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How to Burn the Most Fat on the Elliptical
How to burn the most fat on the elliptical?

Elliptical machine is a great way to workout your arms and legs and is also of great help when it comes to weight loss, especially if you’re easing into a regular workout routine for the first time. the simplest way is to hop on and log some minutes of cardio, while a more strategic is to get more out of your training sessions by following these trainer-approved tips. check them out now – 1. go for inclines when working out on an elliptical don’t focus on speed rather lay more stress on incline levels. it is advised to keep you speed steady but take up your resistance levels so that your body is required to work harder and in lieu to this more calories are burnt. the best way will be to begin with 3-5 minutes warm up with no incline and a steady speed and then bring the incline up between 10-15 and try to sustain rpms somewhere between 110-120. bring it back to start up level for a minute and a half and then again go for an incline. do this 4-5 times for an effective elliptical workout session. 2. don’t be afraid of intervals the most effective way to burn calories on an elliptical machine is by focusing on interval training. though it will be more challenging but at the same time it will help you to finish your workout session quickly. here’s a sample routine for a quick interval training on an elliptical machine – 1st session – start with a warm up session. move your arms and legs on the machine at a resistance level at a moderate and steady pace, aiming to keep your heart rate at about 50- 60% of your max limits. 2nd session – set up your incline levels between 10-15 and try to sprint on the machine for 40-45 seconds. 3rd session – bring your speed back down to that steady warm-up tempo for one minute. repeat that for a total of eight times. 3. try to workout all your muscles elliptical is an excellent low impact workout machine that places low pressure on your joints. this means you’re prone to knee, hip, or back pain while running, you might want to opt for an elliptical routine the next time you hit the gym. along with this when you are working on this machine you are working on both legs and arm which helps in activating more muscle groups that ultimately improves circulation by recruiting increased blood flow to both upper and lower extremities. so when you try to make elliptical machine a part of your workout it will increase the amount of calories you burn and create an excellent strengthening routine for your abs, back, and core. 4. stepping out of your comfort zone is the key if you are new to workout you don’t have to dive right into an intense workout sessions. just try to raise your resistance gradually to step of your comfort zone. any new shock to the body will help you get more out of your workout. whatever workout you choose, don’t forget to push yourself through it. whether that’s by playing with your resistance or speed, the more muscle groups you engage, the more calories you will burn.

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Common Weight Loss Blunders
Common weight loss blunders

It is not always true that the weight loss results are not showing up because of absence of willpower and dedication, sometimes it is all because of the wrong information. let’s checkout some of the common mistakes that may be the reason you are not able to reach to your weight loss goals: 1. lack of sleep though nutrition and exercise play a pivotal role in the weight loss journey but if you don’t give your body the sleep it needs, your efforts aren’t going to be maximized. the hormone imbalance in the body caused due to lack of sleep works to counteract every weight-loss maneuvers. in a study conducted by university of chicago it was highlighted that when dieters slept for only 5.5 hours per night, they lost 55% less weight from fat than they did when sleeping for 8.5 hours — despite following the same dietary and workout habits. 2. too much stress on cardio workout focusing on cardio workouts leads to many benefits, but fat loss isn’t a big one. while cardio burns calories during workouts, it doesn’t help you burn calories after the session is completed. strength training on the other hand results in excess post-exercise oxygen consumption which increases your metabolic rate — the number of calories you burn before factoring in activity. also do not forget that too much exercise is traumatic for your body and will break down your metabolism rather than build it up. try alternating high-intensity exercise sessions with low-intensity or recovery days, take at least a day or two completely off per week and listen to your body. 3. obsession with weight scales weight is not the only measure to assess your health. if you are too much obsessed with weighing scale you are likely to get demotivated as there is no major change in numbers on daily basis. it is recommended to limit weighing yourself to once a week and consider other factors like how your clothes fit, your body-fat percentage, how you feel and your overall lifestyle to assess your weight loss efforts. 4. “low calories” & “weight-loss friendly” is not the same if you reduce calorie intake you lose weight but that does not mean that lowering more calories will lead to more weight loss. if there is too much calorie deficit in the body it is likely to enter the starvation mode which results in fostering an unhealthy relationship with food. also if your drastically reduce entire food groups from your diets it can energy levels, metabolism, digestion and overall health. it is important to consider that there’s a huge difference between low-calorie and nutrient-rich foods. the quality of your calories determines your satiety, blood sugar levels, hormonal patterns and overall health. it is important to consider that a serving of diet soda might not make any change in your total calorie intake but on the other it does not offer any nutrition too. lay stress on balance of nutrient rich food rather than just focusing on low calories food if you want to achieve your weight loss goals. 5. slow & steady wins the race going all in at once hampers you weight-loss plans than actually taking you to towards them. if you intend to do everything at once – cut 500 calories from your daily intake, eat five servings of fruits and veggies per day, work out, etc. — there are high chances of slipping up. it is rather advised to slowly integrate healthy habits into your routine in manageable chunks, so that you’ll have a chance to master each change before adding more.

