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Dhanurasna bow pose

In ancient yoga, as well as in modern science, the spinal cord is the most important and most subtle part of the body. the yoga asanas are designed to cultivate the root of our tree of life, the spinal column. today we are going to talk about dhanurasana which also has the development of spine as the main focal. dhanurasana is made up from 2 words: dhanu which means bow and asana which indicates yoga pose. the name of this asana is a contribution towards the final position of the body, which represents a bow. in this pose, the abdomen and thigh represent the wooden part of the bow whereas legs lower parts and arms represent the bowstring. this is one of the most important yogic postures, which is known for many health benefits including belly fat reduction, strengthening the lower back, treating asthma, making your entire spine flexible and supple and so on. how to do it? 1. lie on the ground (on stomach) facing downwards. 2. relax completely with 2-3 breaths. 3. inhale slowly and starts bending your legs backwards and catch the ankles with the hands as shown in the above image. 4. you will see that your body is now in the shape of a bow. 5. in this position your whole weight will come on your abdomen. only your stomach and pelvic area will touch the ground. 6. hold this position for few 15-20 seconds and continue taking a deep breath. you can increase the time after practicing this. 7. now after 15-20 seconds exhale slowly and come back to starting position. 8. repeat this cycle for 4- 5 times daily. dhanurasana & weight loss if you are looking for losing weight from your belly and hips then this yoga posture is for you. dhanurasana, also known as bow pose stretches and tones your core muscles. it also stretches the muscles of your glutes, thighs and hamstrings, helping you give them a defined shape. continuously doing this asana will help you get rid of belly fat for sure. other than aiding the weight loss process, some of the other added benefits of including this asana in your routine are highlighted as under:- added benefits of dhanurasana 1. this asana is effective for curing constipation, improving digestion, and appetite. further, it also helps in treating obesity, rheumatism and gastrointestinal problems. 2. it improves the functioning of liver, pancreas, small intestine and big intestine. 3. it gives flexibility to back by strengthening back muscles and releasing pain. 4. strengthens ankles, thighs, groins, chest, and positively targets the functioning of kidney and liver. 5. cures respiratory disorder like asthama. who should not perform this asana? 1. the person suffering from high blood pressure, back pain, hernia, headache, migraine or abdomen surgery should avoid doing this asana. 2. ladies should not practice yoga during pregnancy and in periods.

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Brussels sprouts!

People are unaware about the exact origin of this vegetable, though it’s logical to assume that it originated in belgium. as part of the cruciferous vegetable family, brussels sprouts share a close relation to broccoli, kale, cabbage, and cauliflower. though for some reason this superfood hasn’t been able to get the attention it deserves from health food enthusiasts, but if you see the nutrition they behold you will be surely amazed:- 1. it has more vitamin-c than oranges. 2. it is loaded with vitamin a, folacin, potassium and calcium. 3. it has almost twice vitamin k that is found in a red cabbage. 4. it contains 3-5 grams of fiber per cup. 5. it has more glucosinolates than any other common crucifer. 6. it is extremely rich in protein. weight loss benefits of brussels sprouts the benefits of brussels sprouts are not only limited to their nutritional richness, but they expand further to weight loss as well. brussels sprouts are very low in calories (1 oz of cooked and drained brussels sprouts weigh in at about 10 calories), and they contain only trace amounts of fat. furthermore, the large amounts of vitamin c that are found in this vegetable play an important role in improving the body’s ability to burn fat. a study conducted by a team of scientists from arizona state university reported that the study participants who had low blood concentrations of vitamin c burned 25% less fat during a 60-minute walk on a treadmill, compared with those who showed adequate blood levels of vitamin c. further, this vegetable has also shown up on on’s list of the best food remedies for cellulite. they contain a natural compound called indole-3-carbinol (i3c), which is a pre-cursor to diindolylmethane (dim). dim helps certain liver enzymes to block the production of 16-oh estrogens, harmful substances that can cause cellulite by breaking down collagen which is supposed to keep your skin strong. the high content of vitamin c, acts as real anti-cellulite nutrient, which fights those unsightly bumps and lumps by promoting collagen synthesis and by scavenging free radicals. use as part of a healthy diet you can simply consume this wonder vegetable by – try roasting them, lightly coated in olive oil, or saute them in a mixture of no-sodium broth and minced garlic. add flavor to your sprouts by using fresh herbs, such as rosemary or basil. further, you can also have them raw by adding the to your favorite salads. you can also steam them and top up with some dressing for a variation in taste. it is true that brussels sprouts have not been able to gain the attention they deserve but now it is time to give this tiny vegetable more of a chance because they really are among the healthiest vegetables and foods on the planet.

