Most Common Exercise Excuses Busted!

2016 is here and its time to kick out everything that is standing in the way of your exercise routine and attempt to get fit. The main thing required simplify working out routine is to make up your mind and prioritize health on the top. Today we have got the list of 8 most common excuses and busted them so that they no longer block your way –

1. Commitment Issues

To resolve these issues pre-pay for gyms and workout classes. When you sign up you’ve made the commitment, and not going means you’ll probably lose what you paid for. No one wants to lose money!

2. It’s not for ME

This is the most common excuses as it can be hard to go for workout when you feel too out of shape. Remember that exercising not only improves your overall health but boosts confidence as well and that is exactly what you need! You have to start somewhere – try going at off-peak hours when the gym might not be as crowded, or ask a supportive, motivating friend to join you.

3. I don’t like exercising

Really?? Exercise can be FUN! There is a workout format for everyone. Try out new and different activities until you find the perfect one for yourself! If you enjoy dance, give Zumba a try. If you like competitive sports, then crossfit may give you that sense of team camaraderie you’re craving for. Another way to pep up your workout is by finding the right workout partner.

4. No time

If you don’t have time, make time! Don’t have an hour? No worries—it only takes 10 minutes to make a difference. Try to do 10 minutes of exercise 2 to 3 times per day. Schedule exercising and make it a priority. Plan ahead and be punctual to follow it!

5. No Idea about How to Do it

In order to get a better idea about working out and what you should do, it is recommended to hire a personal trainer for one or two sessions to learn proper form, and get an exercise sequence you can go through on your own. Nowadays, lot of gyms have new member specials that make it very affordable to give private instruction a try.

6. Too Tired to Workout

You feel tired or lethargic when you lack movement in your routine. Exercise releases endorphins, increases energy, and elevates your overall mood. Even just a little activity promotes the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to your tissue and helps your heart work more efficiently. Which means, getting in a good sweat session might be exactly what you need!

7. I Look Great

Even if you look great, you should make exercise a part of your routine. Exercise does not limit itself to aesthetics only. It does give you a toned physique too, but the benefits of exercise go way beyond a tight body. Exercise reduces stress, improve your cardiovascular health, improve your mood, sleep better, and feel better.

8. Too Old to Workout

There is no such thing! No matter what your age or physical condition is, it is important to understand that exercise plays an important role in keeping you youthful and mobile. Moderate activities like water aerobics or yoga, can feel really good on stiff, achy joints. With age, weight-bearing exercises become super important to maintain bone mass, making modified strength training ideal. You can also go for walking – it’s fairly low impact, but still creates healthy stress on the bones.

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