Social & Challenges

Find the motivation you need with the smart challenges available in the app.

Social Community

Get connected with other MevoFit Fitness Band users and find your daily motivation to achieve targets.

Fitness Challenges

Challenges keep you going in the long run. Participate in challenges and double benefit - get fit & earn rewards.

Rewards & Shop

Get rewards for each healthy activity logged in the app. Use the credits to buy fitness merchandise from the store.


Get your daily dose of motivation and always stay active to achieve your goals & targets.

Your 24*7* 365 Fitness Companion

MevoFit Fitness Tracker app has a purpose for every part of your day.

All Day Activity Tracker

Use MevoFit Fitness Device to track your steps, calories, distance and more and view all your stats in all in one MevoFit Fitness Tracker app.

Sleep Tracker

Use MevoFit Devices to record your sleep at night. View all your sleep details and insights in the app and review your sleep patterns over the time.

Heart Rate Tracker

MevoFit Fitness Bands also show heart rate tracker data for which can be easily synced in the app and analyzed to draw conclusions.

Alarms & Reminders

Stay updated & connected all the time with smart alarms, reminders and push notifications which pop up on your phone as well as the device.

Smart Features of the App

Manage the advanced settings of your band through the app

Schedule Reminders

Easily set alarms and reminder using the app so that you can be notified about the same on the band.

Push Notifications

Use the advanced notification controller to manage the apps for which you want the push notifications on the band.

Sedentary Reminders

Set and manage the sedentary reminders from the app. These reminders will keep you active through out the day.

Sports Goal

Set sports goal using the app and the same will be reflected on the band.

Ready to get started?

Kick-off your fitness journey today by picking out a MevoFit fitness tracker 

and using every app feature to find your fit.


Get your MevoFit Fitness Tracker app up and running today.