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How to lose weight by skipping?

Guess which fitness equipment could you purchase for less than $10, that can easily fit in small space and can be used by everyone from young to adults??? the answer is simple: it is skipping rope! it is obvious that every one of us has or at least tried jumping a skipping rope in the past. it is a very significant cardio exercise that helps to boost up your heart rate and by doing so contributes in burning large amount of calories in a short span. how to do skipping the right way? if you are well versed with the right method of skipping it is great, but just in case you are a little confused then follow this simple method: the basic way to do skipping is to keep your feet together with your elbows close at your sides. hold the rope behind you with the middle touching the floor just behind your heels. swing the rope and jump a few inches off the ground as the rope swings around to your front. move your wrists and forearms, not your shoulders. it is a little difficult to coordinate your body with the rope as you need to assure that the rope hits the floor when your feet/body is in the air, but that is main key of doing this exercise effectively! how much calories does it burn? the answer to this question is: as much you want! this is because the number of calories you burn from skipping is variable as it depends on your body weight and the level of intensity. for example: if you are an extremely overweight, you need more energy to jump up so you burn more calories than a lighter person, but even if you are a light person you can burn more energy too if the intensity is on a higher level. on a generic basis, skipping when done properly would help burn at least 600 calories in 30 mins and is actually great for your heart since it really pumps up the heart rate much faster than any other type of cardio. benefits of skipping some of the major benefits of including skipping in your weight loss regime are highlighted as under: a) it is a high-intensity interval training workout, which makes it one of the best cardio exercise. skipping burns more calories in comparison to running. to make the difference more clear: the effort it takes to jump rope for 10 minutes is the equivalent of running a mile in 8 mins! along with this, british rope skipping association has explicated that 10 mins of skipping can have the same health benefits as a 45-minute run. b) skipping is a no equipment form of exercise. all the equipment that the skipping exercise requires is a jumping rope, which can fit into your purse or handbags and is travel-friendly. so, you won’t have to miss your workout, all you need is a rope and an open area to burn calories. c) jumping rope blasts the calves, tones your arms and shapes the abs. studies show that skipping exercises put lesser pressure and is less shocking for the joints than running. it is a low impact exercise than running and, therefore, a better option. those who regularly jump rope gain more stamina, agility, better posture, balance, quicker reflexes, and much higher levels of overall coordination! d) skipping can be done by anybody and everybody, from beginners to advanced level. e) skipping is a perfect exercise to improve your flexibility and it also aids your coordination and balance skills! f) skipping also helps to keep the problem of osteoporosis at bay as it is a weight-bearing exercise which plays an active role in improving the body density! conclusion thus, the highlighted information is quite motivating for you to include skipping in your weight loss regime to speed up the process and reach your desired goals faster!

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Stress: a common weight loss barrier!

In our busy, overscheduled lives, stress is an everyday issue that affects our mood, positivity and our body too. common triggers of stress include finances, work and relationships, which blur our focus on weight loss and exercise. however, your focus isn’t the only thing that’s affected. research shows that stress affects the body in a much deeper way, which further prevents you from keeping those extra pounds off. here’s how: your body’s natural response stress triggers the body’s adrenal response, called the fight or flight response. this causes the activation of the glycogen stored in the liver and muscle and pushes the body to store more fat for energy. one study conducted by the university of new mexico in 2005 showed that this stress response leads to increased fat storage, loss of muscle mass and an individual’s impulse to eat more than he or she should. cortisol release cortisol is a stress hormone which inhibits weight loss. prolonged stress stimulates the body to release more cortisol in the blood stream which slows metabolism and causes loss of muscle mass. in addition, cortisol also causes the unwanted storage of fat, especially in the abdominal region. the national endocrine and metabolic diseases information service states that other possible signs of high cortisol levels are fatigue, high blood pressure and high blood glucose levels. metabolic syndrome an article published in the british medical journal in 2006 showed that employees with chronic work stress are twice more likely at risk of metabolic syndrome than those who don’t have work stress. metabolic syndrome increases a person’s risk of type 2 diabetes and stroke. since it is linked to stress, it may be a risk factor of heart disease as well. emotional eating or increased appetite emotional eating is a common problem among most young children, teenagers and adults. stressful situations trigger the release of cortisol and adrenaline. the high cortisol levels in the blood increase your appetite and lead to sugar cravings. how to prevent stress beating stress can seem near to impossible but you can reduce it by practicing a few life-improving techniques every day. first identify what’s causing stress in your life and try to overcome it. next take 5-10 minutes of your day to meditate and breathe deeply – preferably before you start your day or work. other calming methods are yoga, tai chi, massage, exercise, dance, music and aromatherapy.