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Best foods to eat before you go out drinking!

Do you love drinking but avoid it because of the consequences like hangover and regrettable behavior the following day? don’t worry, today we have got the list of wholesome real foods, which will help you drink easily while warding off the hangover and keeping regrettable behavior at bay. just remember to follow this list next time you plan to host or go to a party 1. avocado this green pear shaped fruit, is loaded with healthy fats which keep you full for longer as they take time to get digested. before going out for drinking it is advised to have it so that the desire to drink is lowered keeping you in control and warding off the consequences. 2. cereal cereal tend to be fiber rich especially ones like grape nuts, that will provide a good buffer for the alcohol, and will slow its absorption. it is recommended to have these mixed with low fat milk as it is a very healthy option! 3. hummus have this chickpea dip with a bunch of raw veggies, which is sure shot way to get all the macro nutrients in the right quantity! since it is going to load you up with nutrition you are likely to effective balance the alcohol intake! 4. milk this cow’s gift to humanity is an excellent option for an effective pre-game on its own. alcohol leads to excessive urination, which results in loss of potassium from the body and this is where milk comes in which is extremely rich in this nutrient. not only this, since it’s made of 90% water, so it tends to keep you hydrated. 5. salmon alcohol depletes your body’s vitamin b-12 levels, but salmon has super high levels of the said vitamin along with omega 3’s. these b-vitamins have many physiological functions in the body, that include the promotion of short-term memory and general neurological function, which makes them a great option to eat before you actually plan to drink 6. chicken foods like chicken which are rich in protein take longer time to digest, which helps in slowing down how fast your blood alcohol level goes up. a chicken sandwich is the premier mix of protein and carbs, to avoid more calories just use the poultry portion that’s about the size of your palm. 7. eggs this incredible food is not only good for curing the hangover but it also one of the best foods to eat before you do things that cause you to get one there in the first place. this is because of the presence of essential amino acids in the eggs, which are needed to breakdown some of the alcohol. 8. low-fat yogurt yogurt is actually a great snack option before you go out, just top this creamy stuff with a sprinkle of granola and you’ll get all the important macronutrients in one food item: carbs, protein, and fat. the selected food item will digest slowly in more than 4-6 hours which will help in lowering the impact of alcohol intake. 9. qunioa this one is extremely rich in protein and fiber. a high fiber meal that includes quinoa results in slowing down the stomach’s emptying time, which helps ensure that alcohol’s effects don’t sneak up as a surprise. 10. spaghett alcohol changes your body’s stores of glycogen, a quick energy source stored in the liver. carbs help your glycogen levels stay full, as well as your stomach. it is suggested that you pre-game yourself with spaghetti (made in lighter sauce like aglio e olio) to minimize the negative impact of alcohol!

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Benefits of meditarranean diet for weight loss!

