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Anti aging Facial Exercises
Anti-aging facial exercises

Your face and scalp consist of 10 muscle groups that are attached to bone as well as your skin – unlike other parts of your body. this factor allows us to make millions of facial expressions, which overtime can contribute to fine lines and wrinkles as we age. however, the good news is you can work these muscles in your face to tighten and tone them to make your skin appear much firmer and youthful. 1. facial yoga facial yoga is a great routine to sculpt the muscles of your face and neck by increasing blood circulation and releasing tension in your facial muscles. it is especially beneficial in preventing smile lines and also in toning the cheek muscles. start by standing straight but relaxed and inhaling deeply through your mouth. trap the air in your mouth and extend your cheeks, as if you’re blowing into a trumpet. hold for one minute and then slowly exhale via your nose. repeat 5 times several times a day for best results. 2. neck the front of the neck holds a muscle called the platysma. as we age, this muscle and the skin overlying it becomes loose and begins to sag. performing a neck exercise can help tone your platysma, giving you a tighter neck and jawline. start by sitting or standing straight and turning your head so that you’re looking at the ceiling. keep still and press your tongue to your palate (the roof of your mouth). you should feel a slight strain in the muscles at the front of your neck. keep pressing your palate with your tongue and bring your chin to your neck. you should feel the platsyma and your chin muscles contracting. 3. cheeks age can cause your cheek muscles to sag as well. to prevent this, stand in front of a mirror to ensure you perform this exercise right. do your biggest smile with your lips closed and the corners of your mouths almost touching your ears. allow your cheek muscles to move up by wrinkling your nose and hold for 5 seconds. repeat 10 times every day to tighten facial muscles. 4. forehead starting to see signs of folds on your forehead already? try doing this exercise. place both of your index fighter right below the eyebrow, above each of your eyes. lift your eyebrows as high as possible while pulling down the skin under it at the same time with your index fingers. repeat 10 times every day to prevent lines on your forehead.

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4 Exercises That Will Destroy That Muffin Top
4 exercises that will destroy that muffin top

Previously considered a tasty treat, the muffin top is now one of the most dreaded aspects of the body and women want them gone asap. unfortunately, crunches aren’t working for you but this is mainly because the muffin top is primarily fat but muscles such as the abs, glutes and lower back are attached underneath, making crunches ineffective in getting rid of them. however, working all of these muscles can help cinch your waistline and shrink that muffin top. the following are some hardcore exercises that will kill that muffin top, left and right. 1. dumbbell squat to shoulder press rotation holding a pair of dumbbells with each hand by your side, bend into a squat as if you’re sitting on a chair. push your hips back and keep your abs tight and back straight. when you’re returning to standing position, push the dumbbells overhead while twisting your torso to the right. you should feel your obliques working. make this one seamless movement by lowering the dumbbells and going back to squat position. repeat with left side. perform 6 reps on each side. 2. lunge to overhead press hold dumbbells in each hand at shoulder height and get into a lunge position. bend your right knee to a right angle in front of your body, making sure your knee does not go beyond the plane of your toes. keep the left leg extended behind you with the left knee slightly bent. keep your neck and beck neutral. as you return to standing position, tighten your core and press the dumbbells overhead. bend your knees again to return to lunging position and lower the dumbbells to shoulder height. perform 6 reps on one side and repeat on the other side. to make this exercise more challenging, perform walking lunges while keeping other movements the same. 3. weighted russian twist this is definitely one of our favorites when it comes to killing the obliques. sit on a mat with knees slightly bend and heels on the floor. hold a heavy weight (5 to 10 pound) dumbbell, kettlebell or medicine ball in front of your chest and lean back, engaging your abs. the lower you lean back, the harder this exercise will be. twist right and touch the weight to the floor and then twist left, touching the weight to the floor again. this is one rep. perform 15 to 20 reps. 4. scorpion twist lie face down with your legs extended, your arms out and your palms touching the mat. swing your right foot back bending the knee over your body and placing your foot as close as possible to your left hand. this should be one big motion done smoothly. return to start and repeat on the other side. perform 10 reps per side.

