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Foods that you didnt know were high in sugar!

Everybody knows that sugar is the biggest culprit when it comes to weight gain, since it is extremely high in calories and also has a negative impact on insulin (fat storing hormone) and blood sugar levels. but can you believe the fact that even though you have been avoiding the intake of sugar to make the most of your weight loss efforts, this little ingredient sneaks and hides in many of the “healthy” items too that you have been consuming. checkout the list of so-called “healthy foods” that are actually laden with sugar: 1. milk don’t get deceived by fat-free milk as one cup of it has 12g of sugar. rather than going for cow’s milk you should opt for soy or almond milk , since both alternatives have nearly half the sugar content in comparison to cow’s milk. 2. breakfast food breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it is advised not to spoil it by opting for commercial breakfast options (cold cereal, instant oatmeal, healthy cereals, toaster pastries, etc.), which usually have high sugar in disguised form. so chuck these and go for options like whole eggs with veggies, protein shake, etc. 3. fast food sandwiches it is obvious that fast food is a big no for people who want to lose weight but generally when you are in rush, grabbing a sandwich on the go seems a nice option but what goes unnoticed are the ingredients that go into its making which contain high sugar. the bread that is used to make the sandwich contains sugar, the sauces used as toppings have sugar, even the meat that is added has sugar content. so from next time instead of going for a sandwich prefer a salad with olive oil and vinegar as dressing! 4. ketchup/tomato sauce everybody loves ketchup since it is tastes good with every kind of food. while enjoying the taste we tend to forget that most of the tomato-based foods are filled with sugar. can you believe that 1 tbsp of ketchup has 1 tsp sugar, using this you can calculate for yourself as to how much hidden sugar you are consuming. considering health and weight loss as a priority, you can opt for mustard sauce rather going for tomato sauce or ketchup. 5. spaghetti sauce one cup of your favorite marinara sauce contains 14.5g sugar and that too majority of it is added sugar. instead of buying packed spaghetti sauces you can opt for homemade pesto sauce, bolognese sauce which is high in nutritional value but has lower sugar content. 6. flavored yogurts you might be thinking that yogurt is a health food but it is important to know that some types of flavored yogurts actually have more sugar in a single serving than the amount of sugar that is there in a serving of ice cream. for a healthier choice, you should go for yogurts that are free of hormones or antibiotics and plain in flavor. you can add your favorite fruits atop it and enjoy with it without any fear of added sugar. 7. juices it is obvious that fruit juices are laden with sugar, but what is worth noticing is that vegetable juices are no exception. a glass of packed vegetable juice has about 8g of sugar per serving, since it contains a large amount of apple juice which is high in sugar. there’s no need to drink sugar and calories when you have a better option to blend a leafy smoothie, which is full of nutrition minus the sugar. 8. granola bars an easy to go protein granola bars which are marketed as healthy are actually the ones having disguised sugar in form of evaporated cane juice, brown sugar, agave, and honey. so in order to avoid the intake of added sugar skip the granola bars and go for fresh fruit with peanut butter dipping, when looking for a quick snack! 9. coffee drink stopping at a drive-thru for a quick coffee drink is a pleasing idea, isn’t it? but what is not that pleasing about the idea is that your favorite latte has more sugar as compared to a doughnut. it’s time that you start enjoying your daily cup of joy without any sugar, i.e. black since it is the best way to enjoy and appreciate the taste and aroma of a coffee bean. 10. bread even the bare minimum necessity of everyday routine is not free of sugar. two slices of whole wheat bread have around 8g of sugar. rather than filling your sandwich stuffing into bread opt for whole wheat pita which has only 0.5g of sugar! 11. salad dressings salad is a great way to improve health since it has lot of veggies and is extremely rich in nutrition. salads are counted as a diet food but the dressings used to enhance its taste have a high sugar content. it is advised to read the labels before actually buying the store dressings and avoid dressings containing high fructose corn syrup or some other type of added sweetener. even better if you could make your own dressings using olive/avocado oil, vinegar, and fresh herbs! 12. dry fruits the whole process of making a dry fruit aims at zapping out the vital nutrients of the fruits which are actually responsible for making it a healthy choice. with the nutrients even the taste goes down which is then compensated by adding things like sugars, dextrose, sulfites, glucose syrup, fruit juice, or sorbic acid, manufacturers are able to create flavors that are enjoyable for taste buds, but less friendly to your waistline. 13. sports drinks even your favorite sport or energy drink is not actually that healthy you consider it to be. according to harvard’s study, sports drinks fall under the “drink sparingly and infrequently” category credited to 50g of sugar in a mere 12oz of quantity. the energy boost you get after consuming these drinks is also because of the sugar rush your body is experiencing. so its time to say no to all the energy booster drinks available in the market and rather go for traditional options including lemonades, leafy smoothies, etc. 14. oatmeal no, we are not talking about oatmeal cooked up the traditional way rather we are pointing towards the packed oatmeal and the one that are being served by famous fast-food chains including mcdonald’s, panera, etc. the convenient options to have healthy food like oatmeal are generally laden with sugar, maple syrups and many other added sugar substitute. so if you go for any option other than the the old fashioned way you are actually harming your body rather than doing any good! 15. low fat foods 1990’s was the time when the world was mesmerized with the law fat diets, which ultimately resulted in increasing the production of low fat products in the market. the problem with low fat food is that after removing the fats the food tends to lose it taste which is then compensated by adding extra sugar. this makes it quite obvious that one should always opt for natural products with full fat to avoid the intake of additional sugar. anyways a little bit of fat isn’t that bad for the body, what say? hopefully this list will prove useful to make smarter decisions in the future and avoid sugar laden food items for quicker weight loss results.

