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Flax seeds & weight loss!

Flax seeds also known as linseed is a fiber crop that is grown in cooler regions of the world. it contains a wide array of nutrients that are considered excellent for humans. out of all, the two main nutrients that contribute towards weight loss are: a. omega-3: these are the essential fatty acids (good fats). b. fiber: it contains both the soluble and insoluble types of fiber. omega 3 fatty acids (good fat) though there have been many debates on whether fat is good or not for the human body over the years, but it has been proved by many studies that fat should be an important part of everyone’s diet, paying attention to what type of fat you intake is of utmost significance. talking in terms of fats, saturated and trans fats are the unhealthy fats which ultimately contribute in weight gain and polyunsaturated fat is the good fat which is needed by your body to boost up the weight loss process. not only fat in general is slow of digest and thus keeps you full and satiated for longer duration, but it also helps in boosting up the digestion process by breaking down carbohydrates and proteins; without which your body cannot process food efficiently. according to nutritionists, omega 3 fatty acids which are derived from the normal diet are no longer enough to meet our daily requirements and hence foods such as “flax seeds” make it easy for your body to get the required nutrition. fiber fiber in any form is very good for our body since our body needs time to process fiber thus keeping you full and satiated for longer duration. considering flax seeds it is important to highlight that it contains both soluble and insoluble fiber. while soluble fiber plays an important role in lowering the blood cholesterol levels, insoluble fiber help in moving the stool through the colon more quickly, helping bowel movements. further, flax seeds are extremely low in both carbs and calories which further helps in weight loss by not adding unnecessary and unwanted pounds from calories. additional health benefits not only these super seeds are helping with weight loss but there are some other health benefits too which are associated with them, which include – a. lower risk of heart disease b. prevention of some forms of cancer c. treatment of immune disorders d. help with diabetes e. relief from constipation tasty ways to eat flax seeds following listed are some of simple ways to make flax seeds a part of your daily intake – a. add them to salads, soups and sandwiches b. make muffins c. add in to your yogurts d. mix flax seeds into your oatmeal smoothies and protein shakes e. marinade your chicken with grounded flax seeds f. use grounded flax seeds as a substitute of flour in baking recipes

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How a combination of cardio & strength leads to weight loss?

Strength training plays an important role in boosting the weight loss process as it leads to faster fat loss, improved metabolism and better muscle mass. along with making a healthy diet a part of your routine, the right way to go towards your weight loss goals is making a program that consists of both strength & cardio training! the effective combination – cardio & strength the main target of strength training is on building muscles. lean muscles are working on burning fat even when the body is at rest. the point to notice here is that no matter how strong or defined a muscle is, it will not show any result as they are hidden under layers of fat. both males and females should go for cardio on top of strength training to make the most of their weight loss efforts. the main logic behind is that cardio helps in melting away the fat that is hiding the muscles. when these cardio sessions are combined with lifting weight they help in maximizing the calories that are burnt. ultimately since the body is using more energy than it is consuming it leads to weight loss! does strength training work for all if a person is not suffering from any type of injury, sicknesses or other limiting issues, strength training is a wonderful tool. though males are used to strength training while females are sometimes afraid that strength training will to lead to big, bulky muscles and an unfeminine shape, but actually the opposite is true. with the proper combination of cardio and strength training techniques, women can tone their muscles and increase definition. specifications when targeting weight loss the focus should be on a strength training program with a specific number of sets, repetitions and weight rather than adding a lot of bulk. when going for strength training do 1-3 sets of an exercise with at least 12-15 repetitions. by the end of the strength training your muscles should be tired and the selected exercise should be hard to complete. this is primarily because a lower number of repetition will lead to bulky muscles while lesser repetition will make no impact. every move with the weights should be slow and controlled. there is a difference in the definition of appropriate cardio plan to follow depending upon a person’s ability. the right approach top follow is that people who do not have a good cardio base should complete a low intensity cardio workout for 30 mins where as people with a strong cardio base should use interval cardio training (periods of different work intensities) for 30 mins. thus from the above highlighted points, it is quite clear that cardio and strength together form a solid combination and are really effective for people who are willing to lose weight!

