Tips to Overcome a Weight-Loss Plateau

No soda drinks, no ice cream hogging, being careful with the overall calorie intake, working out and yeah the weight started to roll down. This boosted up the confidence so you started going to gym and burnt more calories. Everything was going good, but now you feel stuck as the weight is not going down any further – WEIGHT LOSS PLATEAU!

What has caused this – Are you already at your ideal weight?, Are your goals too high to be achievable? Here steps in the set-point weight – the weight that you body likes to maintain. Though this can be adjusted but it takes time! In the process to lose weight, it can be tempting to cut calories too low to shed pounds faster. The opposite side of this: your muscles are fueled up for energy which results in lowering your metabolism levels. Whether you want to shift your natural set-point weight or it is getting to hard to shed off those extra pounds, here are a few ways which can actually help you overpower the weight-loss plateau –

1. Readjust your calorie intake

Since you have lost weight, your metabolism level goes down as your body now requires less calories for energy. The calorie intake that you initially when you began your weight loss journey will need to be adjusted to match your body’s current needs. It is recommended to readjust your calorie goals after every 15 pounds you lose.

2. Readjust your workout routine

Working out on the elliptical cycle for a long time? It’s time to change your workout routine now. The muscles in your body have become used to the same workout pattern which had made it less effective. Try to go out of your comfort zone and try new workouts to get the best results. HIIT is the best way to burn maximum calories and body fat effectively. Just be careful when including HIIT into your routine as doing too much too fast can leave you sore, tired or even injured.

3. Flush it out with fluids

If your body is dehydrated there are high chance of you craving for extra calories. This is because the symptoms of dehydration are similar to symptoms of hunger, so it’s easy to get confused. Keep yourself hydrated and aim to drink at least 3 liters of water per day.

4. Sleep

Sound sleep plays a really very important role in helping your body lose weight as it resets your hormones. If your deprive yourself of sleep it can lead to increased cortisol, a stress hormone. Elevated cortisol levels in the body can lead to fat accumulation around the midsection.

5. Be careful with those small bites

An extra bite here, a small bite there also has CALORIES and they DO count even if they aren’t on your plate. Check if mindless munching and unhealthy snacking is the main reason, which is keeping you away from your desired results!

6. Intake Quality Foods

Getting over the weight-loss plateau requires far more than just the calories in and calories out mechanism which typically works for weight loss. The things you need to cut weight-loss plateau off is the intake of quality whole foods which includes – high-fiber fruits, beans, lean proteins and raw vegetables. These are the food items which are needed by your body engine to start burning that fat again.

7. Focus on Strength Training

What to burn calories even when you are rest? Try to include weight training in your workout routine. This is simply because the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn, and the more body fat you’ll shed.

8. Go to a doctor

If you have tried to change your calorie and workout routine plus have been more careful with your efforts but still the weight is not going down, it is time to consult with your doctor to rule out any underlying medical conditions that could make it difficult for you to lose weight.

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