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Visceral Fat A Major Health Concern
Visceral fat: a major health concern

Visceral fat is basically the excess intra-abdominal adipose tissue accumulation. this fat is stored within the abdomen region and therefore covers a number of sensitive internal organs namely, liver, pancreas, and intestines. this gel type fat is a deep in nature, which is stored underneath the superficial belly fat. if you have a large waist, that’s a indicative that you are storing a lot of dangerous visceral fat, but don’t be too sure as anyone can have visceral fat, without even knowing it. visceral fat is considered highly dangerous and is also termed as “active fat” because this type of fat plays a critical role in changing the way your body works and hormones operates. this type of fat is considered toxic and increases the trouble in the body since it tends to act as the organ of the body and just like the other organs of the body starts pumping out hormones and inflammatory substances. not only does this increase the production of pro-inflammatory chemical, it also tends to play a dynamic role in regulation of moods, weight, eating patterns, and functioning of the brain. human body is designed in such a way that there is a perfect amalgamation of chemicals which play a well defined role to trigger the brain to perform the right action like tell you when to sleep, when to eat, how much to eat, etc. the effective communication working between the brain and these chemicals are the one’s that hold the accountability of maintaining a healthy weight or making you more susceptible to weight gain and visceral fat storage.the base of the weight of a human body is defined by the blood sugar levels which are controlled by the hormone insulin. insulin is the one, which is responsible for managing the blood sugar levels. in order to digest the food the body breaks down sugar into simpler units which are known as glucose. this glucose then enters the blood stream and trigger the release of insulin from the pancreas, and then insulin has the important job of ushering blood sugar into cells throughout our body. this ultimately helps in energizing the brain, body tissues and muscular functioning. on the other hand, insulin also corresponds to body fat stores, including the visceral fat stored deep within our bodies. when there’s too much glucose in our bloodstream, glucose gets stored as fat in the body. the more often and longer that blood insulin levels remain high, the more likely a person is to accumulate excess body fat and to battle weight problems. assessment of visceral fat the most effective and certain way is to undergo an mri scan (magnetic resonance imaging scan). you can also use the bca (body composition analyzer) machine to assess the level of visceral fat in your body. along with this, another good indicator is to take a waistline measurement. as per the harvard university, around 10% of the total fat is likely to be stored as visceral fat, therefore if you are carrying higher amounts of body fat that this, it is more likely that you are also storing excessive visceral fat. major risks of visceral fat 1. higher risk of diabetes in comparison to the other types of fat, visceral fat is thought to play a larger role in insulin resistance. this automatically means that people who have this type of fat in their body are at a heightened risk for developing diabetes. this is the reason why abdominal fat is viewed as a bigger health risk than hip or thigh fat, not only for diabetes but for many other chronic diseases too. 2. increased inflammation another major problem caused by this fat is the production of hormonal and inflammatory molecules that get dumped directly into the liver, leading to even more inflammation and hormonal reactions. if there is a layer of visceral organs like the liver, heart, kidneys, pancreas and intestines, your body becomes inflamed and your metabolism suffers, making it a hard cycle to break out of. 3. difficulty in losing weight people tend to gain more and more weight as the time passes on and one of the main reason is that stored body fat affects hunger levels, especially visceral fat. though it sounds unreal, but your body’s metabolism levels are highly governed by none other than the existing stored fat. fat messes with our appetites and makes it easier to overeat due to hormonal changes that take place. if there are higher levels of insulin that automatically converts the calories into body fat making it a never ending cycle. the mind loses its effective functionality when you tend to eat more of refined carbohydrates such as white flour and sugar. this makes it very difficult to follow a moderate-calorie, healthy diet. thus, it is really important to kick your sugar addiction and address weight gain and visceral fat formation as soon as possible. 4. battle with heart disease and strokes inflammation caused by excessive fat is the main contributor to heart disease and other inflammatory disorders. visceral fat is associated with an increased risk for cardiovascular disease markers like high triglycerides, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. solving the problem of visceral fat 1. opt for healthy, balanced meals create and follow a meal plan that focuses on improving your health and helping you to lose weight. as per the recommendations given by the american diabetes association, limit your total daily fat intake to 20 – 30% of your total calories, saturated fat less than 70%, and eliminate harmful trans fats from the meals. try to consume more of fresh vegetables and fruits, lean protein and complex carbohydrates such as beans, lentils and sprouted grains for energy and fiber. also try to include healthy vegetable oils for cooking like coconut, sunflower, olive, avocado and grapeseed oils. 2. incorporate healthy habits it’s not only healthy eating but overall lifestyle habits that play a crucial role in getting rid of visceral fat. say no to smoking, drinking, junk food, refined carbs if you are serious about getting fit. choosing healthier lifestyle choices will improve your quality of life and will show up in weight loss. along with this, make sure you incorporate the following in your daily living – deep breathing, yoga, quick walks, plenty of sleep. 3. don’t forget exercising it is important to exercise for at least 30 mins every day which will help you stay on track. if you lose around 5-10% of your total body weight it can actually help in reducing the visceral fat stores. in order to achieve this, you must burn more calories than you consume, and for that exercising is a must. any form of exercising is welcomed – be it walking, circuit training, brisk waking, biking or any other activity. 4. stay motivated it is important to understand that the process of weight loss does not happen overnight. even a minuscule of weight loss will play an important role in reducing your visceral fat stores. this is enough motivation to stick with your eating and exercise program. track your meals and exercise in a calories tracker app like mevolife, which will help you to reach your goals faster and speed up your weight loss journey.