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Foods to Avoid Before a Workout Session
Foods to avoid before a workout session

People are always busy talking about what they should eat after a workout session to make the most of it, but what is often ignored is what not to eat to maximize workout benefits. when you exercise, a large volume of blood is pumped to the muscles engaged and the flow in stomach area is reduced. in order to avoid any stomach problems because of reduced blood flow, following is the list of general items which should be surely avoided before a workout session – 1. fruit juices fruit juices do contain carbs and other fluids but having a glassful just before a workout might not be the smartest idea. this is simply because that fruit juices are high in sugar which takes quite a while to digest. if you want to have an orange/mixed fruit juice it’s best to consume them as part of a meal or smoothie an hour or more before exercise and/or after a workout to refuel your body. 2. spicy foods though it is not difficult to workout after having a bowl of your favorite spicy noodles, but it is important to consider that spicy foods stimulate the digestive system and may cause heartburn, which is not what you want during a workout. it is recommended to avoid the consumption of any sort of spicy foods for up to 24 hours before to give the gi tract a rest and go for easy-to-digest, less spicy foods before a workout session. 3. alcohol/ alcoholic beverages it is advised to stay away from alcohols if you really want to shed off those pounds. alcoholic beverages should be avoided as they have diuretic properties plus are dehydrating in nature, and they further suppress fat oxidation, which makes it harder to achieve body composition goals. not to mention that working out under the influence of any type of alcohol can be hazardous too! 4. green leafy vegetables here we are mainly talking about the cruciferous vegetables which includes broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, bokchoy, and cauliflower. though these vegetables are extremely healthy but it is important to consider the fact that these veggies are also high in raffinose (a trisaccharide containing glucose, galactose, and fructose units) which makes digesting them a time taking affair. 5 beans beans is the ultimate option for athletes on high-fiber vegetarian diets as they are extremely high in nutritional content but having them as a pre-workout food may result in nutrition explosion in the body, especially fiber. 1 cup of beans contains 16 grams of fiber, which is like the half of what you require in the entire day. further the beans are rich in carbohydrate raffinose, which too can result in upsetting the stomach. so it is advised to keep those delectable three-bean soup and veggie-bean burritos as your post workout fuelers. 6. desserts desserts are a big no when you are going for a workout session all because they are high in fats like oils, shortening, cream and butter and you would not want your body to eat something like this when you’re about to engage in a workout session to make it better. in order to make the most of your workout sessions, it is advised to say no to all these items. after all you are working out to make things better and not worsen them. cheers to your efforts! download mevo app now to get healthy pre-workout and post-workout recipes which will help you to make the most of your workout sessions – play store link – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mevolife.mevo&hl=en app store link – https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/mevo-weight-loss-fitness/id1082646969?mt=8

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Everyday Superfoods To Add To Your Diet!
Everyday superfoods to add to your diet!

