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Exercises to Tone your Arms Without Equipment
Exercises to tone your arms without equipment

If you want to enjoy your reflection, flexing your arms, we have good news for you. you don’t need a gym membership for super toned arms. the following exercises are super challenging and do not require any equipment. 1. diamond pushups the back of your arms will burn with this pushup variation because it works the triceps like no other workout. the exercise looks simple but it’s pretty challenging so you may have to start on your knees if it’s your first time doing a pushup. start in plant position with hands under your shoulders. keep your back straight and butt tucked in. if you aren’t doing this exercise on your knees, separate your feet shoulder-width apart for increased balance. now, place your hands on the mat under your sternum making sure that the tips of your thumbs and index fingers are touching each other, forming a rough diamond or triangle shape. lower your chest toward the mat by bending your elbows to the sides. exhale and lift yourself back up, straightening your arms. this makes one rep. repeat 10-20 times. if your arms are giving in, get on your knees but don’t stop! 2. chair dips sit on the edge of a sturdy chair with your hands at the edge of the seat. keep your legs extended and fingers facing forward. flex your feet. lift yourself off the chair using your arms. bend the elbows and lower your body until your upper arms are parallel to the ground and your hips are under your shoulders. push with your hands to rise back to starting position. repeat 12 times. 3. pushup rotations to challenge your entire body with just a pushup, we recommend adding a twist – literally! get into plank position with your feet aligned with your hips. keep your back straight and tummy tight. lower your body to the mat, push with your arms and return to plank position. now twist your body to the left, allowing your left arm to reach the ceiling without moving your hip up or down. bring your hand back to the mat. this is one rep. repeat by doing a pushup, but this time, twist to the right and reach the ceiling with your right hand. perform 10 reps on each side. 4. grab and go get into tabletop position with your face up, knees bent, hips lifted and hands under shoulders, fingers forward. lower your body by bending your elbows and then straighten your arms. grab your left foot with your right hand and return to tabletop position. repeat with opposite hand and opposite foot. keep alternating sides for 30 seconds. rest for 10 seconds and repeat.

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Top Foods for Fiber
Top foods for fiber

Dietary fiber is a vital nutrient your body needs for the proper functioning of the digestive tract and to help you feel full. lack of fiber in your diet leads to overeating, high cholesterol and blood sugar levels, constipation and hemorrhoids. whether you want to treat your constipation or lose a few pounds, including the following high-fiber foods will help: bran the simplest way to increase your fiber intake is to load up on some bran. oat bran is a rich source of soluble fiber (12 grams per ounce), which helps in lowering blood sugar and cholesterol levels. on the other hand corn (22 grams per ounce), wheat( 12 grams per ounce) and rice (6 grams per ounce) bran are dense in insoluble fiber. insoluble fiber is great for helping you feel full, for weight loss and for constipation. you can get your daily bran intake by sprinkling them on your favorite hot cereals, pancakes and muffins or get them via high-fiber cereals. lentils (daal) with 15.6 grams of fiber per cup when cooked, lentils are the best examples of healthy being incredibly delicious. not only do they make a filling dish, they’re also loaded with protein and minerals. lentils are more versatile compared to other legumes and they have a shorter cooking time. black beans black beans can be thrown into salads, rice dishes and mixed together with other high-fiber ingredients such as sweet potato and peppers to create a heart-healthy and filling meal. with 15 grams of fiber per cup, cooked, black beans are also packed with protein and complex carbohydrates. artichokes we love our artichokes roasted with other vegetables to maximize our fiber and mineral intake but you can have this amazing vegetable any way you want and reap its benefits. we can’t understand why they’re so underrated given their high fiber content (10.3 grams for a medium artichoke) but we will definitely recommend this vegetable for any veggie and non veggie lover as it’s incredibly versatile and can be prepared in many ways. avocados we’ve been going avo-crazy recently – who can blame us? they taste great on whole grain toast and in chicken salads. with 10.5 grams of fiber per cup of sliced avocado, there’s no further explanation needed on why avocados can create a filling breakfast. other important nutrients in avocados include omega-3 fatty acids, folate, vitamin b6, vitamin c, vitamin e, vitamin k and potassium. sure, avocados are high on calories due to their fat content but they’re rich in good fats, which makes them excellent for heart health. raspberries looking for a quick fix for your sugar cravings? try having a cup of raspberries for 8 grams of fiber, a ton of antioxidants and minerals. you can even use raspberries to prepare a breakfast or dessert with coconut, greek yogurt or oatmeal. figs figs are different from other fiber sources because they have a balanced amount of soluble and insoluble fiber. one cup of dried figs will give you 14.6 grams of total fiber along with potassium, copper, manganese, pantothenic acid and vitamin b6. figs are also great for lowering blood pressure and for preventing macular degeneration.