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MevoLife The Indispensable Android Health & Fitness App
Mevolife: the indispensable android health & fitness app

Mevolife is your go-to app for health and wellness, and fitness and nutrition, because you deserve to maximize the power of your android smartphone. you should have an all-inclusive app that also tracks your exercise and personal training, records your progress at losing weight, and gives you access to a social network of like-minded friends and colleagues. we are the ultimate android health app, given the number and quality of features we offer, in addition to our emphasis on individual wellness and helping you reach your specific fitness goals. as your preferred android wellness app, we empower you to get the information you need – the dieting and food recommendations you want – so you can transform your body and reinvigorate your soul. this emphasis on health news, healthy eating, strength conditioning and improved nutrition will enable you to better follow your dietary rules and fulfill your wellness expectations. mevolife brings these features to life with a distinctive layout and absolute convenience. we are the solution you can use with ease, since our android health and wellness app includes the information you crave and the options you will soon enjoy. now, make enhancing your health the top priority it should be; the singular priority it must be.

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Introducing MevoLife The Ultimate Android Health and Wellness App
Introducing mevolife: the ultimate android health and wellness app

Mevolife is an acclaimed android health app for an obvious reason: it informs – and inspires – users to track and maintain their exercise and nutrition, record and check their respective weight loss goals, and connect with a social network of friends and supporters. this wellness app, which includes real-time updates and topical references to dieting and personal health, is the comprehensive solution people want for their android smartphones – period. these benefits highlight the importance of having an all-inclusive android fitness app, which is easy to use and exciting to access. those rewards accrue to anyone with an interest in personal health, smart nutritional habits, safe and effective dieting, and encouragement from people who understand this matter. mevolife has the features you want – we give you the freedom you deserve to possess – so you can make your health and fitness the most vital issue it should be; the most relevant subject it must be. mevo is your true all around fitness mentor that makes it easy and fun to get you fit, that is available for your smart phone. it’s a complete package of diet plans, easy & simple fitness workouts & exercises, calorie tracker, pedometer, and lots more

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4 Reasons Your Arm Routine is Just Not Working
4 reasons your arm routine is just not working!