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Spice up to lose weight!

Did you know that certain spices could actually help you lose weight? if you’re trying to shed off those extra pounds you might want to ditch the salads and start indulging into curries. studies have shown that the spices used in indian and asian food can help suppress appetite, speed up the metabolic rate, and even stop fat cells from reappearing. here’s the list of magical spices that you should add to your pantry to fasten up your weight loss process:- 1. ginger ginger helps to boost up the metabolism levels and lowers the appetite. it also helps in better digestion which is a key to faster weight loss. along with this, it has the same thermogenic effects as capsaicin because it has warming effects in the body, which all adds up to more fat-burning activity. 2. turmeric the yellow spice which is made from a root, turmeric is what gives the curry a deep yellow hue. turmeric proves to be really helpful in weight loss process as it shoots up the metabolism levels. not only this, it also helps in preventing the weight gain after the initial loss as it prevents the re-growth of fat cells. 3. garlic garlic has immense number of health benefits and in context of weight loss it proves useful as it is a powerful detoxifier, boosts your metabolism, eliminates fat from the cells and regulates the ups and downs in your blood sugar levels! 4. cinnamon a study conducted by archives of biochemistry and biophysics on animals showed that the use of cinnamon reduced the accumulation of belly fat. not only this, various studies explicated in american journal of clinical nutrition highlighted that using cinnamon while cooking starchy meal may help stabilize blood sugar and ward off insulin spikes.cinnamon basically consists of powerful antioxidants called polyphenols that are proven to alter body composition and improve insulin sensitivity. 5. cardamom they are rich in digestive qualities and also help in burning fat. the green scented pods are considered helpful in digestion as they reduce flatulence and general digestive discomfort. 6. mustard/ mustard seeds a british study that was conducted to evaluate the role of mustard seeds in weight loss highlighted that the use of these seeds helped in increasing the metabolic rate of participants by 25%. though mustard is high in fat which is usually bad for weight loss; the good side is that it induces the feeling of fullness and curbs appetite for hours. mustard is also high in dietary fiber which helps in digestion and helps you feel fuller for longer periods of time. 7. pepper it is one of the most common spice which is used for cooking. the main component that is responsible for the flavors of this spice is piperine, which apparently stimulates the central nervous system. this composite working of pepper is one which is responsible for its metabolism-boosting properties! 8. cumin another curry staple, cumin is also likely to boost up the weight loss process. research has highlighted that the people who use cumin in their diets lost 3 times the body fat in comparison to those who didn’t. along with this, a study has highlighted that it increases metabolism, especially when used in curry spice blends. lack of iron is also a common reason for the lower level of energy and fatigue, as cumin has high iron content it helps you in exercising more and thus boost up the weight loss process! 9. chili pepper (cayenne) a study conducted in england explicated that people who consumed a tsp of red or cayenne pepper with each meal had 25% increase in their metabolism levels. capsaicin, is a substance found in peppers which not only gives them their flavor, but also helps in fighting weight gain and obesity as it decreases calorie intake and lowers blood fat levels. the spicy nature of cayenne is sometimes attributed to its ability to help people lose weight as people tend to eat less (fewer calories) and drink more! so, use these amazing spices to not only make your favorite foods and dishes tasty but also fasten up the weight loss process!