The origin of mediterranean diet can be contributed to the historic eating and social patterns of the regions around southern italy, greece, turkey and spain. can you believe the fact that along with being a tasty way to eat, drink, and live, mediterranean diet is also a realistic and sustainable way to lose weight. this is because it is one of the healthiest diet known to man as people living along the mediterranean coast have indulged in a high-fiber diet of fruits, vegetables, quality fats and proteins. though this cuisine has been famous in regions like italy, greece, and spain but it began to take hold around the world in the 1990s, when a harvard university doctor showcased it as a diet useful for improving heart health, losing weight fast and easily, and clearing up other health issues. health benefits many nutrition experts have expressed their views that mediterranean food is one of the most heart-healthy ways of eating. this diet is loaded with anti-inflammatory foods which mainly comprises of plant-based foods and healthy fats. the best thing about this mediterranean diet is that it allows people to eat, drink and enjoy and at the back also takes care of heart diseases, metabolic complications, depression, dementia, cancer, type-2 diabetes, obesity, and alzheimer. the combination of healthy unprocessed diets with a positive lifestyle is the main reason the people from this region seem to be so happy and cheerful. to support this, harvard school of public health stated that,”together with regular physical activity and not smoking, our analyses suggests that over 80% of coronary heart disease, 70% of stroke, and 90% of type 2 diabetes can be avoided by healthy food choices that are consistent with the traditional mediterranean diet.” main food items of mediterranean diet majority of traditional dishes that are cooked in mediterranean diet focus on the following as the key ingredients: a) olive oil b) whole grains c) herbs and spices d) nuts and seeds e) fruits & veggies(spinach, kale, eggplant, cauliflower, artichokes & fennel) f) legumes & beans g) fish & seafood h) high quality pasture-raised poultry i) limited red meat j) plenty of water benefits of mediterranean diet 1. healthy approach to lose weight the approach to losing weight without being hungry and in a realistic way can surely be achieved by this diet. mediterranean diet is a sustainable approach which helps in losing weight by reducing the fat intake in a natural way as it focuses on intake of nutrient-rich food. the main target approach of this diet is to improve an individual’s protein intake and considerable reduce the carbs consumption. further, the inclusion of fish, and dairy products provide the benefits of omega 3s and probiotics. all the healthy fatty acids that are needed by the body to work and feel full, manage weight gain, control blood sugar, and improve your mood and energy levels are provided in right quantities in this diet. 2. low in processed foods & sugaras pointed above, this diet primarily consists of food items which are natural, i.e. close to nature. in comparison to the american diet, the mediterranean diet is very low in sugar and artificial ingredients like high fructose corn syrup, preservatives and flavor enhancers. in order to satisfy their sweet tooth, the focus is on the consumption of fruit or small quantities of homemade desserts made with natural sweeteners like honey. though most of the mediterranean aren’t vegetarians, but rather than preferring red meats and heavier meals they go for fish. this actually proves to be very beneficial for those looking to lose weight and improve their cholesterol, heart health and omega-3 fatty acid intake. 3. helps you de-stress and relax another important factor considered in this diet is a no stress approach. this diet encourages people to spend time with family and bond over home cooked healthy meals, get a good sleep and enjoy natural scenic beauty which helps in busting stress. this is known to all that chronic stress can kill the quality of your life along with your weight and health. further addition to this is the inclusion of love for and fascination with wine — especially red wine, which is considered beneficial and protective in moderation. overall, the smart choice of healthy living helping you get relived of chronic complications and diseases related to stress, such as those caused by hormonal imbalances – fatigue, inflammation and weight gain! 4. improves heart health religiously following mediterranean diet, which is rich in monounsaturated fats and omega-3 foods, plays a significant role in reducing all-cause mortality, especially heart disease. the main ingredient that is used for this diet which is responsible for improving the heart health is olive oil. olive oil is responsible for significantly decreasing the blood pressure, along with lowering hypertension. another protective element is that it helps combat the disease-promoting effects of oxidation and improves endothelial function. keeping in mind that low cholesterol levels are worse than high sometimes people in the mediterranean regions don’t usually struggle to maintain healthy cholesterol levels since they obtain plenty of it from healthy fats. 5. might help you live longer a diet rich that is in fresh plant foods and healthy fats is the shortcut to longevity. monounsaturated fat, that is found in abundance in mediterranean diet is associated with lowering the levels of heart disease, depression, cognitive decline, inflammatory diseases, and more. a lyon diet heart study, showed that people who had heart attacks between 1988 and 1992 were either counseled to follow the standard post-heart attack diet advice, which reduces saturated fat greatly, or told to follow a mediterranean style. after 4 years, people who were following the mediterranean diet experienced 70% less heart disease thus targeting longevity positively. thus, it is quite indicative that you should take an initiative to make mediterranean diet a part of your weight loss regime if you want to reach your goals faster!