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Eat mushrooms to loose weights!

Across the globe, mushrooms are considered to be a very healthy vegetable. while some people have it because of its delicious taste and others prefer it for its medicinal qualities. can you believe the fact that a 3 oz of portabella mushroom cap provides more potassium than banana or an orange. let’s checkout the nutritional benefits of this amazing vegetable in detail: 1. mushrooms are a great source of lean proteins since they are low in carbs and have no cholesterol at all. furthermore, mushrooms play an active role in balancing the cholesterol level between ldl (bad) and hdl (good) which is important to prevent various cardiovascular diseases like artherosclerosis, heart attack, and stroke. 2. mushrooms are a good source of iron too which makes it a natural cure for people who are suffering with anemia. over 90% of the nutritive iron value can be absorbed by the body, which promotes the formation of red blood cells and keeps people healthy and functioning at their full potential. 3. mushrooms are a powerhouse of antioxidants namely selenium, ergothioneine, etc. ergothioneine, which is unique to mushrooms is effective in providing protection from free radicals as well as boosting the immune system. 4. vitamin d is rarely found in vegetables but this one has this nutrient also. this essential vitamin facilitates the absorption and metabolism of calcium and phosphorous. mushrooms also contains a good amount of these two nutrients, so this effective combination in one vegetable, makes it a good idea to eat them whenever possible. 5. as highlighted above mushrooms are a rich source of calcium, which makes it important for the formation and strength of bones. regular supply of calcium in the diet can reduce the chances of diseases like osteoporosis, and can also reduce joint pain and general lack of mobility that is associated with bone degradation. mushrooms & weight loss along with the benefits of having mushrooms highlighted above, would you believe me if i said that a completely lean protein diet is ideal for losing fat and building muscle mass? well, believe it or not, it’s true. they are an ideal food for people who are aiming for weight loss as they contain almost – no fat, no sugar, and no salt but are a valuable source of dietary fiber. further they contain a lot of water around 80-90%, making them low in energy density. foods that are low in energy density don’t contain many calories per gram which can help you lose weight. use as part of a healthy diet from the above highlighted points it can be inferred that adding mushrooms in your daily diet helps in increasing the fiber intake leading to weight loss, fighting high cholesterol and lowering the risk of heart diseases. following listed are some of the simplest ways you can include this wonder vegetable in you routine without much of an effort: 1. grilled mushrooms 2. use them as pizza toppings 3. add to your favorite soups 4. roasted mushrooms as side snacks 5. sandwich fillin after reading the amazing benefits we are sure that you will be compelled enough to add some mushrooms to your daily meals to ensure that you do not miss out on them!