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How to get rid of water retention

Everybody knows that 60% of the human body is made up of water. your body is a complex system and if it lacks or gets too much of something, this system can actually breakdown. the imbalance can manifest itself in the form of water retention. water retention is a big road block for weight conscious people as it hinders their long-term goals. in the vast majority of cases, you can get rid of water retention by making a few lifestyle changes, which isn’t always easy, but it is within your power. check the following tips to get rid of unwanted water retention in your body:- 1. avoid too much salt kidneys are responsible for balancing the amount of sodium and water in the human body. if the sodium levels are high then the kidneys hold on the extra water to dilute it. if you regularly intake high amounts of salt it eventually results in water retention and high blood pressure. if you want to get rid of water retention the key is to stay away from products that are high in salt content like – processed foods, canned foods, processed meat, and frozen foods. the ideal intake of sodium in a day should be less than 1500 mg! 2. drink plenty of water it may seem contradictory, but increased intake of water is a sure shot way to cure water retention in the body. when your body is well hydrated it is less likely to hold on the excess water in an attempt to maintain sodium balance. the best way to calculate the ideal water amount you should have is to drink half your weight in ounces each day. like if your weight is 140 pounds, you should drink 70 oz of water per day. 3. sweat it out sweating is a mechanism adopted by the body to regulate its temperature. if you are sweating it automatically indicates high metabolism levels and its efficient working. along with this, it is worth noticing that water retention is not only related to water but also the sodium that is trapped under the skin. initially when you start sweating it tastes like salt but after a while it tastes like regular water. this simply indicates that you have sweat out most of the sodium that was being retained underneath your skin. once again when sweating be sure to have handy water as you not only sweat water and sodium but some essential vitamins also! 4. eating healthy and balanced diet water retention basically indicates that either your body is getting too much or too little of what it deserves. a healthy balanced diet mainly consists of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, etc. potassium-rich foods like banana, berries, watermelon and spinach also play a key role in effectively managing the fluid levels in the body. along with this, foods full of fiber like whole grains, greens, seeds, and fruits can also aid in reducing water retention. further the high calcium products like milk, yogurt, buttermilk etc. also play an influential role in handling the water retention in problem. aim to take in 1200-1350 mg of calcium, per day, to cure water retention. 5. sip on the herbal tea many herbs are slightly diuretic. parsley is the best known one. take two teaspoons of dried leaves for each cup of boiling water and seep for ten minutes. drink three cups a day. 6. avoid caffeinated drinks and alcohol if you want to get rid of water retention stay away from caffeinated drinks and alcohol. drinking lots of alcohol or too many caffeinated drinks may lead to dehydration and cause fluid retention. if you follow the guidelines above, you will not only get rid of water retention, but you will also be able to lose weight faster, become a much healthier person, and get resistant to the plethora of other maladies that spring forth from the imbalance of unhealthy lifestyles!a

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Tempeh vs tofu: which is healthier?

Tempeh is a soybean product originated in indonesia that is dry in texture and is brownish in color. it is high on nutritional characteristics and also has textural qualities. tempeh comes in an array of flavors like soy, soy-flax 3 grain and is extremely rich in nutrition like dietary fiber, protein and also vitamins. it is prepared using a simple process – soybean is soaked till it gets tender and then the beans are de-hulled; after it the beans are cooked partially and pressed in a layered cake form. tempeh is an excellent food product to support in overall digestive health. there are numerous health benefits obtained from tempeh – high in fiber, rich in antibiotics, regulates blood sugar levels and is an ideal for individuals on low sodium diets. tofu is another soybean product that basically originated in china. it is made after the beans have been processed with soy milk product. tofu in simplest form can also be explained as the curd of soy milk, which is pressed in flat patty shaped bricks. tofu has a wet texture and is smooth, soft and spongy. not only the soybean product is full of calcium, iron, magnesium, vitamin e and is cholesterol free, but it is extremely low on fat and calories too. tofu contains soy flavones, which can stimulate human estrogens and can also have either beneficial or harmful effects when consumed in sufficient quantities. basic comparison tempeh is brown in color, dry in texture and requires time to absorb the flavors whereas tofu white in color, extremely soft and porous which makes it easy for this product to absorb the flavors. nutritional comparison both the products are high in proteins, but tempeh (1/2 cup has 15.4g) contains more of it in comparison to tofu (1/2 cup has 10.1 g). in a half cup of tempeh, there are 160 calories while there are only 97 calories in the same quantity of tofu. along with this, in half cup of tempeh there is 3.5g fiber and only 0.5g in the same quantity of tofu. key points of difference some of the major differences between these two products are highlighted as under:- 1. not only, tempeh is a whole soybean product and offers high amount of fiber, protein and vitamin content but when compared to tofu it can be stated that tempeh is better or healthier choice as it is less processed. 2. tempeh is a safer choice as the process involved in producing the tofu requires the addition of coagulant that may not be a safe procedure. 3. tempeh, when compared to tofu, has a higher amount of proteins and the process utilized for producing it is better and healthier than the tofu. thus it is clear that both tempeh and tofu are the excellent soybean products, both are healthy and rich sources of protein, but still tempeh wins the race and is considered to be a better choice for people looking for healthier choices!

