. hydration is key to boosting workout performance, keeping your mood light and lifted and your skin supple and glowing. 5. sleep well not getting around 7 hours of shut eye produces higher levels of cortisol – a stress hormone that stunts your energy levels, productivity and fat breakdown. to combat sleep deprivation, be sure to shut down all electronics an hour before you sleep and practice a healthy sleep routine. 6. take your multivitamins taking your multivitamins every day is crucial to maintain a healthy nutrient intake every day. multivitamins make sure that you are able to take in all the nutrients you may have missed or have not taken enough of. this prevents any nutrient-deficiency related issues, including sleep problems, mood swings and weight gain. download mevo app now from – app store – play store –

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Best Ever Vegan Oatmeal Burger Recipes
Best ever vegan oatmeal burger recipes | mevolife healthy recipes

How about you have a veggie burger for dinner tonight? don’t worry about the calories as today we have got the recipe of “ultimate vegan oatmeal veggie burger” which is full of healthy ingredients, loaded with flavours and is a perfect option for people aiming for weight loss. check out this mouthwatering burger recipe now – ingredients 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil 1/2 cup onion 1/2 cup carrot 1 celery 1/4 cup grated zucchini 1 cup cooked brown rice 1.5 cup quick oats 1/2 tsp garlic powder 1/2 tsp cumin powder 1/8 tsp cayenne powder 1 tbsp yeast 1 package extra firm tofu 1 tsp all purpose vegetable seasoning 1/2 cup water 2 tbsp soy sauce breadcrumbs method 1. in a medium skillet, mix the onion, carrot, celery and zucchini with 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil. saute over medium heat until onion is clear. remove from heat and add the brown rice, oats and seasonings. mix well and add the tofu, with a fork mash the tofu into fine pieces and mix well. 2. in a small bowl, combine all the liquid ingredients and stir to mix. pour over the rice mixture and stir until moistened and evenly mixed. shape into 8 evenly sized patties. dredge each patty in breadcrumbs, making sure to coat both the sides. 3. place the patties on a baking sheet that has been sprayed with a non-stick pan, then spray the tops of each patty. 4. bake at 375-degree oven for 15 minutes. turn the patties over, spray the tops with the cooking spray and bake another 20 minutes. remove the pan from the oven and let them sit for 5 minutes. 5. serve with the buns. nutrition serves 6-7 calories 127 kcal, fats 1.5g, carbs 24.2g, protein 5.2g checkout more than 500 healthy recipes in mevo app now. download from ios appstore / google playstore.

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