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can you lose weight by drinking buttermilk
Can you lose weight by drinking buttermilk?

Though buttermilk is not a magical weight-loss elixir, but this tart beverage does play a helpful role in boosting up the impact of your weight loss efforts! you should not expect that sipping up buttermilk will help you loss weight immediately, but it can actually make you smile a little wider on your bathroom scale. enjoying this drink as a healthy alternative to high-calorie dairy creamy products is a great way to actually speed up the weight loss process! weight loss & calories you will only be able to lose weight when there is a direct relationship between the calories you take in and those you expend. you’ll lose weight when the calories you burn through workouts exceed the calories you consume when you eat and drink. since buttermilk is a dairy product it is filling, but can you really believe that 1 cup of buttermilk weighting somewhere around 245 gms has only 99 calories, 2.2gms fat, 12gms carbs and 8gms of protein. drinking buttermilk increases your calories only marginally so it will not make any negative affect on your weight loss goals but will keep you full for longer cutting unnecessary empty calories! why buttermilk is the best snack buttermilk is the best replacement for snacks that are unnecessarily high in calories. as highlighted above 1 cup of buttermilk has only 99 calories where as 1 oz of plain potato chips has 149 calories while 1 cola can of 12 oz has 153 calories. in comparison to chips and soda drinks which are empty calories buttermilk is a nutrient-dense snack, providing protein, calcium, potassium and vitamins. so if you make a decision to include buttermilk in your routine on a regular basis it can surely help you progress faster towards the weight-loss goals! perfect alternative to other dairy products ok, here comes the most important point, 1 cup of low-fat buttermilk is lower in calories and fat than a cup of 2% milk at 122 calories or a cup of reduced fat chocolate milk at 190 calories. not only this, buttermilk is also a lower-calorie alternative to many varieties of yogurt as a 6oz contain of low-fat fruit yogurt, for example, has about 168 calories. so just adjust the tart taste of buttermilk and replace it with other dairy selections in your diet to help control your caloric intake. the buttermilk-exercise connect using buttermilk as the replacement to higher-calorie snacks and dairy foods, helps in lowering the your overall calorie intake, but you can always increase the impact to the next level by exercising. exercise is a vital component of a successful weight-loss regimen. try to include a moderate-paced cardiovascular exercise for 300 min/week to help your body burn enough calories to lead to weight loss. thus, the above point infer that though buttermilk is not a magical weight loss drink but it does contribute in boosting up the weight loss efforts if included in diets on regular basis!

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5 Healthy Filling Foods Youre Going to Love
5 healthy filling foods you’re going to love!