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Tips To Turn Off Your Weight Gain Hormones_1000x1000
Tips to turn off your weight gain hormones

The bottom line is sometimes weight loss has little to do with exercise and your calorie intake. for many people, the problem stems from hormonal imbalances. hormonal issues related to thyroid and insulin are well known. both can lead to weight gain. people who have underactive thyroids (hypothyroidism) have a low metabolic rate. their metabolism continues to slow regardless of any caloric deficits created. other less known hormonal problems related to weight gain include: 1. leptin leptin is the appetite regulating hormone that signals the brain to stop eating, making you feel full. however, consuming too much sugar can cause problems with your leptin levels, inhibiting its signals. leptin levels can be negatively affected by high levels of fructose in the body from processed foods with added sugars and fruit, which is why you should stick to 5 servings of fruit a day. since your liver cannot process fructose fast enough, the body converts the excess to fat and transfers it to the blood as triglycerides. the blood deposits these fats in the liver and other regions in your tummy. as more fat is formed from fructose, your leptin levels rise as well creating leptin resistance in the body. this causes the body to miss your feeling-full signal, making you overeat. 2. estrogen although estrogen is weight loss friendly, an imbalance in this hormone can turn tables. an unsteady rise in estrogen levels stimulates insulin resistance in the body. this accumulates sugar in the bloodstream and pushes the body to convert the sugars to fat. to ensure that estrogen remains your lifelong friend, you need to consume more protein. look for high quality protein sources such as grassfed beef, organic poultry, organic milk, eggs and legumes. 3. testosterone our bodies are exposed to a multitude of toxins every day. some of these toxins are present in the food we eat, the air we breathe and the products we use on our hair and skin. these toxins work similar to estrogen when absorbed into the body. when estrogen levels exceed your testosterone levels, you may experience a negative impact on your metabolism and muscle development and thus, weight loss. 4. cortisol one of the most hated hormones, the stress hormone, cortisol, can put your body into complete fat-storage mode. stress is the main culprit so your best bet would be to practice ways to reduce it. coffee is an excellent cortisol-buster so starting your day with a cup of joe isn’t as bad as you may think.

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sigh in to lower sugar intake
Signs to lower sugar intake