What makes a food item a superfood? the answer is high amounts of micro nutrients and other unique compounds that have incredibly healing potential. many people think that superfoods are impossible to find, or are extremely costly, but most of them live in your local grocery stores only. checkout the list of the amazing superfoods that are readily available, which can easily be made a part of your daily routine – a) spinach everyone knows that spinach is a nutritional powerhouse. fastest way to load up on nutrients at lunch or meal-time, is to toss a handful of baby spinach into soups, sandwiches, and pasta dishes. 1 cup of spinach has about 41 calories with – 377% vitamin a – 29% vitamin c – 24% vitamin b2 – 67% folate – 35% iron – 17% fiber – 21% tryptophan b) avocado don’t feel guilty when you dig into your favorite avocado as it is a complete overdose of nutrition. though this fruit is high in fat, but it is also loaded with fat-busting nutrients like fiber and vitamin b5. 1 cup of avocado at 233 calories contains: – 39% fiber – 29% folate – 24% vitamin c – 20% vitamin b5 – 20% potassium – 19% vitamin b6 c) kiwi this hairy monsters are majorly packed with vitamin c. vitamin c is a potent antioxidant which plays a crucial role in helping your liver detoxify your blood and keep a myriad of other bodily functions moving along smoothly. not only this, kiwis are the perfect travel food too — no knife required because you can eat the skin and its fury exterior softens as soon as you start to chew. 1 kiwi is only 46 calories with – – 120% of vitamin c – 8% fiber – 8% potassium enjoy kiwi in form of a gazpacho or sweet & spicy salads with your chips. d) cherries just like other fruits, cherries are also high in water content. the water content from the fruits is retained more efficiently by the body than just drinking a glass of water. other than this, cherries are high in phytonutrients, particularly anthocyanin, a powerful antioxidants that is good for the liver. cherries also have the ability to ease the aches and pains plus some studies suggest that eating a lot of fresh cherries can help you with weight loss too. further, 1 cup of cherries at 90 calories contains: – 16% vitamin c – 12% fiber – 3% iron e) mushrooms mushrooms are loved by all health conscious people as they are impossibly low in calories, have cancer killing compounds, and are rich in niacin, also known as vitamin b3, that helps keep blood cholesterol in check. 3 cups of mushrooms contain: – 19 calories – 30% selenium – 25% of vitamin b2 – 16% of niacin – 21% copper this is a must have superfood which can be enjoyed in form of pasta, gravy, stuffed or roasted! f) broccoli a part of the cruciferous family, broccoli has been touted as a superfood, and for good reason: it boasts cancer-fighting compounds along with a long list of essential nutrients, 1 cup of broccoli has only 30 calories with – – 205% of your daily recommended value (dv) of vitamin c – 194% of vitamin k – 2.5 grams of fiber – 14% folate broccoli is a super-charged vitamin-packed veggies because it’s so easy to cook, has a mild flavor, and is even kid-friendly. checkout some amazing recipes which can be easily made using these superfoods in mevo app now available on – app store – https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/mevo-weight-loss-fitness/id1082646969?mt=8 play store – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mevolife.mevo&hl=en

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Weight Loss Rules Youll Love to Follow
Weight-loss rules you’ll love to follow!