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Can cocoa help you lose weight?

Eating chocolate is a pure-pleasure deal for everyone. can you imagine that your favorite sweet also helps you lose weight? is it a dream come true? yes, it does help you shed off those extra pounds if you take some aspects into considerations. derived from the plant theobroma cacao, natural chocolate is processed into cocoa, often as a powder. cocoa and chocolate are commonly confused as an alternative for each other, but that is not actually true. to differentiate between them – cocoa is the non-fat component of cocoa liquor which is made by grinding cocoa beans whereas to make chocolates cocoa butter, cocoa, sugar and other ingredients are required. major benefits of cocoa powder though it is hard to believe that this sweetener contributes in your weight loss regime, but it is indeed true. check out the major benefits of including it in your routine:- 1. help you lose weight cocoa powder is really helpful towards weight loss in multiple ways – it is low in calories merely 90 per serving, it stimulates serotonin production responsible for regulating your mood and helping you suppress your appetite as well! 2. detox the body cocoa powder is rich in fiber content which is a major requirement to improve the working of the digestive system and remove all toxins from your body as well. not only this, cocoa powder is full of antioxidants and flavonoids that play an active role in protecting your body from free radicals and other harmful substances 3. improve metabolism levels including raw and organic cocoa powder in your diet can actually improve your body’s ability to metabolize fat and convert it into energy. to justify this fact a study was published in nutrition magazine in 2005, in which rats who were fed cocoa as a part of their diet, they exhibited significantly lower rates of fatty tissue than rats that weren’t. 4. decreases inflammation a new study by louisiana state university shows that cocoa also plays a positive role in cutting down inflammation which ultimately helps on reducing bloating and improves overall body functioning. 5. good for your heart it works wonder to keep your heart in good health – lowers blood pressure, increases blood flow, wards off bad cholesterol (ldls), raises good cholesterol levels (hdls), thins your blood and fights off plaque formation and build-up. this overall justifies that your heart will work better and it will also lower the chance of cardiovascular disease, heart attack, stroke and more. 6. mood booster cocoa contains both anandamide and phenylethylamine, both of which induce euphoria, act as an aphrodisiac and boost overall mood. the happy mood helps you to be active and dedicated towards workouts and diet regimes which indirectly contributes in weight loss. 7. good for overall health according to research from harvard medical schools, populations that have a high intake of raw cocoa powder have extremely low rates of cancer, heart disease and stroke, three of the biggest health problems plaguing our world today. the flavonoid content of cocoa is responsible for most of its healthful benefits. the amount of flavonoids present in a cocoa plant depends on the processes involved in their production. the flavonoids present in cocoa control the levels of cholesterol in the body they also protect the ldl produced from being oxidized to form metabolites that can damage the blood vessels. how to eat it? though normally people are likely to mix cocoa powder with milk and have it but it is worth noting that it is better to have it with milk substitutes (almond or coconut milk) for better results in comparison to regular animal milk (it affects your body’s ability to absorb the cocoa’s nutrients). along with this, it can also be enjoyed with your morning oats, smoothies, sauces, and soups! overall, the good news is that you don’t have to give up your favorite sweet treat to slim down. having a little bit of dark chocolate helps reduce the craving for other naughty foods, making it easier to stick to your diet. so go ahead! feel guilty about the chocolate croissant or the bowl of chocolate ice cream – no longer.