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Yogurt mistakes that make you fat

Yogurt is one dairy product which is a part of almost everyone’s daily life. yogurt along with being delicious is good for weight loss since it keeps you full for longer duration so that you are not starved an hour after you eat. along with this, it also caters to the coldness and protein needs of our body. but can you believe that the way in which you are consuming this superfood can convert it into secret calorie bomb instead of making it a weight-loss weapon. following listed are the few common mistakes which can be reason you are not able to reap in the benefits of this amazing dairy product:- 1. not measuring portions super saver packs are really lucrative as they save money in comparison to individual portions but what is worth noticing is that it may also lead to over serving yourself. rather than just measuring the portions with your eyes use a proper measurement spoon to actually measure them. be careful with your portions and avoid going overboard! 2. focusing too much on calories counting calories is helpful when you want to lose weight but it is quite misleading in case of yogurt. there are many yogurt options out there in the market that are low in calories but along with this they have lower quantities of proteins. rather than only looking at how many calories a container racks up, be sure to check out the protein level too, as it helps to keep you full until your next meal required to avoid overeating. 3. adding too many extras adding your favorite extras to a cup of plain yogurt may seem to be great idea, but in the long run it is another action which could be sabotaging your healthy-eating efforts. when you add toppings like nuts, cereal, fruits or honey you unknowingly convert you snack into a full meal. the basic rule if you want to keep yogurt as snack is to ensure that it does not have more than 200 calories. if you want to have it as a breakfast then you can add your favorite cereal, fruit or nuts but a still be careful that you don’t go too much over the top 4. turning to parfaits don’t get deceived by how pretty they look because they are simply disguising themselves since they are a unhealthy snack. they are misleading as they generally have full-fat yogurt, and they’re usually packed with granola. what else, the granola breaks into pieces and make it easy to think you’re eating less than you actually are. if you’re in a rush and jonesing for a dairy fix, go for a regular packaged yogurt. when you really want to have a parfrait the best option is to make it at home! 5. going for fat-fre fat free products use sugar to compensate the taste of actual item. though yogurt is naturally sweet in taste as it is a byproduct of milk, but some options may also have insane amount of sugar added to boost up the taste. rather than going for fat free options it is recommended to go for low fat products and also check the nutrition list to ensure that you get enough protein and not too much sugar. as a tip, it is advised that you should avoid such products, which have more than 18g of sugar in one serving or have the first ingredient as sugar in the product label! 6. seeking out probiotics above all else thanks to results of various advertisements, which have shown the probiotics are good for health, it has become one of the important ingredients for all weight watchers. don’t get fooled by the products with the label of probiotics, which is no more than an added benefit. the simple thing to understand here is that its ok to hop on the probiotics train, but there’s no need to start loading your diet with yogurt to get your fill.

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Can Dancing Help You Lose Weight
Can dancing help you lose weight?