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Make every run easier!

Going for a run for the first few times can feel really hard – it’s difficult to breathe, muscles ache, lungs burnout, and all you want to do is stop right away. listen, don’t give up! we have got some simple tricks and techniques, which you can incorporate in your routine and these will actually help to make running as easy as a breeze (definitely, for the first time you will enjoy running) instead of a difficult chore. here’s the list- 1. slow downthe re’s no need to start your run at a speed of 8 minutes per mile. when you are new to running, the key to become a master at it is to go slow. the right speed for a starter would be enough so you’re breathing faster than you would if just walking, but not huffing and puffing so much that your lungs hurt or you’re gasping for each breath. just chuck the interval training (we know its great for faster weight loss especially around the tummy) and opt for a consistent running pace. if you slow down a bit, it will allow you to focus on correct running form, give you ample time to enjoy the scenic beauty and also you’ll have the energy to chat with your workout buddy, all of which can actually make you love going out for a run. when you get used to running and are comfortable with it, your pace will increase naturally, and then you can begin to challenge yourself with sprinting intervals. 2. hills & squats strong leg muscles are a must-have to run easily. one way to achieve that is to incorporate leg-strengthening work into your runs by adding hills. running uphill is very challenging, but as soon as you get back to flat surface you’ll be amazed to see the difference in your running speed. another option for a stronger leg muscles is to incorporate leg-strengthening moves like squats, lunges, burpees, or step-ups! 3. add the element of fun if you literally hate your run it means that you are actually doing something wrong. it’s time that you start finding ways to make it more enjoyable like bringing your dog with you, running while listening to your tracks, explore new running place and fitness gears, etc.. adding an element of fun will bring a new spark and motivate you to go for runs more often! 4. being regular is the key in order to make your body accustomed to the demands of running, being regular is the key. instead of waiting for free time or a nice weather to go for a run, it would be better if you could make a weekly running schedule. when you plan to run often it will help in strengthening the lower body and core muscles which will ultimately make the running an easy activity for you. ease into running regularly with shorter runs, and as it begins to feel easier, gradually increase the mileage per workout. 5. don’t beyond run though running regularly is going to make you body very adaptive towards it, but it is important to go beyond running to get over boredom and repetitive-stress injuries. it is advised to mix your cardio routine with biking, hiking, dancing, swimming, trekking, etc. engaging yourself in other kinds of cardio is going to enhance the overall strength of your body, so next time when you prepare for run, it easier to stay ahead. not only this, since you are taking a break from run, you are actually gonna miss it and when you get back to it, you will surely find it more enjoyable and fun!

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How to Learn to Love Exercises
How to learn to love exercises?