Weight loss is a time taking process which requires a lot of hard work and sacrifices. in order to lose weight & stay fit you have to train consistently, have a balanced diet and be careful with lot of other minute things. when you commit to weight loss you make a promise with yourself to lead a healthier life and each step is just a new push to reach to the next level. though there isn’t a quick fix for faster weight loss, but you can still make sure that the efforts you are doing are right and effective to get the desired results. today we have got some of the best fitness rules to facilitate and boost up your weight loss process – 1. have a consistent routine losing weight is not just about physical transformation the process is equally emotional too. people tend to lose motivation when the results are not visible as per their expectations. what you need to understand is that everybody’s body has a different pattern and some people take longer than others to shed off those pounds. simply be consistent and honest about your efforts and the results are bound to follow. set realistic goals and stick to your training routines even if you don’t see immediate results! 2. set up new challenges for yourself the process of weight loss is not that easy as the journey involves a lot of hard work and consistent challenges for oneself to actually see the results. evaluate your daily/weekly routine and make sure that you are including exercises that are challenging for your body. it is important to understand that if you are using 10-pound dumbbells for bicep curls even though it’s easy for you, it will not make any contribution on your weight loss. though the new challenges won’t be easy, but allowing yourself to be as good as you can is totally worth it. 3. train insane grabbing weights and going in for strength training is a simple move to have significant weight-loss benefits. training with weights is a must even if you are engaging yourself in something as simple as walking. once you engage yourself in weight lifting with smaller goals; heavy traditional lifts down the line like deadlifts and pull-ups will become easy. 4. slow & steady wins the race it is obvious that you are really eager to see the weight loss results because of which you might take too much too soon. a good workout routine will be 4 sessions per week. don’t get overwhelmed rather opt for effective ways which will actually help you in accomplishing your goals. try to engage yourself in activities that you enjoy like dance sessions, workout classes when you’re not at the gym. further, make sure the four days that you commit to your workout, you commit to yourself and you really put in the hardwork required! 5. don’t take too much stress about exercise exercising is really important for weight loss, but believe us if you miss a session because you have to travel for work or can’t fit it into your already busy schedule, that’s ok. don’t stress if you miss a session as you’re still on track. stay happy and focused and don’t disregard a day and give up on your plan just because you missed your workout. 6. recovery is important too it’s good to be competitive with friends and family and aim for higher goals, but it is important to consider that you don’t let anybody’s workout plan interfere with yours. everybody is different and everyone has different goals that require different training regimes. in order to maximize the benefit of your workouts it’s important to take time to recover fully — so don’t feel bad for taking a day or two off! this allows your body to rest and prevent injuries plus it ensures that your workouts are being executed at a quality level. we all know quality wins over quantity. download mevo app now to get amazing workout plans along with tips, which will help in boosting up your weight loss process – play store – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mevolife.mevo&hl=en app store – https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/mevo-weight-loss-fitness/id1082646969?mt=8

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Healthy Couscous Salad Recipe
Healthy couscous salad recipe

Check out this easy couscous salad recipe which is simple to make and doesn’t take more than 10 mins to be ready. can you believe that there is no cooking required for this recipe? the salad is packed with crunchy vegetables like cucumber & red pepper. this dish is quick to assemble and is perfect option to take to work or enjoying as a versatile side dish. this delicious salad can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 2 days. ingredients couscous 100 gms vegetable stock 200 ml spring onion 2 pieces red pepper 1 cucumber 1/2 feta cheese 50 gms pesto 2 tbsp toasted pine nuts 2 tbsp method 1. dip couscous into a large bowl, pour over the stock. 2. cover, then leave for 10 mins, until fluffy and all the stock has been absorbed. 3. meanwhile, slice the onions and pepper and dice the cucumber. 4. add these to the couscous, fork through pesto, crumble in feta, then sprinkle over pine nuts to serve. nutritional info serves 4 calories 384kcal, total fat 16.2g, carbs 53.1g, sugars 5.6g, fiber 5.9g, protein 12.4g, sodium 519.8mg, potassium 207mg download “mevo – weight loss & fitness” app now to get many more healthy recipes!

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Health Benefits of Water Kefir the New Soda Mevolife
Health benefits of water kefir the new soda? | mevolife