If you’ve been spending hours at the gym trying to get super sculpted arms, but to no avail – you’re not alone. chances are you’re victim of one of the following arm routine culprits. keep reading to find out what common arm mistake you might be making, and how you can correct them to tone those biceps and triceps in no time. 1. you are performing too many isolated movements we know you have the best intentions, but performing 100s of curls or triceps extensions, especially with light weights (we are talking, anywhere around one to three pound weights) are not going to remedy bingo arms. focus on employing multiple joints in your arm routine via exercises like upright rows, pull-ups, tricep pushups and pull-ups. these exercises are more effective than exercises that are meant for an isolated muscle group. compound movements generally engage your shoulders and back muscle first and then bring in your biceps and triceps into action as well. 2. you are making it too hard for yourself trying to jump into workouts that may not be suitable for your fitness level can be harmful for your progress. if you are unable to perform a movement with full range of motion, chances are the workout becomes ineffective or you’re putting yourself at risk of a major injury. in the case of a pushup, you have to be able to lower your chest to the floor, while keeping your body parallel to the ground. your hips shouldn’t be sagging and you can’t lower yourself half-way either – doing either of these will make the movement ineffective in toning your arms. to get the full range of motion, perform modifications of tougher exercises until you’re able to do the advanced ones. with pushups, you can do them on your knees or against a wall. 3. your weights aren’t heavy enough if we haven’t already mentioned this one before, doing several reps of light weights will not help you achieve your desired results. if you want definition, you better train with weights that engage and stimulate your muscles. you’ll probably do fewer reps, but you’ll multiply the efficiency of your arm routine by a whopping ten! as a rule of thumb, if you can perform twenty or above reps with a weight, drop it and get a heavier one. aim to perform eight to 12 reps per movement and complete 3-5 sets of each. 4. poor posture in most cases, people hunch their shoulders forward or arch them up by their ears, which can be detrimental to an arm routine. it’s important to keep your spine neutral, whether you’re doing a plank or a bicep curl. if this sounds relatable, check your form throughout your movement, making sure your chest and shoulders are open. roll the shoulders back during breaks to relax them. another common mistake we’ve seen at gyms is poor back posture. we can’t stress enough on how important it is to not arch your back while lifting any weights. if you can’t control your back from arching, there’s a high chance your weight is too heavy and you need to bring it down a bit. to practice correct form, suck your tummy in, tuck in your tailbone and engage your core throughout the movement. do not bring your elbows in front of your rib cage as this will not work your biceps. download mevo app now from – app store – play store –

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Tips to Overcome a Weight Loss Plateau
Tips to overcome a weight-loss plateau

No soda drinks, no ice cream hogging, being careful with the overall calorie intake, working out and yeah the weight started to roll down. this boosted up the confidence so you started going to gym and burnt more calories. everything was going good, but now you feel stuck as the weight is not going down any further – weight loss plateau! what has caused this – are you already at your ideal weight?, are your goals too high to be achievable? here steps in the set-point weight – the weight that you body likes to maintain. though this can be adjusted but it takes time! in the process to lose weight, it can be tempting to cut calories too low to shed pounds faster. the opposite side of this: your muscles are fueled up for energy which results in lowering your metabolism levels. whether you want to shift your natural set-point weight or it is getting to hard to shed off those extra pounds, here are a few ways which can actually help you overpower the weight-loss plateau – 1. readjust your calorie intake since you have lost weight, your metabolism level goes down as your body now requires less calories for energy. the calorie intake that you initially when you began your weight loss journey will need to be adjusted to match your body’s current needs. it is recommended to readjust your calorie goals after every 15 pounds you lose. 2. readjust your workout routine working out on the elliptical cycle for a long time? it’s time to change your workout routine now. the muscles in your body have become used to the same workout pattern which had made it less effective. try to go out of your comfort zone and try new workouts to get the best results. hiit is the best way to burn maximum calories and body fat effectively. just be careful when including hiit into your routine as doing too much too fast can leave you sore, tired or even injured. 3. flush it out with fluids if your body is dehydrated there are high chance of you craving for extra calories. this is because the symptoms of dehydration are similar to symptoms of hunger, so it’s easy to get confused. keep yourself hydrated and aim to drink at least 3 liters of water per day. 4. sleep sound sleep plays a really very important role in helping your body lose weight as it resets your hormones. if your deprive yourself of sleep it can lead to increased cortisol, a stress hormone. elevated cortisol levels in the body can lead to fat accumulation around the midsection. 5. be careful with those small bites an extra bite here, a small bite there also has calories and they do count even if they aren’t on your plate. check if mindless munching and unhealthy snacking is the main reason, which is keeping you away from your desired results! 6. intake quality foods getting over the weight-loss plateau requires far more than just the calories in and calories out mechanism which typically works for weight loss. the things you need to cut weight-loss plateau off is the intake of quality whole foods which includes – high-fiber fruits, beans, lean proteins and raw vegetables. these are the food items which are needed by your body engine to start burning that fat again. 7. focus on strength training what to burn calories even when you are rest? try to include weight training in your workout routine. this is simply because the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn, and the more body fat you’ll shed. 8. go to a doctor if you have tried to change your calorie and workout routine plus have been more careful with your efforts but still the weight is not going down, it is time to consult with your doctor to rule out any underlying medical conditions that could make it difficult for you to lose weight. download mevo app now from – app store – play store –

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Running Your First 5K Race
Running your first 5k race!