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The nomads workout!

Whether you’re sick, traveling or just can’t head to the gym for any reason, a nomadic workout can definitely charge you up and prevent you from slacking off. simply put, a nomad’s workout is a workout that you can perform at home, or anywhere else where you don’t have access to gym equipment. the following workout program requires minimal equipment, can be performed in a small space and only needs your body weight and a mat, carpet or towel to lie on. to intensify your workout, minimize rest time and perform these movements seamlessly without breaks. keep your heart rate up throughout your workout to boost you cardiovascular fitness and elevate your endorphin levels! stretch start your workout with a basic stretch routine. 20 reps of the surya namaskar pose is a good option. this stretches the major muscle groups of your body such as the quads, hamstrings, hip flexors, chest, and back. do some neck rolls and tricep and bicep stretches and you are ready to begin! jump rope if you don’t have a jump rope, that’s fine. you can simply mimic the movement without it. continue jumping rope for 4 minutes. this will warm you up and boost your heart rate. burpees people hate burpees for a reason. it’s highly challenging, which is why it works! this is a great compound exercise which utilizes many muscle groups such as the core, upper back, legs and arms. it’s also good cardio and a great fat burner. to perform a burpee, stand with your hands by your sides and legs shoulder width apart. squat and place your hands on the ground. thrust your legs behind and get into plank position. jump up to a squat position and jump again to standing up. repeat 10-15 times. plank go into pushup position with abs tight. maintain this position for at least 60 seconds. squats squats are great for the lower body as they use your glutes, quads, hamstrings, back and core. stand with legs hip-distance apart with toes pointing slightly outward. engage your core and lower your body to a squat position. chin up, maintain a neutral spine, keep your weight on your heels and keep bringing your body down till your thighs are parallel to the floor. do 20 reps. tricep dips you can perform tricep dips using a sturdy chair, a sofa or your kitchen counter. sit on the edge of your chair while holding the front edge and move your butt off the chair with feet hip-width apart. lower your hips toward the floor and facilitate this movement by bending your elbows. push your hands down to bring yourself back up and repeat. perform 15-20 reps without breaks. lunges lunges are great for the inner thighs, glutes, and abs. stand with feet close together, core engaged and head facing forward. take a big step forward and bend down so that your front leg’s thigh is parallel to the ground. alternate legs. repeat 15 to 20 times. side plank take a push-up position and lower your weight to your left forearm. now place your right foot on top of the left one or in front of it and push your body up with your left foot and arm. stretch your right arm upward and look towards it. maintain this position for at least 30 to 60 seconds. and switch sides. repeat 5 times on each side.

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The key to weight-loss success!

