Signs to Lower Sugar Intake

No one can deny the fact that sugar in any form is highly delectable. As we know the rule of life, anything which is liked by your taste buds is really bad for the health. You can’t even imagine the level of hazardous impact sugar intake is making your body and once you know it there are high chances that you will never look at it the same way. Today we have got the signs which will help you in identifying if you are eating too much of sugar. Check them out now –

1. Too much craving for sweet items

The more you eat it there are high chances that more you will crave for it. This is vicious and addictive cycle, since you eat sugar-crave sugar- eat sugar again. This is not only because your taste buds enjoy the sugary taste but also because sugar works like a drug – it gives you an instant high followed by a crash. When you eat sugar, there is a hormonal change in your body that’s like an up and down wave which ultimately triggers your body to have more of it.

2. Increase in weight

Excess sugar means extra empty calories since there is no filling nutrient in sugary items. Along with this, intake of sugar also triggers the release of insulin, a hormone that plays a big role in weight gain. When you increase the intake of sugar it leads to insulin resistance in our body which means our bodies can’t respond to normal amounts of insulin properly and therefore can’t use sugar the right way. It does not end here, when the pancreas works in overdrive for too long it can result in diabetes.

3. Skin problems

There are high chances that a spike in insulin caused due to increased sugar intake can set off a hormonal cascade that can lead to a breakout like acne or rosacea. If you are taking a lot of sugar it can start showing on your face in just few days. Rather than going in for other skin treatments for you unruly skin it is recommended to get to the bottom to know the actual cause.

4. You feel sluggish throughout the day

You body is the reflection of what you eat. After the initial spike in insulin that causes a high there is an inevitable crash. The stability of energy depends on how stable is the blood sugar level – when you consume too much sugar, the highs and lows of your blood sugar lead to highs and lows of energy. When you intake too much of sugary items your body is not getting enough protein and fiber both the nutrients which are important for sustained energy.

5. Mood fluctuations

As soon as the impact of sugar reduces in the blood you are likely to have mood swings which can leave you feeling crabby. Further, lower energy levels also contribute to a bad attitude.

6. Your brain tends to get foggy

This is a common symptom of low blood sugar levels. When you intake lot of sugar, there is rapid rise and fall in blood sugar rather than gradual. Poor blood sugar control is a major reason for cognitive issues and impairment.

7. Tooth Problems

Main reason for tooth decay is the acid that is produced when the bacteria chow down on food particles in between the teeth. Eating too much sugar can impact the pH levels and throw of the natural ecosystem which is responsible to maintain healthy balance of bacteria. This gives the bacteria a chance to grow which ultimately results in cavities.

8. There’s nothing like too sweet for you

Eating too much sugar makes a major impact on your taste buds making them weak. The sugar tolerance goes up and you need more and more sugar to satisfy that sweet craving. It becomes difficult to get back to the normal base level once your taste buds need lots of sugar to feel like something is sweet. If you cut back sugar, in the beginning you are bound to suffer but eventually it will help in lowering your tolerance again and make you content with minimal sugar.

If you are observing any of these symptoms, it is high time that you start maintaining a safe distance from sugar and sugary items.

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