You want to lose weight and you know that the only way you achieve that is by exercising. starting a new exercise plan isn’t always easy. there are high chances that even though you have started to workout, but you still aren’t enjoying the process all that much. today, we have got some simple tips that will prove really helpful to find your workout groove: 1. blend it all variety is the spice of your life and same is applicable for your workout sessions as well. in order to keep your workouts exciting it is really important to add some interesting elements into it. though consistency is equally important, but that that doesn’t mean you can’t make things entertaining and fun during your workouts. whether you add the variation by the change of exercises or by the music variations, switching up your routine can help you stay motivated and excited about exercise. 2. find the workout you like this is one the most obvious way to love your exercises. even though everybody seems to know it but it is still surprising to see how many people think they have to punish themselves with exercises, and therefore they choose activities they absolutely abhor, like running on the treadmill. there are so many types of workouts when it comes to weight loss, and its important to experiment until you find a few that you can look forward to doing. so whatever activity you like – be it swimming, aerobics or cycling, it is essential to derive some enjoyment during your sweat session in order to develop a liking towards it! 3. check the intensity another main reason that people give up on the exercise plans is the pain that is caused to their body as they push themselves too hard. the motivation to workout automatically goes down when you feel too tired to get up from your couch after your sessions. though it is right to believe that if “no pain” then “no gain” but excessive pain might be your body’s way of telling you that you’re overdoing it. when deciding the intensity of your workouts don’t forget to differentiate between soreness and strain. 4. target quality, not quantity another reason to dislike exercising is because you don’t have enough time to go the gym 6 times a week, which is actually not required! in fact, doing less may actually get you more results. a study that was conducted at the university of alabama at birmingham highlighted that women who worked out 2-4 times a week lost about 200 more calories per day in comparison to the ones who worked out for 6 days in a week. by the end of the four-month study, each group had experienced almost the same levels of improvement in strength and endurance, with both the twice- and four times-a-week participants burning more total calories each day than the more frequent exercisers. the bottom line in order to love your exercises it is important that you don’t let it take over your life, but try to make it a happy regular part of your life. if you plan in such a way that you spend shorter amounts of time that are more focused and concentrated, you can cut your workout time in half and perhaps burn more calories overall!

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Common Reasons You Cant Stop Snacking
Common reasons you can’t stop snacking!

If you feel hungry again and again it is the way of your body telling that you need some sustenance in order to work effectively. here we are talking about those days when just 25-30 mins after a hearty lunch you feel starved again. this means you are hungry even before you can finish the snacks that are already there in your hand. this might be happening everyday with you, but the main concern here is why? though it is normal to have an increased appetite after gym or workouts but if you constantly fell like a bottomless pit, there might be some serious issue in there. luckily, here we are tweaking some of your daily habits that can eventually help in keeping a check on your appetite so that you’ll keep all that eating to when you’re actually hungry – 1. confusing thirst for hunger the same part of the brain is responsible for thirst and hunger signals which makes it difficult for the body to distinguish as to whether you are thirsty or hungry. keep a water bottle at your desk so you remember to sip water throughout the day. this will definitely avoid unnecessary snacking and munching. 2. focusing too much on simple carbs & sugars if you eat a lot of simple carbs and sugar it will definitely make it impossible to feel satisfied. this is because your glucose levels will rise and give you energy and the crash rapidly causing your body to crave for more fuel. this ultimately becomes a vicious cycle, where you never feel satisfied no matter how much you keep eating. 3. you’re not eating enough it might sound contradictory to your weight loss goals but it is true that if you space your meals too far it can make you constantly hungry. the simple logic behind this is that if your stomach is empty for long your body is likely to release more ghrelin, an appetite-stimulating hormone, leaving you feeling famished. in order to avoid overeating, try eating a meal or snack every three to four hours. 4. too much stress this is the most common reason – when you are stressed the body’s production of the hormone cortisol increases, which boosts appetite, since your body thinks it needs to prepare to fight. stress tends to increase the cravings for sugar rich and fatty foods which are known for comforting you physiologically. this may make you feel better temporarily, but at the end it increases snack cravings. 5. imbalanced nutrient intake the 3 main components of healthy snacks ate – fiber, protein and fat and these are responsible for slow digestion, which keeps blood sugar stable and keeps you full for longer. if you opt for foods that are rich only in fats and carbs it is going to create an imbalance in your body resulting in overeating. to avoid such situations always carry with you some healthy snacks like – roasted nuts, cherry tomatoes, cottage cheese, avocado. 6. lack of sleep sleep has a close relation with hunger hormones namely, leptin (reduces appetite) and ghrelin (stimulates appetite). when you are sleep deprived, leptin levels goes down and ghrelin rises up which ultimately results in hunger spanks. along with this, when you’re exhausted, your body craves a quick fuel source, glucose, which gets you reaching for those sugar-laden foods. these food items set you off on a hunger spree, since they give you a quick energy boost, followed by a sugar crash that makes you crave more. 7. medical problem if none of the potential reasons match with your overeating habits, it may be worth seeing a doctor to rule out any real health concerns. there are many diseases like diabetes, hyperthyroidism, depression, and anxiety that can result in increased appetite.