“i exercise a lot but am still not able to lose weight” are you also facing the same problems?? if yes, then it is time to fill in the loopholes, which are actually blocking your way and delaying the desired weight loss goals. basically, when we are exercising there are a number of bad habits all of us fall prey to which ultimately limit the results and get in the way of your long-term health goals. whichever exercise schedule or pattern you intend to follow you are bound to get more bang for your buck if you make these tips a part of your daily routine! 1. engage mentally during workouts when you fail to stay tuned in, you’re more likely to make mistakes. paying attention to what you’re doing can help you position your body in the right ways and engage the correct muscles. for eg :- poor form when strength training can lead to injuries or an inefficient stride during the latter portions of a jog can cause problems in certain muscles and joints. not only this, being engaged with the task at hand allows you to notice when you’ve made jumps or improvements in fitness, which can be highly motivating. 2. include variety in your workouts don’t forget that variety is the spice of life and this is very well applicable to your workout patterns too. it’s obvious to get bored if you follow a monotonous workout schedule day after day, week after week. not only can variety in your exercise schedule generate better weight loss results, but it also keeps your mind engaged. you’ll find that this may even have you looking forward to workouts as you master new skills. try new moves when you are into strength training and create variety in cardio sessions too for better weight loss results! 3. mix up your intensity level no…no, we are not saying that you should change your workout routine but what we advise here is to play with the intensity level in your workouts to boost up the weight loss process. mixing up your intensity level is simply about upping the ante in certain workouts to work different energy systems. it is true that difficult workouts are important, but one should not overlook the role played by the easy workouts too. they burn calories and contribute to fitness while also allowing your body to recover. if you’re just starting an exercise regime, you might begin with all easier-paced efforts and, gradually, add in 1 tougher workout each week. 4. do the extra things being physically active is the most important element if you want to lose weight but one should not forget that the extra things also have a major contribution to make your weight loss efforts successful. this includes stretching or self-massage, getting adequate sleep, drinking enough water and eating foods that contribute to better performance and recovery. just 10-15 mins a few times a week devoted to this type of work can help keep you in tip-top shape for your next workout, so it’s well worth your time. 5. make a plan in addition to doing both hard and easy workouts each week, it is also important to have a long-term plan for exercise. if you simply hop on the elliptical for 20 minutes a few times a week at the same pace for months on end, you’re unlikely to see the progression in fitness you may desire. as you get in better shape, be sure to look at how you can increase the time spent or intensity of the exercise, or try additional activities so that you avoid a plateau and continue to build on that hard-earned fitness. so, don’t worry just keep these simple tips in mind and be dedicated towards your workout routines and you will be able to achieve your weight loss goals in no time!

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Chew your way to weight loss!

In order to lose weight, people are willing to try just anything – be it the fad diets, new exercise patterns or weight loss supplements! it is amazing to know that americans spend about $40 billion every year on weight loss related products and programs. but could you image that weight control can be as simple and as cheap as chewing your food more? more chewing, fewer calories scientists have suggested that chewing your food for longer may help you lose weight. a study has explicated that munching on each mouthful for longer significantly reduces the amount of calories consumed during a meal. volunteers who chewed each mouthful 40 times ate 12 percent less food than those who chewed just 15 times. it is thought chewing for longer prevents over-eating by giving the brain more time to receive signals from the stomach that it is full. slowly chewing the food also appears to lower the levels of ghrelin, the ‘hunger hormone’, circulating in the digestive system. a chinese study was conducted on 16 slim men and 14 obese men in their late teens or twenties to evaluate the impact of chewing on weight loss. in the first, they wanted to see if the obese men chewed their food differently in comparison to their lean rivals. each volunteer was given a pork pie and filmed by a secret camera to test how many times they chewed before swallowing. the results found that, although the obese men chewed at the same speed as the slim ones, they swallowed their food much more quickly. in the second experiment, both groups were given another portion of pork pie to chew 40 times and then swallow. researchers found that when volunteers who chewed for longer consumed 11.9 % fewer calories, regardless of whether they were slender or obese. further, the blood tests taken 90 minutes after eating showed volunteers also had much lower levels of ghrelin when they had chewed each portion 40 times rather 10-15 times. in a report published in the american journal of clinical nutrition, the researchers said eating food slowly could be a simple and effective way of tackling weight problems. in their words – ‘research indicates eating quickly, gorging and binge eating have a substantial effect on being overweight. ‘our results showed obese participants chewed less and ingested more quickly than lean ones.’ a chief nutritionist at st george’s hospital, london said although eating more slowly may have some effect on gut hormone levels, the benefits are more likely psychological. she explained that when you gulp down the food without chewing you don’t realize how much you are eating. chewing the food for longer makes you attentive towards the taste smell, texture and food which is likely to contribute in your better management of hunger levels! further apart from helping you keep the weight problems away, chewing your food is surely going to contribute towards better digestion and help in the smoother functioning of the overall digestive system in your body! along with chewing the food around 30-40 times, some of the considerations that should be followed while eating food to are – 1. avoid distractions like tv, music, chatting while eating food! 2. manage the portion size and try to divide your meals! 3. be mindful for healthy food when you choose your meals! the bottom line of the discussion is that if you want to lose weight just practice the no effort activity of chewing the food properly and see significant visible changes.