Looking for some new ways, which can help you lose weight? are you bored of the regular exercises and diet processes to lose weight? are you checking out the list of some the effective and interesting ways to cut down those layers of fat? if yes, you must try to include dance in your workout routine! amazed? yes, to your surprise, dancing includes one of those moves that makes every part of your body go back and forth. the traditional approach to weight loss is joining a gym, consulting a dietitian, heavy workouts, etc. basically all the options revolve around two main things – exercise and diet. what is worth considering here is that there is a fun and interesting way to lose weight, which is dancing! how can you lose weight by dancing? the simple logic is that dance moves all the parts of your body, thus it is a full body exercise. being a weight bearing activity, it builds bone density, while exercising all the muscles in the body. apart from this, it reduces stress, increases energy and improves strength, muscle tone, and co-ordination. different dance forms to lose weight dance workouts have been able to gain attention by fitness enthusiasts as they are a fantastic form of exercise and are really effective in burning calories. strict schedule of exercising makes it boring and monotonous and hence dancing comes up as a pleasing and interesting option. there are a wide range of options to choose the right dance form depending upon your body structure, strength and stamina. some dance forms are more strenuous than others and you have to be careful in choosing the right one to get maximum results. 1. hip hop this one is the most popular form in the nightclubs. this dance form involves quick succession of movements which move the entire body. this dance workout is good both for the beginners and veterans. the name of the dance itself indicates that the main target of this dance form is the hips and waist area, thus it is clear that it helps in firming and toning your abs. dancing while watching a video or at a club for an hour will enable you to burn around 250 calories. 2. salsa off lately, this latin american dance form has been able to gain immense popularity in the night clubs and parties. salsa is basically a 6 step dance, which is performed over the 8 counts of music along with many turns and danced side-to-side. it is a really good choice for weight loss program, as an hour of this dance can actually help you burn around 400-420 calories. 3. ballet though this one is normally considered as a slow and low impact dance form but what is worth noticing is that this type of dance form involves great flexibility and actually requires strength and precision. the slow pace moves in this dance are very much similar to the pilates training, which help in building long and lean muscles. along with this, the moves help in stretching the muscles, which provides a full body workout. concentration will increase the flexibility of your body parts and help burn fat deposits that make you look fat. 4. zumba zumba is a complete kit for cardio workout as it a perfect amalgamation of salsa, rumba, merengue and hip hop moves. this is the most common type of dance workout, which is found in many gyms as well. the steps of this dance form are easy and isolate your arms, abs, and legs for strengthening. further you are sure to enjoy the results along with the dance, as this one targets the overall fitness. for best results, try to do the zumba workout for at least 2-3 days in a week! 5. pole dancing you will be surprised to know the a pole dance of 30 minutes is equivalent to 20 minutes in a gym. climbing and rotating around the pole increase your flexibility and also burns a lot of calories. pole dancing helps in losing weight, toning muscles and shaping your body as well. 6. jazzercise this is one of the oldest dance forms, which basically combines jazz dance and strength training to tone muscles and burn calories simultaneously, which was founded in the year 1969. this dance helps in building muscles by the use of barbells and dumbbells. this is a perfect aerobic workout which involves the classic moves of pilates, yoga and cardio boxing moves. jazzercise website states that you can burn up to 600 calories by doing this dance in an hour. it should be done 2 to 3 times a week to lose weight effectively. 7. belly dancing/ cabaret this dance form involves slow and controlled isometric movements that aim to maintain flexibility and improve the blood circulation in your body. this dance forms helps in toning body parts like hips, back, thighs, and abs and burn up to 300 calories/ hour. shaking the belly or lower body burns calories and helps shape up your buttocks.cabaret increases the flexibility and fitness of your body, along with improving your bone density. you can actually learn this dance by watching videos or joining special classes in the dance studio! 8. african dance this one is an aerobic dance, which is combination of contemporary and traditional african dance forms. it is based on some great music and highlights the african culture in a great way. this suits both the beginners as well as experienced dancers. if any of the above mentioned dance forms don’t lure you or if it is difficult to get the right training/method simply go for freestyle. in this dance form, you just have to move your body freely as you like without bothering about the dance steps or body movements. this dance form can be performed on any type of loud music and you can increase your pace by dancing anyway you like. you can dance on fast paced beats for about 30 minutes daily to see a visible change in your weight. just remember, whether you know a perfect dance form or not, what is important is to make it a part of your daily routine to pep up your weight loss efforts and add some fun to them!

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burning calaroies with everyday activities
Burning calories with everyday activities!