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Best Exercises for Your Chest
Best exercises for your chest

Think you need expensive equipment or a gym membership to get an awesome, well-defined, thick chest? well, think again. fortunately, gravity is on your side and it can help you work your chest, arms, abs, legs… anything! utilizing the force of gravity by performing body weight exercises for resistance can help you amplify muscular strengthen, definition and flexibility. but here’s the secret: you need to get out of the couch and get moving. move at least for 2 minutes and you’ll get hooked! pushups when it comes to working your chest, the first thing that comes to any person’s mind is pushups. pushups are versatile and can be performed to work your entire upper body which includes the arms, shoulder and chest. start by getting into a basic plank position by supporting your bodyweight on your hands and the balls of your feet. make sure that you position your hands right under your shoulders but are slightly more than shoulder-width apart. engage your core and form a straight line from your shoulders to your ankles. lower yourself to the floor by bending both arms by the elbow at the same time. stop when your chest is just above an inch above the ground. if you are unable to perform a normal pushup, place your knees on the ground and form a straight line between neck, shoulder, hops and knees. pause for a second and return to original plank position. perform as many reps as you can and focus on increasing reps every week. hindu pushups get into plank position just like you did with the normal pushup. instead of forming a straight line from shoulder to ankles, stick your butt into the air and perform a pushup. lower your body just as if you would with a normal pushup but instead of going down straight, dive forward using your chest while lowering your butt to the ground. pause for a second and repeat after returning to initial position. elevated wall presses this is similar to a regular pushup but instead of placing the balls of your feet on the floor, place your feet on the wall (make sure they are clean!) and allow your chest and core to balance you. make sure you are forming a straight line from shoulder to ankles and lower your body by bending bot arms while ensuring your feet are in contact with the wall at all times. pause for a second when your chest is just an inch off the ground and lift yourself up to plank position by using the muscles in your arms, shoulders and chest. repeat until you can’t take it anymore! dips people who go to a gym often use a dip machine for this movement but a couple of chairs at home can do a terrific job too. stand between two chairs and place each hand on each of the top backs of the chairs. make sure your chairs are sturdy or else you might get hurt. lift your feet off the ground, supporting your entire bodyweight with your arms. bend both your arms together and lower your body toward the ground. stop when your upper arms are parallel to the ground. pause for a second and straighten your arms to return to initial position. rest and repeat. warning: if you experience any severe pain during or after these exercises, see a doctor asap.

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5 Reasons You Bloated All the Time
5 reasons you’re bloated all the time