You’ve been going to the gym for months. you’ve finally braved the treadmill and built up some endurance. the person that’s been running next to you has told you at the water fountain that they’re training for their sixth 5k run. you go home and google how far 5k actually is. three miles! three miles doesn’t sound too hard. you’ve been running/walking up to a mile for the past month. you start doing your research and find a couple of programs that say they can get you to your first 5k in a matter of weeks. you feel pumped and confident in your ability to complete this run. so, you sign up for your first 5k and tell yourself you’ll be a champion is six short weeks. how hard is it to actually run a 5k race, and how do you train for one? getting started: how to train for your first 5k? make a plan and actually sign up for a race. if you’ve devoted your money to something you’re more likely to devote your time as well. the difference between training and working out is that with training, every workout is purposeful and brings you closer to completing your goal. training takes time and dedication. you won’t be fast at first. you probably won’t even be able to run that long. don’t let that detour you from completing this task you’ve set out to do. champions aren’t born overnight. review your schedule and find time wherever you can and set it aside specifically for training. before or after work if a great time for a workout, or bring extra clothes and start training midday. running gets your metabolism pumping and gives you a boost of energy. it’s best not to run or exercise right before bed. remember to stretch before running, especially if you’re a beginner. you can cause muscle cramps or shin splints if you don’t prep your body. start off with sprints of running during your walking routine, slowly building up your pace to a “run-walk,” eventually running 30 minutes altogether. this allows your mind, body, and spirit to all get on the same page. focus more on going farther and not necessarily harder. increase your distance before you increase your speed. don’t run more than three days per week and alternate run days with rest days. this allows you to recover, adapt, and enjoy running. take time to recover and train comfortably the key to completing a 5k run is to listen to your body. did you know that the body actually grows stronger when it’s resting? this is why alternating between run days and rest days is so important. it allows your body to be stimulated by the exercise and then recover during your rest days. many beginners make the newbie mistake of over-training and running too much too soon, causing energy like leg splints to arise. if you listen to your body, you can prevent not only body aches and fatigue but mental and physical fatigue as well. another good way to train comfortably is by taking the “talk test.” if you’re running at a comfortable pace you should be able to talk through running. if you’re gasping for air, however, that means you’re at a pace that you are not ready for. adjust your pace accordingly, and when you can talk through running, you know you’re exactly where you need to be. when you run too fast, for too long and too quickly, it can destroy your mental confidence when your body doesn’t respond the way you had planned. simply put, the fun factor drops, you start to count the seconds until you’re finished, and your risk of injury goes up. once your heart is out of it, it can be hard to keep your head in the game. the secret to finishing your 5k training is knowing you can run a little further each day, bringing you closer to completing your goal and being a champion in your own right! download mevo app now from – app store – play store –

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Cooking Oils You Think Are Healthy But Arent Mevolife
Cooking oils you think are healthy… but aren’t! | mevolife