Burning calories is the only way to lose weight! we all burn this fuel in one way or the other in our daily routine and there’s a specific term to denote it as well, i.e. neat – non-exercise activity thermogenesis. this refers to the energy that is exerted in everything from climbing up the stairs to texting and if you are really smart you can easily turn these simple activities into calorie burning opportunities without actually spending hours in the gym! not only this, according to new research, these activities can help with weight management and actually count toward recommended exercise guidelines, i.e. 2 1/2 hours of aerobic activity every week, along with muscle strengthening activities on 2 or more of those days. it is important to note that every minute when you’re not lounging on the couch is a positive step towards weight loss, – be it shopping, daily household tasks or any other task for that matter. how to go about it? earlier researchers thought that in order for exercise to count as a physical activity, the person should be active for at least 10 minutes at a time, but now new study from the american journal of health promotion has forced the scientists to rethink what they actually believed. the researchers examined the physical activity of people between the ages of 18-64 years and found that both long (at least 10 mins of activity) and short bouts (less than 10 minutes of physical activity) of higher-intensity exercise result in lower bmi and reduced risk of obesity. this highlight is enough to motivate you to make the most of your daily activities be it cleaning, cooking or going to the laundry room. the key is to simply turn off the auto mode and handle the daily tasks with a little more intensity, energy and speed and let the burnout boost sneak in. here’s your action plan: 1. house cleaning engaging yourself in house cleaning activities like sweeping, vacuuming, or swiffering is a good way to burn about 150 kcal/hour. so now get dual benefit of cleaning your house and burning a few extra calories. pick up your laundry basket and by the time you reach the machine keep twisting the torso side to side for a quick oblique workout. 2. gardening you get dirty when you lunge forward to pick fresh tomatoes from your garden but what you leave behind when you get up is a huge amount of calories. can you believe that a few hours of gardening can burn 650 – 800 calories plus you also get the benefit of eating freshly produced fruits! 3. go shopping whether it is your regular grocery shopping or a new lbd you want to purchase, shopping indirectly means walking which ultimately burns about 240-300 calories/hour. want to take it a level higher? park away from the mall entrance and say no to lifts/escalators and go for stairs which will burn more calories per minute as compared to jogging. 4. washing the car enjoy shinning up your family vehicle as it is a fun way to workout. cleaning you car with soap, bucket of water, sponge and hose will burn about 120 calories in 30 mins…. isn’t it great? 5. lawn mowing use the push mower for mowing your lawn and you can shed about 350-380 calories. also, if you spend some more time for raking up the grass clippings you are likely to burn 150 calories as a bonus! 6. sit tight, lose right don’t get bored up while sitting in classes or at your work desk, rather work for improving your body. put your shoulder muscles at work by crunching time towards the ear. also you could tighten the core and squeeze the butt which is really a great way to begin muscle toning! 7. don’t sit when you can stand everybody knows that too much sedentary behavior is bad for health and waistline. replacing sitting with standing will help you burn more calories. the fact is that standing may not actually contribute towards weight loss, but it does prove helpful when you are aiming at maintaining weight. some of the options you might be able to get up off your butt during the day are: train ride, staff meetings, answering a phone call, watching tv, etc. 8. kissing don’t worry there’s more in store after you finish all your daily works. just tuck yourself in bed to spend some cozy time with your special person and you can still burn calories. a vigorous 30-minute smooching session will help you burn about 30-50 calories! the bottom line don’t rely completely on everyday activities to lose weight as the traditional aerobic activity and strength training are the real keys to lose weight. it’s just that everyday activities can be an additional way to get you moving — especially with the use of these calorie-blasting tricks.

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Most Common Exercise Excuses Busted
Most common exercise excuses busted!

2016 is here and its time to kick out everything that is standing in the way of your exercise routine and attempt to get fit. the main thing required simplify working out routine is to make up your mind and prioritize health on the top. today we have got the list of 8 most common excuses and busted them so that they no longer block your way – 1. commitment issues to resolve these issues pre-pay for gyms and workout classes. when you sign up you’ve made the commitment, and not going means you’ll probably lose what you paid for. no one wants to lose money! 2. it’s not for me this is the most common excuses as it can be hard to go for workout when you feel too out of shape. remember that exercising not only improves your overall health but boosts confidence as well and that is exactly what you need! you have to start somewhere – try going at off-peak hours when the gym might not be as crowded, or ask a supportive, motivating friend to join you. 3. i don’t like exercising really?? exercise can be fun! there is a workout format for everyone. try out new and different activities until you find the perfect one for yourself! if you enjoy dance, give zumba a try. if you like competitive sports, then crossfit may give you that sense of team camaraderie you’re craving for. another way to pep up your workout is by finding the right workout partner. 4. no time if you don’t have time, make time! don’t have an hour? no worries—it only takes 10 minutes to make a difference. try to do 10 minutes of exercise 2 to 3 times per day. schedule exercising and make it a priority. plan ahead and be punctual to follow it! 5. no idea about how to do it in order to get a better idea about working out and what you should do, it is recommended to hire a personal trainer for one or two sessions to learn proper form, and get an exercise sequence you can go through on your own. nowadays, lot of gyms have new member specials that make it very affordable to give private instruction a try. 6. too tired to workout you feel tired or lethargic when you lack movement in your routine. exercise releases endorphins, increases energy, and elevates your overall mood. even just a little activity promotes the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to your tissue and helps your heart work more efficiently. which means, getting in a good sweat session might be exactly what you need! 7. i look great even if you look great, you should make exercise a part of your routine. exercise does not limit itself to aesthetics only. it does give you a toned physique too, but the benefits of exercise go way beyond a tight body. exercise reduces stress, improve your cardiovascular health, improve your mood, sleep better, and feel better. 8. too old to workout there is no such thing! no matter what your age or physical condition is, it is important to understand that exercise plays an important role in keeping you youthful and mobile. moderate activities like water aerobics or yoga, can feel really good on stiff, achy joints. with age, weight-bearing exercises become super important to maintain bone mass, making modified strength training ideal. you can also go for walking – it’s fairly low impact, but still creates healthy stress on the bones.