The more i watch television or read online, the more aware of the term probiotics i become. jamie lee curtis and activa have been talking about it for years. but what do you really know about probiotics, other than the snippets you get on ads and tv commercials? what do you know about probiotics in water kefir, specifically? water kefir…ah…that’s a new one, i bet. water kefir is hitting the internet waves much the same way kombucha or milk kefir is. they all originate from living grains or fungus. they need fermentation for the healthy properties that many seek when drinking. water kefir junkies also live for the fizz. water kefir is a healthy alternative to soda. the fountain never runs dry once you learn the art of making it. and it really is that easy: grains, water, and sugar. that’s it. let’s talk about what water kefir is and why it’s good for you. what is water kefir? water kefir is said to have originated in two places, so it’s up to you to decide which version you want to believe. it is generally believed that water kefir got its beginnings in mexico, thriving in the sugary water of the ountia cactus (prickly pear). others believe it started further back in tibet when monks gave the grains to mother teresa of calcutta. the word kefir comes from the turkish word and means “feeling good.” water kefir is a mild, zesty sugar-water beverage often compared to a natural, refreshing soda, and perfect for everyday drinking. ferment at room temperature for 24-48 hours with fruit or lemon, and that’s it, sugary goodness to drink for a probiotic pick-me-up. kefir has a low glycemic index and is caffeine free. is water kefir healthy? kefir is loaded with digestible sugars, valuable enzymes, and beneficial acids, minerals, and vitamins. it supplies your body with tons of healthy bacteria and yeast. unlike kombucha (made with tea) water kefir is caffeine free. how are bacteria beneficial? your body is made up of billions of bacteria and yeast that support internal microflora support for digestion. your body needs a healthy dose of probiotics to fight off bacteria, viruses, and yeast, which kefir provides. research is also proving that kefir may be anti-mutagenic and help manage free radicals. the longer the drink is fermented the more folic acid and b vitamins are produced within. drinking kefir may help reduce cholesterol and blood pressure. kefir is proving beneficial to many, from improving digestion, building immunity from colds and viruses, and boosting energy. besides the health benefits, many are drinking just because they enjoy the effervescence of a soda. what does water kefir taste like? water kefir can taste pretty much like you want it to. do you like pink lemonade? then make it out of strawberries and lemons. do you like black cherry? make simple syrup out of cherries, water, and sugar. add to kefir and you have a great tasting black cherry soda-feel. add a splash of vanilla, i like it that way and you will too. some people make it out of basil and lemon, pineapple, grape juice, or just about anything you can think of. don’t like what you make? throw it out and try something different next time. the grains continually replenish, giving you a great, healthy alternative that is better than any soda anytime. download mevo app now from – app store – https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/mevo-weight-loss-fitness/id1082646969?mt=8 play store – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mevolife.mevo&hl=en

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5 Easy and Healthy Smoothie Bowls Recipes on Instagram Mevolife
5 easy and healthy smoothie bowls recipes on instagram | mevolife

Healthy smoothie bowls recipe are the new space cats. okay, maybe that’s going a little far, as nothing could replace space cats, but it’s true that smoothie bowls are the new breakfast trend on instagram. easy and healthy smoothie bowls are not only pretty to look at, but oh-so-very-delicious and nutritious as well! we hope you’re hooked now, because we’ve got the hottest healthy smoothie bowl recipes coming your way. easy and healthy smoothie bowls recipes 1. vegan berry smoothie bowl this healthy smoothie recipe is full of fruits and thus, yummy vitamins. to make the smoothie, just blend together your favorite berries, banana, kale, chia seeds, almond milk, and agave for a super creamy smoothie, and top with leftover berries, granola, and almond. the possibilities are endless! smoothie 1 cup chopped kale or baby spinach 1 tablespoon chia seeds 1 cup unsweetened almond milk (or milk of your choice) 1½ cups frozen mixed berries ½ frozen banana 1 teaspoons light agave toppings ½ banana, sliced ¼ cup blueberries 2-3 strawberries, sliced 1 teaspoon chia seeds 2 tablespoons chopped almonds 2 tablespoons unsweetened coconut shavings, raw or toasted ¼ cup granola of your choice 2. dragon fruit smoothie bowl pitaya (also called dragon fruit) will make this dish bright pink and dare we say, rather insta-worthy. dragon fruit is a great source of antioxidant, and magnesium, fiber, and vitamin b. smoothie 2 packages frozen pitaya puree (can be found in health stores or online) 1-2 bananas 1/2 cup frozen berries 1/2 cup almond milk, preferably homemade 2 tablespoons vegetable protein powder, such as hemp, pea or your favorite nut butter 3. vegan chocolate hemp smoothie bowl chocolate for breakfast, anyone? we should mention that this vegan chocolate smoothie bowl is actually healthy and good for you, but we know we already have your attention because chocolate. smoothie 2 frozen bananas ¼ cup hazelnuts, soaked 30 minutes 2 tbsp hemp protein 2 tbsp raw cacao powder ¾ cup almond milk 3-4 large medjool dates, pitted toppings 1 small banana 2 tbsp hazelnuts, chopped 1 tbsp cacao nibs 1 tbsp hemp seeds 4. acai smoothie bowl acai berry is the hype these days, but what if we told you that you could make your own acai bowl at home? well, now you can. get your acai fix today with this fun purple acai bowl. smoothie 1/2 cup milk of choice 1/2 cup canned coconut milk or more milk of choice 1/4 tsp pure vanilla extract tiny pinch salt 1 frozen banana 1 tbsp acai powder 5. avocado smoothie bowl this green smoothie bowl will not only fulfill your avocado quota for the day, but also make you feel great due to all the nutrients disguised as deliciousness. smoothie 1 sliced banana, preferably frozen 1/2 avocado 1/2 cup frozen blueberries 1/3 cup almond milk 1-2 handfuls spinach 1-2 handfuls kale toppings granola goji berries cacao nibs sliced banana frozen fruit chia seedslog whatever you eat in our amazing weight loss & fitness app – mevo available on – google playstore   ios appstore