No one can deny the fact that sugar in any form is highly delectable. as we know the rule of life, anything which is liked by your taste buds is really bad for the health. you can’t even imagine the level of hazardous impact sugar intake is making your body and once you know it there are high chances that you will never look at it the same way. today we have got the signs which will help you in identifying if you are eating too much of sugar. check them out now – 1. too much craving for sweet items the more you eat it there are high chances that more you will crave for it. this is vicious and addictive cycle, since you eat sugar-crave sugar- eat sugar again. this is not only because your taste buds enjoy the sugary taste but also because sugar works like a drug – it gives you an instant high followed by a crash. when you eat sugar, there is a hormonal change in your body that’s like an up and down wave which ultimately triggers your body to have more of it. 2. increase in weight excess sugar means extra empty calories since there is no filling nutrient in sugary items. along with this, intake of sugar also triggers the release of insulin, a hormone that plays a big role in weight gain. when you increase the intake of sugar it leads to insulin resistance in our body which means our bodies can’t respond to normal amounts of insulin properly and therefore can’t use sugar the right way. it does not end here, when the pancreas works in overdrive for too long it can result in diabetes. 3. skin problems there are high chances that a spike in insulin caused due to increased sugar intake can set off a hormonal cascade that can lead to a breakout like acne or rosacea. if you are taking a lot of sugar it can start showing on your face in just few days. rather than going in for other skin treatments for you unruly skin it is recommended to get to the bottom to know the actual cause. 4. you feel sluggish throughout the day you body is the reflection of what you eat. after the initial spike in insulin that causes a high there is an inevitable crash. the stability of energy depends on how stable is the blood sugar level – when you consume too much sugar, the highs and lows of your blood sugar lead to highs and lows of energy. when you intake too much of sugary items your body is not getting enough protein and fiber both the nutrients which are important for sustained energy. 5. mood fluctuations as soon as the impact of sugar reduces in the blood you are likely to have mood swings which can leave you feeling crabby. further, lower energy levels also contribute to a bad attitude. 6. your brain tends to get foggy this is a common symptom of low blood sugar levels. when you intake lot of sugar, there is rapid rise and fall in blood sugar rather than gradual. poor blood sugar control is a major reason for cognitive issues and impairment. 7. tooth problems main reason for tooth decay is the acid that is produced when the bacteria chow down on food particles in between the teeth. eating too much sugar can impact the ph levels and throw of the natural ecosystem which is responsible to maintain healthy balance of bacteria. this gives the bacteria a chance to grow which ultimately results in cavities. 8. there’s nothing like too sweet for you eating too much sugar makes a major impact on your taste buds making them weak. the sugar tolerance goes up and you need more and more sugar to satisfy that sweet craving. it becomes difficult to get back to the normal base level once your taste buds need lots of sugar to feel like something is sweet. if you cut back sugar, in the beginning you are bound to suffer but eventually it will help in lowering your tolerance again and make you content with minimal sugar. if you are observing any of these symptoms, it is high time that you start maintaining a safe distance from sugar and sugary items.

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Healthy Dip Recipes
Healthy dip recipes

One of the most common reason for your weight gain are the dips you are having along with your favorite snacks. no matter how delectable those cheesy and salsa dips look they are not considered healthy, and cannot be consumed on daily basis. if you are looking for some healthy alternative go for a dip with yogurt as the main base as it contains proteins and healthy nutrients. today we have got some amazing options for the dips from which you can choose and enjoy your parties and get together without any health concerns. check them out now – 1. pumpkin dip this is one of the healthiest dip you can enjoy with your snacks. grind a small piece of pumpkin along with cinnamon for a pulpy yummy dip. this is great option for people looking for weight loss as pumpkin is low in calories. 2. cucumber dip another amazing dip which tastes yummylicious with baked snacks is this creamy cucumber dip. to make this one blend cucumber, yogurt, fresh cream and seasonings together and serve chilled. 3. red dip tomato is the best ingredient to make a healthy dip. for this one you require tomato, cream and seasoning and just swirl to get a pulpy dip which can be easily enjoyed with smoked chicken or grilled veggies. 4. sweet dip sometimes you are looking for sweet dips also and this one is the ultimate resort for such cravings. to make this you need only 2 ingredients – a ripe banana and spoon of honey. doesn’t it sound tasty already? 5. yogurt dill dip this tangy dip is also a great option for people looking for weight loss as it is low in calories and high in protein owing to its main ingredient which is a non-fat greek yogurt. for this one you need fresh dill, yogurt, lemon juice, garlic and seasonings. mix all the ingredients and serve chilled with crackers or veggie sticks. 6. edamole does it sound familiar? indeed it is! guacamole with edamame – high in protein and fiber, low in fat and calories, this sweet, fresh, and light dish is perfect for summer. for this one blend edamame with oil, lemon juice, garlic clove and seasonings. add diced tomatoes to this dip and serve with whole-wheat crackers, pita bread, veggies sticks or breads. enjoy these yummylicious dips with your snacks. looking for some more healthy dips and recipes options? download mevo app now – app store – play store –

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Importance of Warm up Exercises
Importance of warm-up exercises!