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Say Cheese for Weight Loss
Say cheese for weight loss!

Is cheese a guilty pleasure or part of a healthy diet? this is a never ending debate and there have been both types of arguments on this – some praise the benefits of protein and calcium, others condemning high calories, saturated fat, and sodium. no matter on which side of argument you stand, you’re likely to be still nibbling it away! today, we have got some tips, which will allow you to eat cheese effectively and make it contribute to your weight loss efforts – 1. watch portions to limit calories if you love cheese, there is no need to eliminate it from your diet to achieve your weight loss goals. the key is to limit the portion to 1 oz and buy low-fat or fat-free brands to keep the calories and fat within your daily goals. most available options of cheese have about 72-125 calories in a 1 oz. fat-free brands contain no fat, which subsequently reduces the calories by at least half and sometimes more than that, depending on the type of cheese. cheese like brie and brick, which are semi-soft have fewer calories in comparison to hard cheese options. it is advised to check the nutrient label before buying a cheese and keep a close check on calories and fat numbers! 2. choose cheese as a snack an absolute healthy way to incorporate cheese into a diet is to nosh on it between meals rather than having them as a full meal. it is a great source of calcium and protein and is easily portable. stock up on pre-portioned options, such as the laughing cow wedges or mini babybel cheeses, and enjoy them with wheat crackers, fruits, or a piece of toast with egg whites. 3. protein keeps you full irrespective of the type of cheese, you get at least 6 grams of quality protein in a 1-ounce serving. not only does this make a significant contribution to your daily protein requirement, the protein in cheese also supports weight loss. the main working behind this is that it slows down the movement of food out of your stomach so you feel full longer, further, “harvard school of public health” stated that cheese keeps blood sugar balanced, which means blood sugar won’t drop and trigger hunger. “american journal of clinical nutrition” published a research in may 2013 stating that protein stimulates satiety by affecting hormones that regulate your appetite. 4. calcium & weight loss there have been conflicting results in the role of dairy products and calcium in weight loss. however, “american journal of clinical nutrition” & “international journal of obesity” published reviews in 2012 stating that dairy products facilitate weight loss when they’re part of a calorie-controlled diet. in october 2011, “journal of the american college of nutrition” explicated that though there has been no direct relation between dairy intake and weight loss, low dietary calcium is a risk factor for being overweight. like other dairy products, cheese is a rich source of calcium but the amount you’ll get varies from one brand to the next. 5. other good & bad nutrients on one hand being a dairy product, cheese contains vitamin a, potassium, and is an especially good source of vitamin b-12, which you need to make normal red blood cells and maintain healthy nerves. cheese is also a good choice for a low carbohydrate diet. on the contrary, cheese is high in saturated fat, so it’s important to choose low-fat or fat-free brands to avoid this unhealthy fat. cheese can also be quite high in sodium ranging from 16mg-500mg. the bottom line the key is to enjoy this delicious dairy product in moderation. as per usda, a serving as 1.5 oz (45 g), which is a good guideline per day when balanced alongside other saturated fats. even if you’re into the real food philosophy, it’s still a good idea to show some restraint. indulging into foods you like positively contributes in weight loss but keeping a check on portions and frequencies is the key to success. here are a few fresh ways to make cheese part of a healthy diet: folded into eggs, atop an open face sandwich, with fresh veggies, baked casserole, sprinkled on a salad, with a fruit, etc.!