The topic of health is everywhere…on the internet, television, magazines, the newspaper. everything from “kale is the new super food” to “drink apple cider vinegar every morning to burn fat.” information is everywhere on latest fad diets to what are the healthiest cooking oils. misconceptions fill the internet air. to determine what the best is in anything, it helps to know what the worst is in anything. take cooking oils, for example. i’m not here to tell you what the healthiest ones are. you can find that anywhere. i’ll tell you what the worst five cooking oils are, and why, so that you’ll know what not to buy as you start including healthy food choices in your diet plans. let’s talk about why it matters when determining the healthy quality of cooking oils, you must take into account: how it affects heart health, the ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids, and how it is processed. getting too much omega-6 in your diet causes clogged arteries, inflammation, heart disease, and increases your risk of cancer. the world health organization (who) recommends a ratio of 4:1 for omega-6 to omega-3. that means that every food you eat that contains omega-3 fatty acids, you need to eat no more than 4 times the amount of omega-6 fatty acids. remember: too much omega-6 in your diet is bad. you can improve your health by eliminating processed foods from your diet. autoimmune responses to chronic inflammation caused by processed foods are being linked to processed foods. diseases like asthma, allergies, cancer, heart disease, arthritis, and diabetes rise as the consumption of processed foods rises. get rid of them! what cooking oils should you avoid and why? grapeseed oil: about 70% omega-6 fatty acids. remember what we just talked about? too much omega-6s in your diet causes inflammation, the true cause of heart disease and can lead to other health conditions. grapeseed oil is industrially processed with hexane and other toxic solvents. traces of these chemicals are always left behind in the final product. an expeller-pressed processed grapeseed oil is full of polyunsaturated fat, in concentrations highly toxic to humans. no matter how pure, they are never safe. canola oil: about 87% is genetically modified. you know how canola oil is created? using crude oil extracted from rape seeds, then refined, bleached, and deodorized. because it is processed under high heat, it goes rancid. because it is prone to rancidity, industrial carcinogenic bleaches are used, with a mixture of hexane to deodorize. canola oil is high in omega-3s, but don’t let that deceive you. these oils are subject to oxidation when heated. oils high in omega-3s are never used for cooking. flaxseed oil and fish oil are high in omega-3 and are never heated because they are prone to oxidation. free radicals are released when an oil oxidizes, which leads to inflammation, cancer, thyroid damage, and hormonal imbalances. vegetable/soybean oil: about 99% of vegetable oil is actually soybean oil. next time you look at a bottle in the store, read the ingredients. you’ll most likely only see one: soybean oil. soybean oil contains 54% omega-6. remember what we said before? too much omega-6 equals bad news. it can lead to inflammation and other health issues. soy is high in trypsin inhibitors and phytic acid, which blocks the absorption of proteins, vitamins, and minerals. soy also contains phytoestrogens, which mimics estrogen in your body and disrupts normal hormonal activity and could increase your risk of cancer. so now that you know what not to buy, and why, here’s a quick list of the healthiest oils to use for cooking: coconut comes in at number one, with 92% saturated fat, 6% monounsaturated, and 1.6% polyunsaturated. butter (ghee), olive oil, palm oil, avocado oil, fish oil, flax oil, and nut or peanut oil are all great choices. download mevo app now from – google app store     ios play store

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5 Amazing Benefits of Coconut Milk for Health Mevolife
5 amazing benefits of coconut milk for health | mevolife

Now you’ve probably heard that coconut water is good for your health, but did you know that coconut milk is also great for health ? there are some misconception regarding the healthiness of this miracle drink due to its rich creamy texture and subtle sweetness, but these factors only make it a more delicious health drink than most others. keep reading to find out why its time to stock up on some coconut milk. 1. it helps you lose fat via coconut milk although coconut milk has about 14 grams of fat in each serving (quarter cup, full-fat), its mct or medium-chain triglycerides fatty acids actually help your energy spending, which can augment physical performance. the plethora of nutrients present in coconut milk also helps nourish your muscles, which can help in muscle building following your regular workout routine. the good kind of fats in coconut milk also helps you stay full for longer, which serves as a preventive measure for your tendency to overeat. building muscle and helping you to control your intake are essential factors in losing body fat, which are enough to encourage you to consume coconut milk regularly. 2. coconut milk helps with constipation coconut milk helps with the nourishment of the digestive tract due to its high nutrient and electrolyte content. it is also known to relieve indigestion and constipation in individuals, as it promotes healthy bacterial growth in the colon. 3. aids in blood sugar regulation diabetics can also benefit from coconut milk as its fatty substances decelerate the sugar release rate in the bloodstream, which facilitates better insulin control in the patients’ bodies. coconut milk is a great alternative in milk-based recipes and desserts due to its healthy richness and sweetness which are better for the body than added sugars. 4. it is good for your heart? the fat content of coconut milk is essentially 50% lauric acid, a fatty acid which is associated with cholesterol levels improvement, antibacterial, and antiviral properties. studies were able to back up the claim of coconut milk’s cholesterol level improvement, as clinical trial results determined that individuals who took coconut milk had decreased ldl/bad cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein) levels and had amplified levels of good cholesterol or hdl (high-density lipoprotein). this assures the general population that although coconut milk is “fatty”, it is not the bad kind, but rather beneficial than damaging. the mineral content of coconut milk can also help you lower your blood pressure, increase your blood vessel flexibility, and prevents plaque build-up, which contribute to greater heart health. 5. it aids in ulcer prevention coconut milk is also known to prevent the formation of ulcers and in reducing ulcer size. this can be attributed to coconut milk’s shielding effects on the ulcerated regions, which prevents pain in the area. this action of coconut milk is even better than coconut water’s ulcer preventive mechanism. ideally, you should be looking for the organic or “cold pressed” coconut milk and avoid anything with added sugar, salt, preservatives or any other nasty chemical you don’t want in your food. log whatever you eat in our amazing weight loss & fitness app – mevo available on – google play store   ios appstore