Doing a warm-up is an important part of any exercise regimen. it may not seem like it at first, but you’ll notice that a warm-up gives several benefits to your body as you go through with any exercise program. the key to releasing your body’s full energy potential in a workout session lies in your ability to get your muscles all “warmed-up” before any exercise routine. warming-up can make a huge difference in how you perform your workout, you just need to give it a try. whether you are a newbie that’s still starting your health program, or already a fitness buff who is a pro when it comes to exercise and working out; a warmup is a mandatory part of your routine. importance of warming up since warm-up is essential for every type of workout, here are the reasons why it is so important that you do one before your main regimen: 1. warming up conditions your muscles for the workout the main idea of the warm-up is to get your muscles fired-up for your routine. most of your muscles are in a period of stasis prior to the workout, and to “wake” them up, it’s important to do warm-up exercises first. if you don’t, you’ll feel sluggish doing your workout only after a few reps or so. 2. warm-up is essential to prevent injury it is not only in exercise that warm-up matters greatly—athletes get their bodies all warmed-up before they practice or ahead of their games. why? because when you warm-up properly, the muscles can stretch further without breaking. warming up before any type of workout gradually increases the tension that the joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles can take. without proper warm-up (especially for athletes), injury for the mentioned body parts are imminent, and can hinder good performance. it is the same principle when it comes to your own routines—no warm-up can get your muscles injured, and can cost you days to weeks of pain and no-workout sessions. 3. it increases flexibility not only does warming up prevent injury, but because it gradually increases the load that the body can take, it helps increase the muscles’ flexibility. you can be able to stretch your muscles further, thus being able to achieve your body’s potential all through the workout. 4. warm-up is important in giving the right psychological conditioning for the upcoming workout as warm-up conditions the body for the impending workout, it can also help signal your brain that you are going to take on a “physical challenge”, therefore helping your mind to focus in the workout. when you start to warm-up, the body sets the appropriate conditions for your body needed for the upcoming minutes of exertion during your routine. as the heart rate gradually increases and the muscles become warm, the brain is reminded that you are going to expend energy. this, especially for workout newbies, is critical; aside from physical strength, the right mindset can help you to finish your workout. even if it is so much tempting to exclude warming-up in an exercise routine, leaving it out causes more harm than good. the most successful people in the sports and fitness industry know this, and put extreme value in warm-up in the beginning, and cool-down towards the end of their routines. so if you want to be able to do better in your work-out, make sure that you do the proper (and appropriate) warm-up needed for your exercise regimen. looking for some warm up exercises? download mevo – weight loss & fitness app and get some effective warm up exercises now – app store – play store –

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What Is the Blood Type Diet and Does It Work Mevolife
What is the blood type diet and does it work? | mevolife

In 1996, peter j. d’adamo published eat right 4 your type, a diet based on the belief that chemical reactions occur in the foods you eat and your blood type. this reaction is caused by lectin, which is proteins that are found in food and have glue like (agglutinate) properties that affect your blood. the blood type diet claims that when you eat foods containing lectins not compatible with your blood type, the lectins attack organs or systems within your body and begin to stick to those blood cells contained in that area. the theory behind this diet is that your specific blood type determines what foods you need to consume to best optimize your health. what does this diet involve? is it truly the miracle diet that many swear by? what is the blood type diet? d’adamo claims that each abo blood type represents our ancestor’s genetic traits and which specific foods they thrived on in order to evolve and survive. d’adamo’s theory is that each blood type needs the following foods for optimal health: type o is referred to as the hunter, the theory is based on the fact that hunters thrive on high-protein diets comprised of meat, poultry, fish, certain vegetables and fruits, but limits grains, dairy, and legumes. the paleo diet resembles this type of eating. type a, called the cultivator, is based on eating a diet rich in plants and completely free of red meat, which is considered toxic. the vegetarian diet resembles this type of eating. type b is often referred to as the nomad. nomads eat plants and meats, with the exception of pork and chicken. this blood type should avoid corn, wheat, tomatoes, and lentils. type ab is called the enigma. because this is often described as a mix between types a and b, it is recommended to consume tofu, seafood, beans, grains, and dairy, avoiding beef, chicken, corn, and kidney beans. is it scientifically based? strong evidence does suggest that people with certain blood types have a higher or lower risk of certain diseases. people who have type o blood seem to have a lower risk for heart disease, but have a higher risk of developing stomach ulcers. a study conducted by the american journal of clinical nutrition looked for studies grouping people according to individual blood type, and whether following the diet specific to their blood type made any difference in their overall health. after reviewing the entire biomedical and life science databases, the researchers could not find one single study showing that following the blood type diet actually led to better health-related outcomes. what’s the bottom line? the blood type diet doesn’t take into account individual medical history, current body type or age, the medications you are on, food allergies, or diet history. choosing the ideal diet should account for all these factors. this diet isn’t particularly harmful, is just isn’t based on scientific fact. on this diet, you will avoid processed foods, which we all know isn’t good for the body anyway. the diet can quickly become expensive because it relies on organic foods as well as d’adamo’s specific line of supplements. there is no research that suggests it aids in digestion or improves energy. eating the way this diet suggest won’t necessarily hurt you, but it won’t necessarily help you to achieve health, well-being, and losing weight any more than other diets that target making wise food choices when it comes to your health. download mevo app now from – app store – play store –