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After Overeating What to Do to Get Back on Track
After overeating: what to do to get back on track?

Enjoyed your weekend with food? now what to do to get back your weight loss regime on track? simplest solution – you plan to carry on the same indulgent routine that includes heavy meals because of de-motivation to go off the track… but wait! before you give up on your weight loss desires because of being guilt for one heavy meal, check out these steps, which will help you to get back on track when you’ve blown your calorie budget- 1. there’s always a new day one heavy meal or one day of binge eating won’t have a big impact on your progress, but if you have been following the same unhealthy routine for a week or month then it can definitely set you back. now, rather than planning to have healthy meals from tomorrow, it is advised to begin eating right from your very next meal only. a little indulgence would not destroy your week’s efforts – just get right back on track, and you will feel good that you did. 2. be positive don’t punish yourself for slipping up or falling of the wagon, rather regain focus on the reasons that led you set these goals in the first place – look stunning in a friends’ wedding?, fitting in your favorite lbd?, etc. keep a positive outlook! remember that this is a time taking journey, after all, and it will be full of peaks and valleys. 3. reassess your calorie budget want more calories to enjoy your favorite sweet dish after dinner?? it’s time to sweat it out! burn more calories throughout the day by indulging in hardcore workout routine to have a bigger calorie budget. plus, don’t forget that the more you workout the closer you are to your weight loss goals! 4. formulate effective strategies ok! so you know that you have blown off your calorie budget… it’s time to check out the reasons behind it. did you eat the cake because it was there in the refrigerator? did you have a heavy dinner because it was a party? did you eat the sweets because you were tempted to eat them? assess whether the reasons behind the act were internal or external. if they were internal it’s time to practice standing up for yourself and embracing the power of “no” and if the reasons were external stay away from them (don’t bring the cake inside your house if you can’t exercise portion control). 5. skipping meals is not the solution just because you have blown your calorie budget at lunch that doesn’t mean that skipping the dinner is a solution to it. if you try to severely restrict your calorie intake to make up for the splurge, it is likely to backfire which can set you up for a never-ending cycle of blowing the budget. skipping meals creates ravenous hunger and, at that point, everything in sight might look good! the best solution is to just chalk it up as a small splurge and continue on with your healthy eating plan. 6. get support weight loss is not easy, so make sure you have enough support to create lasting change. in order to discuss emotional eating and barriers to change, it is advised to get some professional support from a dietitian or a counselor. even if you blown off your calorie budget, it is important to consider that splurges are part of daily living – the key is to keep them in moderation so that they don’t become a barrier in your weight loss progress!

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The Ultimate Abs Workout for Men
The ultimate abs workout for men

Most men work intensely for a super awesome 6-pack physique, but many aren’t aware of how they are supposed to work to achieve them. unfortunately, a proper workout for a sexy midsection doesn’t always involve hundreds of crunches or sit-ups. in fact, you can get great looking abs without them. in order to get washboard abs, you need to focus on improving core strength and most importantly, core stability. the core consists of 29 muscles and it is the center of all your body’s movements. almost every movement you make connects to the core. inadequate core stability wreaks havoc in any workout, whether it involves the abs or even the legs. crunches and sit-ups are great and a staple part of any man’s regimen but their efficacy wears down after a while. try adding these advanced core exercises to sculpt a beach-worthy body: 1. leg raises leg raises are awesome for your lower belly. performing a single leg raise is simple. start with your back against the floor and raise your legs vertically toward the ceiling. keep your legs as straight as possible, keep your toes pointed up and slowly bring your legs together toward the floor. you should feel it in your abs after 2 reps. if you don’t feel it, make sure your lower back is in contact with the floor as you bring your legs down and slow your movements down a little. 2. hip lifts/reverse crunches this exercise is similar to normal leg raises, but it adds the hip element. lie with your back flat on your mat or the floor and hold your legs vertically in the air. keep your legs straight and point your toes to the ceiling. with your arms on the side and palms touching the floor, focus on the region below your belly. let your legs lean back toward your shoulder and lift your hips off the ground. raise them up as high and possible. pause and gradually return to initial position. this makes one repletion, brace yourself for 10 more. 3. oblique rotations sit on the floor with your hands behind your head, supporting it. bend your knees and keep your feet flat on the ground. lean your torso back at a 45 degree angle to stabilize it and twist your core to the left, lowering your body towards this direction. right when you’re about to reach the floor, turn clockwise to your right while swinging your body back to center and then toward the right. continue this movement left and right and perform 10 repetitions on each side. 4. hanging knee crossover hang on a pull-up bar with your hands slightly more than shoulder-width apart. make sure your palms are facing forward and your feet are almost touching the ground. slowly raise your knees with your legs together toward your right shoulder. lift as high as possible and pause in the uppermost position for a few seconds. straighten your legs and repeat the same movement toward the left shoulder. perform as many repetitions as possible and repeat this entire workout twice more.