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No bake chocolate oatmeal cookies healthy recipe | mevolife

What if we say that you can have a chocolate cookie without being guilty? yes, we are serious! today we have got this delectable “chocolate oatmeal cookie” healthy recipe that you can make in minutes without any baking. these cookies would require a little effort but believe us the outcome would be really delicious. they are perfect for that little evening snack or to satisfy that midnight dessert cravings. eat them all by yourself or share it with friends over a hot cuppa. ingredients 1-1/2 cups quick cooking oats 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract 1/2 pinch salt 1/2 cup chopped pecans (optional) 1 cups white sugar 1/4 cup evaporated milk 1/4 cup butter 1 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder method 1. in large bowl combine oats, vanilla and salt. stir in pecans. 2. in a medium saucepan, combine sugar, evaporated milk, butter and cocoa. bring to a boil. remove from heat, stir in oats. 3. drop mixture by teaspoonfuls onto waxed paper. let cool. nutritional info yields 24 cookies nutritional value per cookie: calories 87 kcal, fat 4g, carbs 12g, protein 1g checkout more than 500 healthy recipes in mevo app now. download from ios appstore / google playstore.

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apple cider
Apple cider vinegar for faster weight loss results | mevolife

How do you take apple cider vinegar to lose weight? apple cider vinegar (acv) is cherished by many as a therapeutic, healthy and inexpensive measure against many body ailments. we can’t stress enough on there being no magic bullet for weight loss, acv is no exception. chugging on acv every day without a healthy diet plan and plenty of exercise is not going to give you any results, in fact, it may even be harmful as acv is acidic and can contribute to digestive issues. always consume acv in small amounts, say a teaspoon or two, preferably diluted. acv is gaining popularity in the fitness world as many kinds of research, as well as at-home experiences, show that adding acv to your regular routine may aid in weight loss. here are some factors that contribute to its weight-loss benefits: 1. apple cider vinegar (acv) suppresses your appetite having a glass of water with a teaspoon of acv before your meal can help you reach satiety sooner and consume less than you usually do. according to one study, participants who ate bread with vinegar experienced a greater level of satiety than those who only ate bread. 2. apple cider vinegar (acv) stabilizes your blood sugar levels the dramatic sugar spikes that occur in your body following a meal are the main cause of those nasty uncontrollable cravings you have throughout the day. acv helps control these sugar spikes, thereby, curbing your sugar cravings between meals. stabilizing your blood sugar levels is a surefire way of sticking to a proper diet plan with set meal times. in the same study mentioned earlier, participants showed lower blood glucose levels following the bread and vinegar meal as well. 3. apple cider vinegar (acv) detoxifies the body acv helps flush toxins out of the body, thereby helping it perform better, particularly in its digestive and metabolic processes. this ensures that it absorbs the maximum amount of nutrients from food. 4. apple cider vinegar (acv) prevents fat buildup acv speeds up your metabolism and helps you burn fat much faster. since it is rich in enzymes and organic acids, it also helps in how efficiently fat is burnt as well. although more human studies need to be done on this, some experts also claim that acv may help bring down your cholesterol levels. how to use apple cider vinegar (acv) ? acv can be quite unpleasant for many people, therefore, it’s ideal that you gradually introduce it into your diet. apart from using it as a salad dressing, you can also dilute a teaspoon of acv in a cup of water and have it once a day. as you get used to it, you can increase it to two teaspoons per day and see how it affects you. most experts suggest adding 2 tablespoons of acv to a cup of water and having it one to three times a day. note that this depends on how well you tolerate acv. if you frequent experience heartburn or other digestive symptoms, consider having less than 1 tablespoon of acv per cup of water a day. log whatever you eat in our amazing weight loss & fitness app – mevo available on – google play store  /   ios appstore

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