If you’ve been thinking that starvation is the secret to being in tip-top shape, you better think again. the perfect diet, at least according to us, does not involve deprivation (or misery). in fact, we encourage our readers to be food enthusiasts who look forward to their next meals. however, how is it even possible to eat to get slim? the trick here is to consume foods that promote satiety. some foods are more filling than others. the more nutritious and filling foods with very few calories are those that are packed with fiber and protein. the following are some foods that can seriously fill you up without causing any weight gain: 1. whole grains always go for 100 percent whole grains such as oatmeal and brown rice. these options are highly filling and the fiber helps balance your blood sugar levels. this makes oatmeal an excellent breakfast choice unlike your traditional sugar-laden cereals, because it stabilizes your blood sugar and helps curb unwanted cravings for the day. add in a protein by using milk in your oatmeal or by having chicken with your brown rice. 2. black rice not a lot of people know about black rice but boy, does it pack a nutritional punch at an amazing amount of calories. half a cup of cooked black rice will give you 90 calories versus 108 in brown rice. in addition, it’s packed with antioxidants and fiber and has very little carbohydrates compared to other rice types. instead of having it as a main, add it to your salads, wraps and side dishes. 3. beans legumes are excellent filling foods as they give you a hefty dose of fiber and protein. research shows that they may even help prevent many diseases, apart from keeping weight off your waistline. beans consist of complex carbs, a myriad of antioxidants, fiber and other vital nutrients. our favorites our chickpeas, kidney beans, lentils, black eyed pea, edamame, black beans and fava beans. all these options work great in salads, stews and wraps! 4. potatoes despite their bad rap, potatoes are a powerful craving extinguisher. according to one study, boiled potatoes were the highest ranked filling food, among other health foods such as whole wheat bread and brown rice. people felt fuller and ate less after having them. just make sure you either bake or boil, and not fry. sweet potatoes are a great too! 5. eggs a study found that those who consumed eggs for breakfast ate fewer calories throughout the day compared to those who had a bagel. eggs are a complete protein source, which means they contain all nine essential amino acids that your body cannot produce. these amino acids stimulate the release of hormones that help suppress your appetite and keep you satiated for long periods. here’s a tip: don’t throw away the yolks!

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How to break a weight loss plateau?

Here comes a tale which every person aiming for weight loss can relate to – you made a decision to lose weight by eating healthy foods and exercising regularly. you get really excited as the pounds seemed to fall of quickly! then comes the inevitable weight-loss plateau, which leads to frustration and a drop in efforts to lose weight. this weight-loss plateau is the biggest barrier, which makes losing weight a vicious and never ending cycle. here are some simple strategies to help you stay committed to healthier habits even when weight loss levels are almost negligible. checkout these simple tips now to have smoother weight-loss journey – 1. check your diet at the initial stage of weight loss, simply reducing the portion size does play a major role in helping you lose weight, but after a while it becomes important to reassess your diet. weight loss after you lose the initial pounds can only come if you choose lower-calorie food items. in order to push away the barrier of weight-loss plateau, it is important to include foods that are rich in fiber and lean protein. these food items will make you feel fuller for longer duration and cut away the intake of unnecessary calories. 2. rework on goals don’t get happy only with the numbers on the scale as weight loss is something far beyond that. it is important to consider the benefits of adopting a healthier lifestyle, which will help you push the barrier of this plateau away. rework on the goals and get excited about the non-scale victories, like getting in a dress you always wished to or getting positive comments from your friends and family, in order to get back the motivation. if you take time to celebrate these achievement you are likely to stay motivated to workout and eat healthy even when the scale isn’t moving. 3. exercising is the key though eating healthy is very important when aiming for weight loss, but it is important to consider that exercising has a more dominant role to play. in order to overcome the weight-loss barriers without much efforts just simply increase the time & intensity of your workouts. it does not necessarily mean to have a structured exercise like hopping on a treadmill or going for a bike ride as daily activities like mowing the lawn to vacuuming the house too help in burning calories. stop being lazy and get up from your couch if you are really serious about losing weight & overcoming this barrier! 4. make a plan planning in advance for the upcoming week can go a long way in keeping you on track with healthy habits and weight loss. the key is to anticipate the upcoming challenges and be prepared to face them. plan the foods you are going to eat, the time you will be going to the gym, etc. in order to handle the situation of weight-loss plateau in the best possible manner! 5. be positive don’t get demoralized when the numbers are not going down. be positive and keep in mind that if you stick to your weight-loss plan religiously the pounds will come off for sure. push yourself and stay motivated to achieve your goals and you will surely hit the desired mark!

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Is It Safe to Exercise During Pregnancy
Is it safe to exercise during pregnancy?