Gas and bloating can be an unpleasant topic for most of us but did you know that an average person passes gas around 12 to 25 times per day? in addition to this, 30 percent of americans experience bloating. in fact, not bloating or having a flat stomach for 24 hours is not normal. the food you eat and drink require a certain amount of space in your stomach and intestines, making expansion or bloating inevitable. therefore, bloating isn’t necessarily a cause for concern unless you’re bloated to the point of not fitting into your pants. in that case, keep reading for some of the most common culprits: 1. certain types of sugars it’s usually within an hour of lunch when your belly swells, compelling you to unbutton your pants or stick to sweatpants. it remains this way for a day and your stomach recoils to its original shape the next morning. some supporters of low carb dieting explain that reducing their carb intake helped improve their bloating problem. to determine whether carbs are the cause in your case, try eliminating certain sugars, sugar alcohols, resistant starches such as those found in beans and dietary fiber. 2. constipation abdominal pain, a distending rock solid belly and discomfort often subsides when a person poops. if this sounds like you, chances are the cause for your belly bloat is constipation. this mainly occurs because intestinal gas normally gets trapped between slowly moving feces, making bloating more likely. to fix this, you simply need to drink more water and increase your fiber intake. however, make sure you increase your fiber intake gradually as too much, too soon can also trigger bloating. pay special attention to insoluble fiber sources such as fruits and vegetables with skins, bran and seeds to help improve your bowel movements versus soluble sources (often the processed kinds) such as cereals and high-fiber snack foods. 3. acid reflux if you feel uncomfortable in your upper belly area after eating, experience bloating, feel nauseous even after a normal meal or burp excessively for an hour or so, chances are you have acid reflux or indigestion. bloating becomes bad when you chow down on a big salad on an empty stomach because you’re dumping fiber into an acidic stomach. this is likely to result in some unpleasant symptoms. if you’re having a meal on an empty stomach, try to have a smaller, low fat meal with a glass of water. you can also try carbonated water to ease symptoms of indigestion. 4. overeating this is perhaps the most common cause of stomach discomfort and bloating. try having smaller portions evenly spaced out throughout the day. 5. fatty, processed food. this can make you feel uncomfortably full as fat takes longer to digest than protein or carbs. limit your fat intake and try baking instead of frying most of the time.

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Our 4 Favorite Constipation Remedies
Our 4 favorite constipation remedies

There isn’t a standard for regular bowel movements as it is different from one person to the next. however, despite the number of times you do your #2, the symptoms of constipation are usually the same for anyone. therefore, if you aren’t pooping every day, your bowel movements are slow or painful or if your stools are dry, you most probably have constipation. fortunately, constipation isn’t a huge cause for concern and you can improve it with simple home remedies using ingredients in your pantry. note: see a doctor if you experience abdominal pain, unexpected weight loss or bloody stools with constipation. 1. stock up on lemons the citric acid in lemon juice stimulates the digestive tract and helps flush out toxins and undigested matter fro the body. having lemon water is also linked to a plethora of other benefits including clearer skin and more energy. to improve the taste of the concoction, try adding a teaspoon of honey. some research also shows that honey may work as a mild laxative. one tried and tested trick is to have a tall glass of warm water mixed with lemon juice and honey first thing every morning. 2. coffee coffee contains caffeine which stimulates your digestive tract naturally. most of us have probably had the urge to use the bathroom after a cup of joe. do not go over 2 to 3 cups a day as too much caffeine can mess with your energy levels and can make you feel sick. note that coffee is also a diuretic, which means you’ll urinate a lot more after drinking it. too much coffee may therefore, dehydrate your body by drawing water away from your colon and the forming stools. 3. load up on fiber going natural with your foods is one of the best ways of relieving constipation as most plant-based foods are packed with fiber that leaves your body undigested in your stool. our bodies are naturally more accustomed to processing fruits, vegetables, grains, other plant-based foods and animal protein versus artificial, chemical and sugar-laden foods. fiber acts as a sponge as it draws water from its surrounding, making the stools softer and bulkier. this makes it easier to pass the stools. additionally, you should drink plenty of water to facilitate this action. some great sources of fiber include beans, whole grains, oats, apricots, apples, plums, broccoli, green leafy vegetables and sweet potato. 4. probiotics probiotics are good bacteria that promote digestion and are found in your intestines. examples of good bacteria in your gut include lactobacillus, sacchromyces boulardi and bifidobacterium. probiotics are also found in probiotic-enriched yogurt, fermented foods and in supplement form.