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easy healthy
Easy healthy berry tarts recipe | mevolife

Have a large group of friends coming over for the weekend? don’t get tensed over what to make for dessert as we have a perfect solution for it. it won’t be time consuming, & will be quite refreshing and low on calories too (especially for those fitness junkies you’re expecting over). you can even have a fun kitchen time with your children, let them make it in your guidance. the ingredients used in this recipe are very easily available at any supermarket. you can even mix and match the flavors and get you very own version of these healthy berry tarts. this is basically a great make-ahead dessert for any occasion like a cocktail buffet, weekend brunch, or a close luncheon. you can prepare the curd and whipped topping mixture in advance; refrigerate separately until you’re ready to serve. ingredients 1 cup vanilla low fat yogurt 1/2 teaspoon grated lemon rind 1/2 cup frozen fat free whipped topping, thawed 1/2 cup + 2 tbsp berry flavored curd 2 (2.1 oz) packets mini phyllo shells grated lemon rind (optional) method 1. spoon the yogurt onto several layers of heavy-duty paper towels; spread to 1/2-inch thickness. 2. cover with additional paper towels; let stand for 5 minutes. scrape yogurt into a bowl using a rubber spatula. 3. combine yogurt and 1/2 tsp rind in a medium bowl. gently fold in whipped topping. 4. spoon 1 teaspoon berry curd into each phyllo shell; top each with 2 teaspoons yogurt mixture. garnish with additional lemon rind& fresh berries, if desired. serve immediately. nutritional info yields 15 servings nutritional value per serve: calories 65kcal, fat 2.5g, carbs 8.2g, protein 1g checkout more than 500 healthy recipes in mevo app now. download from ios appstore / google playstore.

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hot and spicy
Hot & spicy stir fried tofu! with mushroom healthy recipe | mevolife

Nowadays there is an increasing demand of tofu. normally it is considered as a healthier replacement of regular cottage cheese, but there is actually more to know about this super soybean product. tofu was basically originated in china and has a wet texture and is smooth, soft and spongy. not only the soybean product is full of calcium, iron, magnesium, vitamin e and is cholesterol free, but it is extremely low on fat and calories too. today, we planned to make a dish with tofu as the key ingredient. the dish in not only packed with healthy nutrients, but is extremely tasty as well. try it out now – ingredients diced firm tofu – 12 oz chopped scallion – 3/4 cup minced fresh ginger – 1 tbsp dried shiitake mushrooms – 4 sliced sauteed onion – 1/2 cup dried arame or hijki (optional) – 1 tbsp soy sauce – 2 tbsp rice wine – 2 tbsp red chilli flakes – a pinch chopped green chilli – 1 salt & white pepper – as per taste method 1. soak dried shiitake mushrooms in 1/2 cup water until soft. slice, removing the stem. retain mushroom soaking water. 2. place tofu on paper towels to drain some of the moisture while you prepare the other ingredients. 3. rinse and soak sea vegetables in warm water while preparing rest of ingredients. squeeze out excess water before adding. 4. add the mushroom water to a skillet and bring to a boil. add ginger, sea vegetables, mushrooms, scallion, wine, and tofu, and simmer for 10 minutes. 5. add soy sauce, sauteed onions, red pepper flakes, salt and pepper. simmer for about 5 minutes & serve. nutritional info serves – 4; serving size – 3/4 cup calories per serving 110kcal, fat 3g, fiber 2g, sugar 2g, protein 8g, sodium 300mg, potassium 120mg log whatever you eat in our amazing weight loss & fitness app – mevo available on – google playstore / ios appstore

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Stairs as fitness tool?