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Why counting calories doesnt work?

When people are looking to lose weight, it is quite common to turn to a group such as weight watchers or slimming world. nestled among others desperate to shift the pounds, you will benefit from the comradely of being around others who share the same goal as you; making it easier to stick to targets and reduce the feeling of isolation. however, when you put yourself in a situation where there is a goal or target to be reached it comes hand in hand with the possibility of shame and guilt when that goal is not achieved. not achieving the set target can mean falling colossally off the wagon and being left with a feeling of regret. having to start all over again when the pounds have piled back on, is not always easy. counting calories works well for some people, as they thrive from the challenge and enjoy the social aspect and the support from a network of slimmer’s. but counting calories isn’t for everyone and it isn’t always the best option. people that are dieting and counting calories are often terrified of fat. they will choose the low fat and rescued calorie option, opting for chemically enhanced flavors to replace the sugar. but foods that contain natural fats such as nuts, avocados and coconut oil, can assist with weight loss and they taste great too. avocados are a high calorie food containing around 160 calories, but they contain monounsaturated fats which give your body energy to slowly burn. avocados improve nutrient absorption and curb hunger pangs, leaving you with the feeling of being full after a meal. almonds contain the same monounsaturated fats as avocados and snacking on almonds, or incorporating them into your meal, will actually stop you craving unhealthy snacks and treats. like avocados, almonds are low in carbohydrates and high in protein. high carbohydrates would put extra pressure on the body to produce insulin to transport all the sugars around the body and it would usually end up turning into triglycerides and getting stored as body fat. again, as with avocados, the natural fat present in almonds will be used as instant fuel for the body, giving you extra energy to burn it all off. so don’t worry if you aren’t a calorie counter. turn to natures finest ingredients to give you extra energy, will power and help you burn fat.

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How to detox after a weekend binge?

We have all been there before at some time in our lives. we have had a super fun and indulgent weekend full of alcohol, late nights and junk food. it is now monday morning and your body is screaming for a clean start to the week. you know that you feel less-than-great (lethargic, run-down and not-so-sparky) and you want to rest your liver, flush out the toxins and start the week off by looking after your body (rather than abusing it). starting the detoxification process is definitely a good move. this is where you can actually normalize the body’s natural ability to process and excrete toxins that are stored in our fat, while you temporarily reduce the amount of incoming toxins. there are a lot of detox protocols, facts and myths out there. if you jump into detox without prior experience (meaning that you probably have a high toxic load and will release a high level of toxins) or proper supervision, it can backfire. you might start to experience severe detox symptoms including headache, lethargy, and skin issues. if this happens, you are not likely to stick to the detox and will end up back where you started at the end of the weekend. you also need to be wary that the body cannot process the large amount of toxins that are suddenly released into the bloodstream, and if you flush the toxins suddenly, they will get re-absorbed into the fat tissue stored in your body. this then undoes any good work that you are doing. when looking for a safe detox protocol and program, you should pay special attention to: a) a gradual approach that can minimize withdrawal, sudden toxin release, and increase success rate b) enough calorie intake to support the body’s detoxification and elimination process c) addressing issues of addiction prior to start of the program when done correctly, safe detox can bring many benefits to your system, including: 1. weight loss 2. clear skin 3. mental acuity 4. reduced stress 5. more energy 6. improved immune function 7. better digestion 8. reduced cravings in order to start a detox safely, you want to start by doing these five things: 1. use herbs that support your detox organs of the liver, kidney, and colon. great detox herbs that come in the form of herbal teas or tinctures include milk thistle and dandelion. you could also try taking these as an herbal supplement, which you can buy from your health food store. 2. encourage toxin elimination through your skin, which is the largest organ for elimination. ways to encourage this include sweating and dry brushing. get sweaty by doing physical exercise- a cardio workout would do the trick, or try using a steam room or sauna to sweat the bad stuff out. make sure you drink heaps of clean, filtered water to aid the body in flushing the toxins out and to keep your body properly hydrated after sweating. dry body brushing is also a great way to start removing toxins from the skin as well as waking up the lymphatic system which is probably sluggish after the abuse of the weekend. use a dry body brush in a light, circular motion over your skin, starting at your feet and moving up the body. do this before you shower to really remove the dead skin cells and open the pores to allow for easier toxin removal. 3. buy and eat as many fruits and vegetables as possible and ensure they are organic a much as possible. you can eat fresh produce in the form of smoothies or juices to really get the most nutrition from the foods. 4. reduce processed and packaged foods, which are loaded with sugars and chemicals. you have already eaten enough of these over the weekend and now it is time to give your body a rest from trying to process anymore. replace unhealthy snacks with fresh fruit instead. you will also want to avoid drinking coffee and of course, cut out any more booze. minimize your animal protein intake and avoid dairy products to really allow your digestive system time to relax during the detox. 5. there are heaps of toxins within the household and personal products many people use. try and avoid coming into contact with products loaded with chemicals, or better still, replace what you have with those made from natural ingredients. by easing into the detox, you are providing your body with a gentle detoxification. if you are looking to start a more intensive detox, it’s best to go through a supervised detox program so that fewer problems will arise when toxins are released as fat cells are burned off.