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best low
Best low calorie soups recipes for weight loss & fitness | mevolife

If you think soup is just to soothe you in the winter, think again. did you know that soup is one of the bet food to eat for weight loss? because soups are mostly broth, they tend to be lower in calories while still filling you up. don’t wait for the spring to start your weight loss journey. try making one of these three best soups for weight loss and kick start your diet! soothing ginger soup this simple soup has noodles to fill you up, tofu for protein, and lots of ginger for your health. ginger reduces muscle pain and soreness, has anti-microbial properties to prevent illness, and can raise your metabolism. the noodles in this recipe are actually made from sweet potato, so they give you complex carbs that won’t spike your blood sugar. this recipe makes 3 servings. ingredients 1 cup vegetable broth 2 cups water 3 cloves garlic, smashed into a paste ½ inch ginger, smashed into a paste 1 container silken tofu 2 cups korean glass noodles (or other clear asian noodles) ¼ cup lemon juice 1 tablespoon sesame oil (optional) instructions 1. bring the broth and water to a boil. 2. add the ginger, garlic, and optional oil and simmer for 5 minutes 3. add glass noodles simmer for 10 minutes 4. add tofu and lemon, simmer for 2 more minutes 5. remove from heat. allow to cool. serve. scrumptious potato & broccoli soup soups are a great way to get your greens during the winter. broccoli is a cruciferous vegetable that helps prevent cancer and fights cardiovascular disease! meanwhile, the potatoes in the soup give you the creamy texture you crave without the added calories. slurp away on this delicious soup without any added guilt. ingredients 2.5 cups vegetable broth 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 chopped onion 3 garlic cloves, chopped 2 medium potatoes, cubed 4 cups broccoli 1 tsp oregano salt & pepper instructions 1. pre-heat a large soup pot on medium for 3 minutes, then add the oil. add the garlic and onions and cook until onions turn clear. 2. add vegetable broth, broccoli, and potatoes. bring to a boil. cook for 15 minutes. 3. put the whole soup in a blender and blend until smooth. be careful not to burn yourself! 4. return to original pot and simmer for 5 more minutes. add oregano, salt, and pepper. 5. remove from heat. allow to cool. serve. sweet & savory sweet potato soup this soup is the perfect dish to keep you warm during those cold winter months. the sweet potatoes will satisfy your sweet tooth without spiking your blood sugar. the ginger and curry spices stimulate your immune system, helping you fight off colds. and this low calorie soup will help keep you full while shedding pounds! ingredients 2 tablespoons olive oil 2 tablespoons honey 8 cups vegetable broth 2 medium white onions, chopped 2 sweet potatoes, peeled and cubed 1 pound carrots, peeled and chopped 1 tablespoon curry powder ½ inch ginger 1 tsp salt instructions 1. warm a large pot on medium heat for 3 minute. add the oil, then add the onion and ginger. cook until onions are clear and fragrant. 2. add the broth, sweet potatoes, and carrots, bring to a boil. simmer for 20 minutes. 3. add honey, salt, and curry powder. 4. use an immersion blender to blend the soup, or transfer the soup to a blender in batches and blend. 5. return to pot and simmer for 4 more minutes. 6. allow to cool. top with cracked black pepper. serve. 3 soups to a slimmer you these three best soups for weight loss are guaranteed to fill you up without unnecessary calories. they are delicious, hearty soups that will satisfy your cravings without hurting your diet. try taking the time to cook a soup for yourself and see how easy it can be to use soups for weight loss! download mevo app now from – google app store           ios play store

