How to stay healthy if you’re in an office all day?

We know you’ve had enough of the whole “sitting disease” hype because you have to sit for 5 to 12+ hours of your day to pay the rent and feed your family. Sitting several hours a day at a desk can be challenging alone and fitting in healthy eating habits and exercising may seem like too much on your plate. However, ignoring positive habits like these can be harmful to your long-term health, putting you at risk of many chronic illnesses – heart disease, cancer, obesity, diabetes – you know the drill. Keeping in mind the challenges associated with a desk job, we’ve compiled our top tips to boost your health and fitness without disrupting your work routine.

1. Improve your Posture

You don’t have to leave your desk for this. Most office folks are prone to poor posture therefore, it’s strictly something you should take into consideration. If you’re using a computer, you’re going to be drawn to the screen, which allows you to crane your neck forward, putting strain on your vertebral column.

Imagine you’re holding a heavy object, such as a bowling ball. Keeping your arms vertical and aligned with your body puts less strain on your muscles compared to leaning the ball forward. When you’re sitting at a desk, your head is acting as the bowling bowl that strains your neck and spine when you lean forward.

The solution: Keep your spine and neck neutral by sitting straight against your chair. Be mindful about your posture at all times. To practice, you can spend a few minutes each day to suck your belly button in and keep your back straight. Note that an erect posture makes you look more confident and assertive at a workplace and everywhere else. Another benefit of keeping a neutral back is that it helps in preventing a protruding belly.

2. Move more during your morning commute

Park at a distance from your work place and walk the remaining way. If you’re using a garage, use the lower level so that you can climb more stairs. In addition, if you don’t feel odd doing it, try doing a few laps on these stairs – chances are no one will notice. You can also use a bicycle to get to your workplace.

For people taking public transportation, getting off a couple of stops before and walking the rest of the way is a great idea.

3. Keep healthy snacks handy

To avoid the vending machine, simply keep a few snacks with you such as trail mix, baby carrots and a dip (hummus or peanut butter) or fruits with you at all times. These can be easily carried around in zip lock bags, paper bags or plastic containers.

Moreover, it’s important not to rely on restaurants for your nourishment. Bringing your own lunch means that you’ll not only be eating healthier but you’ll save a lot of money too!

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