To lose extra fat, you need to burn calories by exercising. most of us go for well-defined exercise plans to lose weight. what we ignore are the activities of daily life which can also be highly contributive towards losing weight. one of such activity is climbing the stairs. most of us go out of our way to avoid stairs, but using them as part of our exercise routine is a great way to lose weight, improve our fitness and tone and strengthen problem areas, like our legs, tummy, and buttocks. here are some benefits of including this anaerobic activity in your daily routine:- a) burns more calories in comparison to walking, climbing stairs is more strenuous and consumes more energy. you are likely to burn 3 times more calories by climbing the stairs than walking. spending 15 minutes of your time taking stairs, going up and down, equals to 45 minutes of brisk walking in the park. b) strengthens core muscles don’t like crunches? try taking the stairs instead. working out on the stairs is like a standing crunch – the mere act of pulling the knee closer to your chest while climbing stairs puts pressure on the core, lower back and thighs. so it works as a dual edge sword as it is not only a great cardio workout but also the stairs also help to strengthen your core muscles at the same time. c) increases metabolism apart from working on your core muscles and contributing towards strengthening them, it increases metabolism too as it burns more calories. on an average climbing 30 steps at a time would help to burn a little more than 10 calories, which is actually great! d) helps in digestion climbing stairs burns more calories, improves circulation and puts a pressure on the core muscles, this entire process also aids digestion and relieves you from symptoms of constipation or any other related problem. this ultimately helps in boosting the weight loss process too! e) excellent workout for lower body lower body fat is the most difficult to reduce especially for females. taking a flight of stairs will ensure that you work more on your hamstrings and gluteal muscles. this in turn will improve blood circulation in the lower body. returning of the blood to the heart, from the lower body, is difficult and it needs a little push, working on the muscles of the lower body makes this achievable. proper circulation in the body ensures better muscle and bone health, while keeping one safe from symptoms of muscle cramps, cold hands and feet and muscle fatigue. the above highlighted benefits prove helpful in throwing some light on the benefits of using stairs on the daily basis. by making them an integral part of your workout you are likely to lose weight even without noticing. stair workout variations if you want to workout on the stairs there are many types of variation you can include in your plan apart from the normal way of climbing stairs. some of the simple types of stair workouts are highlighted as under – 1. sprint it out! run as fast as you can up the stairs touching each stair with one foot. walk back down to the start. repeat. this one works straight on your butt and thigh muscles. 2. foot speed drill this one works for your butt, thighs, and calves. start on the ground level and step left foot onto stair. immediately step right foot onto step while simultaneously returning left foot to start. repeat as quickly as possible. 3. broad jump this type of stair workout works on your arms, butt, thighs and glutes. using arms to propel you, leap to jump up 2 or 3 stairs, landing with soft knees on both feet. return to start; repeat. 4. v up here’s a good one for your abs. lie face-up on the ground with arms extended behind head, legs extended in front of you, heels placed on the second stair. crunch up and touch fingers to toes. return to start; repeat. 5. decline pushup start this amazing workout has something for each and every body part. this move works for the shoulder and the chest. with feet on a stair 4 or 5 up from the ground, hands on ground shoulder-width apart. bend elbows to the lower chest to floor, keeping hips lifted and back flat, then press through palms to rise back up. these are some of the variation you must try to have a complete body workout without any equipment or gym! where to find stairs apart from the ones in your home and office, here are a couple of typical places to find them: 1. high-rise car parks 2. shopping centers 3. sports grounds 4. parks 5. local monuments and lookouts thus, the bottom line of discussion is that stairs are a great way to shed off those extra pounds. it is totally free and does not require any type of special equipment. the above explicated benefits and types of stair workout are compelling enough to try this one out for sure!