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4 Lower Belly Exercises to Kill that Belly Pooch
4 lower belly exercises to kill that belly pooch

A flatter midsection may ease away your swimsuit concerns however, a stronger core has a myriad of health benefits beyond the aesthetics. not only does a stronger core provide more stability to your body and make your workouts more effective, it also protects against numerous health conditions linked to belly fat. looking for ways to get rid of that stubborn belly pooch? keep reading. 1. scissor kicks this exercise may look simple but it burns after just a few reps. lie down on your back with your hands behind your head and lift your head and shoulders off your matt. do not pull on your neck – keep your elbows wide. with your abdominal muscles, lift your legs off the ground in a straight line (the lower they are, the better the results!) and scissor kick, crossing one foot over the other and alternating. keep alternating without pushing your chin forward or straining your neck. perform 25 reps, stop for 5 seconds and perform 2 more sets. 2. jack knives lie down on your back with feet together and legs extended. place your arms overhead and inhale. as you exhale, suck in your abs, squeezing them and raise your right arm and left leg causing a contact between hand and foot or ankle. lower to starting position while inhaling and repeat for 15 seconds. switch sides immediately and repeat with opposite side for 15 more seconds. 3. leg raises lie down on your mat and place your hands under your tailbone to stabilize your back. tighten your core and lift your legs using your abdominals until they are perpendicular to the ground. keep your toes pointed and legs straight. if you are unable to keep them straight, it is still okay to perform this exercise with your knees bent. slowly lower the legs back to the ground using your ab muscles. do not drop your legs haphazardly as this will make the exercise ineffective. avoid this exercise if it causes pain in the lower back. however, you can expect soreness in your lower belly, which is a good thing! 4. roll ups lie down on your back, stretching your arms and legs so that you form a straight line with your body. inhale deeply and bring your arms overhead. begin to curl your body off the mat, starting from the shoulders, vertebrae by vertebrae. the slower you do this move, mimicking a curling motion rather than going just straight up, the more effective the exercise will be. exhale when your upper body forms a right angle with your legs and continue rolling forward so that you can reach your toes. inhale and return to starting position, again very slowly. repeat 10 times.

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Reasons Your Thighs & Butts Arent Changing No Matter How Much You Work Out
Reasons your thighs & butts aren’t changing no matter how much you work out

You’ve done more than your fair share of squats and lunges but a firm butt and strong thighs still feels like a dream. unfortunately, it may just be your genetics. jillian michaels says that some individuals are born with fewer muscle cells and more fat cells than others. however, this doesn’t mean you can’t have a sexy lower region. the following are some common mistakes people make while trying to sculpt their butt and legs and how you can correct them: 1. your goal isn’t realistic a few workouts aren’t going to be enough to tone your butt and legs. while it is easier to sculpt your lower body than your midsection, going for a couple of gym sessions a week isn’t going to be enough. aim for three lower body sessions per week and expect noticeable changes in four to six weeks. 2. you aren’t eating for your thighs if you want to transform your body, you have to transform your diet. up your protein, good fat, fruit and vegetable intake and you’re good to go. processed foods, trans fats, sugar and excessive salt just aren’t going to cut it. protein is the most important nutrient when it comes to sculpting your body because it boosts your metabolism, increases muscle mass and thus, helps you burn fat faster. your butt and thighs are primarily muscle so don’t worry about gaining more mass down there making you look bulky. 3. you’re lacking cardio you’re working your body every day but you’re still a little pudgy – chances are you aren’t doing enough cardio. cardio helps burn the fat covering your muscles and it enhances your stamina. if you’re short on time, try spinning for your legs. the constant pedaling molds your legs and also helps burn 480 to 780 calories an hour! 4. your weights are heavy enough you’ve gotten into the weight training bandwagon but you still aren’t seeing definition. if you’re new to weights, it’s okay to start with your body weight and some light dumbbells. however, you can’t stick to the same intensity for several weeks in a row. once your set number of reps, say 12 reps, stop feeling challenging enough, increase the weights. some great butt and thigh workouts that allow the usage of weights include squats and lunges in which you can successfully work with 16 pounds and above (increase 2 lb every week).