There used to be a time when women were advised not to exercise during pregnancy due to the risk of miscarriage. however, research doesn’t back this claim. in fact, not only is exercise safe during pregnancy, it can also lead to significant benefits to mother and baby. during pregnancy, your amount of blood increases by about 50 percent. this means that your heart has to work harder to circulate the blood around the body – including your extra new organ, the placenta. stress to your heart is greater when you’re pregnant than when you exercised before pregnancy. therefore, you can do less exercise and work just as hard as you did before pregnancy. however, note that pregnancy isn’t the time to lose weight or push yourself to your maximum level. focus on improving your cardiovascular and overall fitness level instead. what to expect when you exercise during pregnancy? you’ll feel out of breath much faster when you workout during pregnancy. ome women may feel that they’re out of shape because of this but you’re actually breathing about 20 to 25 percent more air to remove more carbon dioxide from your blood and your baby’s (the baby doesn’t breathe in the womb, his/her carbon dioxide is simply released into your blood). this shows that your body is adapting normally. make sure you exercise after talking to your healthcare about it. exercising 20 to 30 minutes, 3 to 4 days a week can lead to substantial results, including improved blood flow. other benefits include increased energy levels, reduction in constipation, swelling and backaches, better mood and posture and improved strength, muscle tone and cardiovascular health. additionally, you may sleep soundly in the night and even manage your labor better. warnings avoid contact sports and sports that may cause you to fall, be hit in the stomach or be thrown out of balance. examples include rugby, football, squash, tennis, diving, gymnastics, water skiing, horse-riding and skating. if you have never exercises before, be sure to consult your doctor or midwife before you start. this isn’t the time to jump into a high-intense workout. start with gentle or moderate exercises for 10 minutes and increase it to 30 minutes per day as you progress. you have to ensure that you’re comfortable with your workouts. many women who aren’t used to physical activity tend to start after the first trimester – when unpleasant symptoms such as fatigue and morning sickness have subsided. it’s fine and even beneficial to perform some gentle exercises such as swimming, walking and prenatal yoga if you do not have any problems related to your pregnancy but avoid starting any strenuous workouts your body isn’t used to yet – leave these for your post-pregnancy fitness routine. if you experience any unpleasant symptoms, stop and see your healthcare provider immediately.

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Things that Happen to your Body When you Go Clean
Things that happen to your body when you go clean

Everything that you eat is not only used as fuel for activity but it also becomes the building blocks for your cells. so you literally are what you eat. unfortunately, most of our diets are packed with sugar, trans fat and chemicals, which explains why we are so sick all the time. if you want to take your lifestyle to the next level, you have to try clean eating. the concept behind it is eating whole, unprocessed foods as much as possible. the benefits? keep reading… 1. stress-free weight loss this is pretty obvious but weight loss is always the first thing on our mind when we talk about health – at least for most of us. many people struggle to lose or maintain a healthy weight. if you focus on consuming real, natural, whole foods, your weight will naturally go down because most of these foods will be rich in protein, fiber, water and minerals and vitamins. in addition, you don’t even have to count calories or macronutrients. 2. better sleep you’ve probably noticed that you wake up in the middle of the night with an unbearable stomach discomfort if you eat something unhealthy. eating clean doesn’t only prevent these tummy aches and gerd symptoms but it also ensures that you fall asleep faster and enjoy deeper sleep. 3. more energy people who start eating clean cannot stop for a reason. one of our favorite outcomes of clean eating is that it energizes us better than coffee does! you will understand how low your energy levels were when you were on your junk food diet once you go clean. 4. you don’t get sick eating clean involves having a large amount of fruits and vegetables, packed with antioxidants and minerals vital for your immune system. if you do get sick, your illness will only last for a very short time and won’t be as severe. 5. fewer medicines the benefits of clean eating include: a) reduced inflammation b) improved nutritional deficiencies c) improved cholesterol levels d) improved blood sugar levels e) lowered blood pressure and these are just a few of them. you can only expect yourself to reach out for fewer medicines while following this diet. 6. clearer skin your skin is the largest organ of your body. with clean eating, you’re feeding your skin more nutrients it needs to repair and re-grow. some of these nutrients include, zinc, omega-3s, protein and vitamin c 7. improved bowel movements consuming more plant foods means that you’ll be taking in more fiber and water that is important for regular bowel movements. constipation doesn’t only feel uncomfortable but it also causes an unpleasant belly bloat and other health conditions such as anal fissures, colonic conditions, fecal incontinence, hemorrhoids and urologic problems.