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healthy salad
Healthy salad dressing recipes with low calories to boost weight loss | mevolife

Salads are the epitome of healthy food. whenever someone tells you that they are losing weight, you will probably picture them eating salads. and you’re not wrong, these people very often do eat salads. isn’t that boring? it doesn’t have to be with the right salad dressing. in this article, we will list some of the most delicious yet low calorie salad dressings, so you can dress up your salad without ever getting bored of it. jar & shake method most at-home salad recipes can be made using the jar-and-shake method. just grab a jar with a fitting lid, toss in all the ingredients, and shake until it looks like a well-blended salad dressing. most dressings are meant to be a bit thick, but even thinner dressings will be fine. there are a couple recipes below that could be made smoother if you use a food processor or a blender, but you don’t have to if you’re fine with a chunkier dressing. greek yogurt ranch dressing i think everyone needs a really good ranch dressing recipe in their back pocket, it’s a safe bet for every salad! by using a base of whole milk (1% to 10% fat) greek yogurt, the dressing is packed with healthy fat and protein. if you’d like to make the dressing lighter, you can use lowfat greek yogurt. skip non-fat yogurt though, because it will make the dressing incredibly thin. ingredients – 3/4 cup whole milk plain greek yogurt, any brand – 1 clove garlic, finely minced, or 1 tsp garlic powder (not both) – 1/4 cup fresh minced parsley, or 1 tbsp dried parsley (not both) – 1/4 medium onion, diced, or r 2 tsps onion powder (not both) – 2 tbsp fresh minced chives – 1 tsp salt – 1/4 tsp black pepper – 2 tsp dijon mustard – juice of 1/2 lemon chile lime dressing this is the perfect salad dressing for those of you who are not a huge fan of salads. this dressing is bright, spicy and a bit citrusy. this dressing is perfect for taco salads, marinating shrimp or anything that contains beans. ingredients – zest and juice of 2 medium-sized limes – 1/4 cup red wine vinegar – 1 tbsp soy sauce – 1 tbsp honey – 1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil – 1 clove garlic, finely minced, or 1 tsp garlic powder (not both) – 1/2 tsp red pepper flakes – 1 tsp ground cumin – 1/2 tsp salt honey-mustard salad dressing honey-mustard is sweet, yet tangy. it’s also one of the most versatile dressing out there. it’s good on pretty much any salad, but also on chips, dipping pizza or dipping vegetables like celery or carrot. honey-mustard is a go-to for anyone who doesn’t feel like going to the store to find ingredients, because you probably already have most of it in your house. it’s also low in calories, which is not unimportant. ingredients – 1/4 cup dijon mustard – 1/4 cup honey – 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar – 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil – 1 tsp salt – 1/4 tsp black pepper italian salad dressing it seems like everyone has an italian salad dressing recipe they swear by, and this is our favorite. it’s not as sweet as many of the ones you’ll find on the store shelf, it’s packed full of herbs and has a nice, nutty flavor thanks to a good dose of parmesan cheese. because of that, it’s also lower in calories than most dressings you’ll find in the supermarket. this dressing is good for side salads, antipasto salads, dipping bread-sticks and anything with chicken. ingredients – 2/3 cup olive oil – 1/4 cup red wine vinegar – 3 tbsp finely grated parmesan – 1 tbsp fresh minced parsley, 1 tbsp dried parsley (not both) – 1/4 medium onion, diced, or 2 tsp onion powder – juice of 1/2 lemon – 1 tbsp fresh minced basil, or 2 tbsp dried basil (not both) – 1 tbsp fresh minced oregano, or 2 tbsp dried oregano (not both) – 1 clove garlic, finely minced, or 1 tsp garlic powder (could do both if you’d like more of a garlic kick) – 1 tsp honey – 1 tsp salt – pinch of black pepper get more of such healthy dips and many other delectable recipes in the mevolife app, which is available both on android & ios.

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