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Foods You Can Eat to Beat Anxiety
Foods you can eat to beat anxiety

Research has proven countless times that certain foods can make us happier and calmer, while others can function as stimulants. people experiencing stress, anxiety, panic attacks or anything related to a negative mood do not have to count on antidepressants to alleviate the pain they are going through. simply adding some foods to your diet can boost your mood and squeeze out the negativity from your life. 1. avocado there’s a reason avocado on toast is one of our favorite breakfast options. avocados are loaded with b vitamins, which help in improving brain cell and nerve health. there’s a chance that your anxiety and stress may be a result of a vitamin b deficiency. avocados are amazing stress-busters. not only do they provide us pleasure with their great taste, but they’re also incredibly nutritious. they’re rich in potassium, which helps lower blood pressure and monounsaturated fatty acids that also play a role in boosting your mood. instead of grabbing sour cream or mayonnaise as dips, try making a batch of fresh guacamole – we promise you, you won’t look back. 2. turkey tryptophan is an amino acid that stimulates the brain to produce feel-good chemicals. turkey is rich in this stuff. tryptophan is a precursor to serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter that contributes to calmness and a positive mood. turkey isn’t the only source of tryptophan. foods such as chicken, milk, cheese, bananas, nuts, nut butters, soy, sesame seeds and oats are also excellent sources. 3. asparagus anxiety and depression have been linked to low folic acid levels several times in medical and scientific literature. asparagus is a great source of this mood-boosting nutrient. one cup provides two thirds of your daily recommended value. what’s great about asparagus is that it can be included in any meal. 4. beef meat lovers rejoice! beef is packed with b vitamins include vitamin b1 or thiamin which plays a massive role in your mood. a deficiency in b complex vitamins like folic acid or vitamin b12 is a direct trigger to increased stress and depression. if you suspect your b levels are low, try taking vitamin b supplements or consuming more foods containing vitamin b. other sources include rice, nuts, chicken, citrus fruits, legumes and eggs. 5. turmeric turmeric consists of antioxidants called curcuminoids that have neuroprotective qualities and can help improve your mood. adding turmeric to your food has been proven to ward off even major depressive disorders that are closely associated with anxiety disorders.

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Superfood Grapefruit
Superfood grapefruit!

The list of superfoods and superfruits seems to be increasing everyday – goji berries, oats, papaya, coconut, flaxseeds, chia seeds and so on. though there are many new names coming up but there are some classic superfoods which surely stand out in today’s time also. today we are highlighting the benefits of one of the most underrated superfood: grapefruit! not only is this fruit filling, hydrating, and usually large enough to satisfy your afternoon hunger pangs, but it also has a slightly sour taste to it, making it less sweet than most other fruit, which means that it has lower amount of fructose. since it is less sweet, it avoids stimulating the sweet buds, which usually leads to intake of more sweets. further, grapefruit ranks at the bottom end of the range for glycemic load of fruits — it has a glycemic load of 3 compared to apples (5) and bananas (11). let’s checkout some of the nutrients that grapefruit contains, which makes it a must have fruit: – 1. fiber grapefruit is rich in pectin, which is a form of soluble fiber that has a tremendously helps in lowering “bad” cholesterol and also controls your blood glucose levels. along with this, fiber also boosts up the digestive process and helps in preventing constipation. 2. lycopene grapefruit is rich in lycopene is a phytochemical normally found in all red fruits and veggies. lycopene has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, and has been linked to cancer prevention. 3. vitamin c can you believe that one medium-size grapefruit contains about 20% more vitamin c than an orange. vitamin c is great for immunity, heart health, and fighting off those nasty free radicals. 4. potassium grapefruit is also rich in potassium which is great for heart health and muscle recovery and also reduces the risk of stroke and kidney stones. 5. water content though this is not a nutrient but it does play an important role in improving your health. grapefruit contains 91% water, making it one of the most hydrating fruits around. this makes it an amazing post workout snack as it helps to rehydrate and refuel the body. over the time various studies have shown the grapefruit plays an important role in weight loss and insulin resistance, although more research is needed to determine the exact mechanism of this weight loss. overall, it would be great if you add this easy to eat fruit in your daily regime. if you’d like to get creative with your grapefruit intake, you can blend it in a smoothie, grill it or add it in your favorite salad.

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