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vegetable juices
Vegetable juices! good or bad for health ? | mevolife

Summer is upon us and with it, our desire to be beach-ready. that will have many of us reaching for the juicer and going through a course of “detoxicating”. after all, isn’t our normal diet full of toxins? it only makes sense that we clean our body and, hopefully, lose weight along the way. we will be healthy and fit. right? not really. true, that is what many companies would have you believe because “healthy detox” programs are all the rage and they don’t show any sign of slowing down (not to mention that it’s good for their pocket). however, over the past few years, scientists have debunked “the myth of the detox” and according to the american journal of medicine there is “no strong scientific evidence to support these benefits”. our body is quite amazing and in fact we already have an effective detoxicating system in place – our kidneys and liver. if they function properly, we don’t need to worry about any other type of cleansing. so what about all those juices? they seem to be promoted everywhere, and ultimately, is it better to drink vegetables rather than to eat them? drinking vegetable juices can help you increase your veggie intake, along with the vitamins and minerals that accompany them (especially if you are one of the many people who do not eat enough leafy greens in their regular diet). however, it’s important to remember one thing: when you make a juice, you remove most of the fiber. we have discussed previously why fiber is an important ingredient for weight loss but it also has many other health benefits. fiber is the carbohydrate that helps you control the levels of blood sugar in your system. it slows down the rate of the food digestion and consequentially, balances how fast sugar gets into your bloodstream. this also controls hunger which means that if you ingest enough fiber, you would feel full for a longer period of time. that said, a fresh vegetable juice will have sugar but no fiber which will cause your body to experience a blood sugar spike. this can lead to many negative effects such as insulin imbalance, skin outbreaks (in people who have acne-prone skin) and many more. what can you do? simply substitute the juice for a fresh vegetable. that way you will receive all the nutrients without any of the fuss. tips & tricks if you have your heart set on drinking vegetable juices, consider the following healthy tips: – add a little whole milk to the juice – to slow down the release of sugar, so that there are no sugar spikes; – drink such juices twice a week – to avoid any lasting harmful effects; – drink such juices 20 min before or 2 hours after meals – to help your digestive system process them. so are vegetable juices good or bad for you? if you are a healthy person, there won’t be any harmful effects (considering you drink them in moderation) but it would still be more beneficial if you just eat your veggies. they are delicious! how about you create your own glass of juice with your favorite veggies? checkout the first ever juice maker which makes it easy to get choose your veggies, blend them into a juice and log it into a diary. download mevo app now –

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Medley of roasted vegetables healthy recipe | mevolife