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Benefits of Grassfed Beef
Benefits of grassfed beef!

You are what you eat! what’s interesting is that this applies to cows as well. most of us have been forced into believing that meat is meat, regardless of the quality. however, recent research shows that grass fed beef is far superior to grain fed beef in terms of its nutrient content. the difference comes in how they are raised. grain fed cows are force-fed grains and are kept in closely packed environments with other cows. grass fed cows are allowed to consume grass freely on large areas – they’re much happier cows and their meat is incredibly nutritious. recent research also indicates that red meat, whether grass-fed or grain-fed is not a source of heart disease. phew. keep reading to find out how grass fed meat trumps the conventional grain-fed variety: 1. higher in good fats grass fed beef have 2 to 4 times the omega 3 fatty acids of regular grain fed beef.  additionally, the saturated fatty acid composition varies between both meats too.  red meat is composed of three different saturated fatty acids: stearic acid, myristic acid and palmitic acid. research shows that stearic acid does not raise blood cholesterol levels and the good news is, grass-fed has higher levels of it. this also means that the potentially cholesterol-inducing palmitic and myristic acid proportions are lower in grass fed meat. 2. higher in vitamins and minerals grass fed meat has a higher composition of the following minerals, vitamins and antioxidants: a. carotenoids carotenoids give fat its yellowish hue. you’ll notice this while cooking grass-fed meat. carotenoids are precursors to vitamin a found in green plants and orange and yellow vegetables. b. b vitamins b vitamins are required for almost every function in the human body, including cognitive function, heart health, muscle health and fertility. c. vitamin d red meat is rich in bioavailable vitamin d which has a greater impact on our blood levels compared to vitamin d in dairy and synthetic varieties. 3. iron we aren’t strangers to the fact that red meat is among the highest sources of iron. iron is especially important for pregnant women and people with iron-deficiency anemia. 4. omega 3 and omega 6 balance most of us have become buddies with these, often labeled as good fats and better known as polyunsaturated fatty acids. however, it’s important that your diet has a balance between the two as greater levels of omega 6 fatty acids, which is a common problem among americans, can increase your risk of chronic illnesses. the reason is that omega 6 fatty acids are pro-inflammatory, while omega-3s are anti-inflammatory so the goal is to consume more of the latter. the good news for those who can’t afford grain-fed beef is that any type of red meat will have consistent omega-6 fatty acid levels. however, as mentioned earlier, grass fed has a league of its own because it is much higher in omega 3 fatty acids. 5. conjugated linoleic acid conjugated linoleic acid is another type of polyunsaturated fatty acid that is found naturally in meat and milk products. conjugated linoleic acid has powerful antioxidant properties, which makes it highly protective against chronic illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer. grass-fed beef, on average, possesses 2 to 3 times more conjugated linoleic acid than its grain-fed counterpart.

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How to stay healthy if youre in an office all day
How to stay healthy if you’re in an office all day?