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Moringa for weight loss!

According to researchers at john hopkins university, the edible moringa tree is gaining a foothold as a healthy food source. moringa is a plant which is native to parts of africa and asia. the name is derived from munakkai/murungai/muringa, the telugu/tamil/malayalam word for drumstick. it contains 13 species from tropical and subtropical climates that range in size from tiny herbs to massive trees. every part of the moringa tree is edible, although the leaf clusters are the most easily accessible and among the most nutritious. the role of these leaves towards weight loss efforts is mainly because of the plant’s low-fat, high-nutrient qualities that make it an acceptable, low-calorie substitute for many other foods. along with this, the leaves high in vitamins b-1, b-2 and b-3, which are needed by your body to convert food into energy. identifying moringa this amazing tree is believed to be native to indian and himalayan mountains. some of the major characteristics of this tree which will help you identify it easily are:- a) it is typically 25 feet high in its native regions, and may grow to 10 feet or higher in locations where it is cultivated for food or medicines. b) the leaves of this tree are deep green, with long, edible oval leaflets. c) the moringa tree flowers and produces long, bean-like, edible pods. contribution towards weight loss it is true that moringa leaves play an important role in the weight loss process which is typically because the leaves are low in fat but are packed with so many nutrients, which make it a healthy alternative to many higher calorie foods. you will be amazed to know that is you consume moringa leaves you will be able to suffice 42% of the recommended daily minimum requirement of proteins and 125% of the recommended daily minimum requirement of calcium. the leaves which can be either consumed raw, cooked or boiled; are very high in all type of vitamin bs, which boosts up the digestion process and also speed up the process to convert foods to energy thus improving metabolism. nutritional strength of moring aoringa leaves are a powerhouse of nutrition, vitamins, proteins and minerals and that to without any fat and calories. checkout its nutritional strength:- a) 1 oz of these leaves has more calcium than 1 oz of milk! b) 1 oz of moringa has more potassium than 1 oz of banana! c) 1 oz of moringa leaves has more iron than 1 oz spinach! d) 1 oz of moringa leaves has more vitamin a than 1 oz of carrots! e) moringa leaves contain protein at similar levels to whole milk & eggs! how to consume? there are many ways in which you can conveniently consume these leaves. some of the common and most simple ways are :- a) raw as salad b) added to cooked vegetables and soups c) boiled like green tea leaves d) dry powder e) supplement tablets try to make these amazing moringa leaves a part of your daily routine to boost up your weight loss process. you can choose the way you want to consume them as per your convenience since it beholds the same nutrition and health benefits in all ways!

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