Veggies are an important part of my dinner table. i love having them in any way, raw or cooked because they are so full of nutrients. this recipe of healthy roasted vegetables is ridiculously easy to make and yet so delish. i usually make these veggies whenever i am in a fix as to what to be served during dinner as a side dish. there are no specific ingredient rules, just use whatever veggies you prefer. the balsamic vinegar can be replaced by a fresh drizzle of lemon or even some soy sauce. the choice is entirely yours. serve it with your favorite main course, brown rice or just on a bed of quinoa, it will be as good any way. ingredients 1/2 small butternut squash, cubed 1 red bell peppers, seeded and diced 1/2 sweet potato, peeled and cubed 1-1/2 potatoes, cubed 1/2 red onion, quartered 1-1/2 tsp chopped fresh thyme 1 tbsp chopped fresh rosemary 2 tbsp olive oil 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar salt & black pepper method 1. preheat oven to 475 degrees f (245 degrees c). 2. in a large bowl, combine the squash, red bell peppers, sweet potato, and the potatoes. separate the red onion quarters into pieces, and add them to the mixture. 3. in a small bowl, stir together thyme, rosemary, olive oil, vinegar, salt, and pepper. toss with vegetables until they are coated. spread evenly on a large roasting pan. 4. roast for 35 to 40 minutes in the preheated oven, stirring every 10 minutes, or until vegetables are cooked through and browned. nutritional info serves 6 nutritional value per serve: calories – 125, fat – 4.5, carbs – 20, protein – 2 get more of such healthy, quick and delectable recipes in the mevo – weight loss & fitness app, which is available on both android and ios.

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baked healthy
Baked healthy creamy avocado fries tasty recipe | mevolife

Bored of the regular recipes of avocado? thinking about how you can make avocado better? how about you fry it and make delectable baked healthy creamy avocado fries. crunchy on the outside, creamy and nutty inside, these avocado fries are totally over the top. this is an awesome way to enjoy your avocado – need we say more? checkout the quick recipe now & try out for yourself! ingredients firm ripe avocado; sliced into wedges – 2 flour – 1/4 cup large eggs – 2 breadcrumbs – 1 1/4 cup salt & pepper – to taste oil – to fry method 1. preheat oven to 200°. in a medium saucepan, heat 1 1/2 tsp oil until it registers 375° on a deep-fry thermometer. 2. meanwhile, mix flour with 1/4 tsp salt in a shallow plate. put eggs and breadcrumbs in separate shallow plates. dip avocado in flour, shaking off excess. dip in egg, then breadcrumbs to coat. set on 2 plates in a single layer. 3. fry a quarter of avocado slices at a time until deep golden, 30 to 60 seconds. transfer slices to a plate lined with paper towels. keep warm in oven while cooking remaining avocados. sprinkle with salt & pepper to taste. nutritional info calories 271 kcal, fat 21g, protein 5.5g, carbs 16g, fiber 2.1g log whatever you eat in our amazing best workout, fitness, exercise, health, diet & weight loss app mevo available on – google playstore   /    ios appstore

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Pomegranate blackberry quinoa parfait | mevolife

Knowing the benefits of quinoa, i have fallen in love with it and have been looking for various ways to incorporate this superfood into my daily diet. but prior to my various recipes of quinoa, i’ve only known it in savory dishes. so last night i experimented. i wanted to treat myself with a delicious dessert, but with very few ingredients available, i tried whipping up the best i could. and the result was this amazing looking, health-loaded parfait that has all the goodness of quinoa, yogurt, some yum jam, crunchy chia, fruits of my choice- pomegranate, blackberries and raspberries. heaven in a cup, layered to perfection. what else do you need to comfort you in the night right? you can always make this according to your taste. throw in nuts of your choice, any kind of fresh fruit, it will always turn out great. this could be an ideal breakfast option too, just make it a night before and it’s ready to eat in the morning. ingredients 1/2 cup organic blackberry pomegranate fruit spread 1 tbsp organic chia seeds 1 (6 ounce) container fresh blackberries 1 (6 ounce) container fresh raspberries 1 cup cooked organic sprouted quinoa 1 1/3 cups vanilla greek yogurt 1/2 tsp grated fresh lemon peel 4 lemon slices, for garnish method 1. combine fruit spread and chia seeds in medium bowl. stir in berries and quinoa. combine yogurt and lemon peel in small bowl. 2. divide half of quinoa mixture evenly into 4 parfait glasses. reserve 2 tablespoons yogurt for garnish. top quinoa mixture with 1/3 cup yogurt. divide and spoon remaining quinoa mixture over yogurt. top with dollop of yogurt and lemon slice. chill. nutritional info serves 4 nutritional value per serve: calories 339kcal, fat 8g, carbs 60g, proteins 10.7g

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