We know you’ve had enough of the whole “sitting disease” hype because you have to sit for 5 to 12+ hours of your day to pay the rent and feed your family. sitting several hours a day at a desk can be challenging alone and fitting in healthy eating habits and exercising may seem like too much on your plate. however, ignoring positive habits like these can be harmful to your long-term health, putting you at risk of many chronic illnesses – heart disease, cancer, obesity, diabetes – you know the drill. keeping in mind the challenges associated with a desk job, we’ve compiled our top tips to boost your health and fitness without disrupting your work routine. 1. improve your posture you don’t have to leave your desk for this. most office folks are prone to poor posture therefore, it’s strictly something you should take into consideration. if you’re using a computer, you’re going to be drawn to the screen, which allows you to crane your neck forward, putting strain on your vertebral column. imagine you’re holding a heavy object, such as a bowling ball. keeping your arms vertical and aligned with your body puts less strain on your muscles compared to leaning the ball forward. when you’re sitting at a desk, your head is acting as the bowling bowl that strains your neck and spine when you lean forward. the solution: keep your spine and neck neutral by sitting straight against your chair. be mindful about your posture at all times. to practice, you can spend a few minutes each day to suck your belly button in and keep your back straight. note that an erect posture makes you look more confident and assertive at a workplace and everywhere else. another benefit of keeping a neutral back is that it helps in preventing a protruding belly. 2. move more during your morning commute park at a distance from your work place and walk the remaining way. if you’re using a garage, use the lower level so that you can climb more stairs. in addition, if you don’t feel odd doing it, try doing a few laps on these stairs – chances are no one will notice. you can also use a bicycle to get to your workplace. for people taking public transportation, getting off a couple of stops before and walking the rest of the way is a great idea. 3. keep healthy snacks handy to avoid the vending machine, simply keep a few snacks with you such as trail mix, baby carrots and a dip (hummus or peanut butter) or fruits with you at all times. these can be easily carried around in zip lock bags, paper bags or plastic containers. moreover, it’s important not to rely on restaurants for your nourishment. bringing your own lunch means that you’ll not only be eating healthier but you’ll save a lot of money too!

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Easy Ways to Sneak Protein Into Every Meal
Easy ways to sneak protein into every meal

People have high likelihood to opt for protein powder in order to get the desired amounts of protein in their daily nutrition. though it is a great option to get the energy boost, but it is not the only way to squeeze in protein in your meals. there are some simple hacks in daily life using which you can get the desired protein without any supplements. keep reading to know them now – 1. snack on roasted chickpeas instead of crackers or chips say no to crackers and chips and go for chickpeas instead. pop these in the oven and add whatever spices you’d like, from wasabi to rosemary. you’ll get about 15 grams of protein per half cup. isn’t it amazing? 2. don’t forget canned salmon & tuna for a super quick lunch, pop the can and top a salad with some fish, which can pack up to 17 grams of protein per serving. along with this, it’s super portable! 3. use cottage cheese as an ingredient instead of a snack cottage cheese is a great option to sneak some high protein your meals. there are many recipes in which you can replace the main ingredient with cottage cheese to get the protein boost. there is around 15g protein in 1 cup non-fat cottage cheese. 4. eat 1/2 an avocado every day it is recommended that eating 1/2 an avocado every day, especially if you use it to replace unhealthier foods is a great option to increase protein intake. one avocado packs in 4 grams of protein, which might not sound like much, but the fruit contains all nine essential amino acids. use it instead of butter on toast, or bake an egg in it for even more protein. 5. there’s more to chicken breast an unseasoned chicken breast is not the only for meat lovers to get protein. when it comes to lean meats, turkey breast, pork, fish, and even beef (lean cuts like top round, sirloin, and flank steak) are also highly packed with a protein punch. 6. switch to greek yogurt greek yogurt is strained during the manufacturing process to remove more liquid than normal yogurt, making it denser and more protein-packed. one single container of fage 2% yogurt has 20 grams of protein. can you believe it – 20 grams! 7. its time for nuts & seeds not only the nuts taste great, but they have tons of protein naturally. sprinkle pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds on salads, or toast them in your favorite granola recipe. other high-protein choices include almonds, peanuts and pistachios. 8. experiment with less common grains too quinoa is not the only option when you are looking for proteins. there are some less common grains too that are loaded with proteins. 1 cup of quinoa has 8.14g of protein while 1 cup of spelt has 10.6g of protein, 1 cup of kamut has 9.82g of protein, 1 cup of teff has 9.75g of protein, 1 cup of amaranth has 9.35g protein, 1 cup of sorghum has 8.68g.

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