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Eat fat to burn fat

It’s no secret that fats have a very poor reputation amongst weight watchers. intake of food items that are high in fats, is generally prohibited by most of the medical communities & nutritional fields. are you afraid to eat fats too? well, then you shouldn’t be. of your total daily calories, 25 to 30% should come from fat. the key to follow here, is to pick good-for-you fats and limit the bad ones. some of the major benefits of increasing the consumption of fats in your daily routine are – 1. eat more fat to burn more fat from a biochemical point of view, the fad of low-fat diets has a negative impact of fat/weight loss. low-fat diets lower the levels of adiponectin, which is actually a true fat-burning hormone that works to enhance your metabolism and increase the rate in which fats are broken down. intake of good fats boosts the functioning of adiponectin, which helps to boost the weight loss process. 2. eating fats curbs your appetite nothing is worse than eating a low-calorie diet that leaves your hungry all the time. the best benefit of including fats in your diet is its satiating effect, which keeps you full for longer. intake of fats results in releasing cck and pyy hormones, which helps in appetite regulation. the more satiated you are, the less likely it is that you’re going to sneak in snacks between meals or pile on a second helping. 3. eating fat reduces the intake of carbs the total nutrient consumption of your food needs to sum up to a total of 100%. increasing the intake of one nutrient will lower down the levels of the other one. the first nutrient that should be given priority is the proteins followed by fats and carbs. if you increase the intake of fats in your diet it indicates the intake of fewer carbs. from a fat loss perspective, displacing carbohydrates by increasing fat in your diet sets the stage for an optimal fat loss environment. so what fats are you actually supposed to eat and what to avoid? the good : monounsaturated & polyunsaturated fats monounsaturated fats benefits: these fats, known as mufas, raise the good hdl cholesterol, lower the bad ldl cholesterol. along with this, they also protect against the buildup of plaque in your arteries. not only this, studies have also shown that they help to prevent belly fat.*food items: these fats are found in olive oil and olives, canola oil, almonds, cashews, peanuts, peanut butter, sesame seeds, and avocados. quantity: most of the fat you eat should be unsaturated, like mufas. dr. roberts says that “just two to three tablespoons of olive oil a day can raise hdl levels and protect against heart disease.” polyunsaturated fats benefits: these fats also prove helpful to lower down you ldl levels. along with this, they also contain essential omega-3 fatty acid, which helps to strengthen your immune system, keeps your skin & eyes healthy, boosts brain functioning and also improves your mood food items: omega-3s are primarily in fish as well as flaxseed, chia seeds, walnuts, canola oil, and tofu. omega-6s are in corn and safflower oil, corn-fed chicken and beef and farmed fish. quantity: most of the pufas, you eat should be omega-3s. to increase its consumption replace vegetable oil with canola oil and increase the intake of fish. also, the intake of omega 6 should be limited as it can lead to inflammation that further links to heart diseases. the bad: saturated fats outcomes: the intake of saturated fats should be kept to a minimum as they are mainly responsible for raising the cholesterol levels and also increase the risk of heart diseases. food items: in meat and poultry, in dairy products like cream, butter, and whole and 2 percent milk, and in some plant foods like coconut and palm oil. quantity: if possible saturated fats must be avoided as they don’t make any healthy contribution towards your body. in case you still consume, their quantity should be restricted to less that 10% of your total calorie intake! the ugly: trans fats outcomes: trans fats raise bad ldl and lower good hdl, increasing inflammation throughout the body. dr. gerbstadt said that, “ they 100 percent promote heart disease” food items: in margarine, doughnuts, french fries, and processed foods such as crackers, cookies, chips, and cakes. quantity: zero. avoid them completely! so finally we can conclude that instead of making any one nutrient a villain, we need to be calculative about the total calorie content of the food we eat for faster weight loss!

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