The easiest ways to slash more than 100 calories every day!

Perhaps the last thing you’ll ever want to do is go on a diet. Gasp. Fortunately, experts show that there are many ways to shrink your waistline without having salad all the time or even trying, for that matter. Keep reading to find out how.

1. Drink More Water

You’ve probably heard the “8 glasses per day” rule a hundred times by now but do you really think you’re hitting 8 or even 5 every day? Chugging on a glass or two of water before every meal can help you eat much less. You won’t feel hungry so it’s a foolproof approach that you can stick to without failing. A study published in the journal Obesity which involved two groups, one that drank water before a meal and the other that didn’t, showed that the group that drank water lost roughly three more pounds than the other group. The more these people loaded up on water, the better the results. Water isn’t only refreshing; it fills you up and helps you achieve satiety before you even finish your food. To avoid wasting food, place smaller portions on your plate – chances are you won’t reach for seconds.

2. Clean Your Kitchen

A messy kitchen can make an already stressed mind even more stressed. Stress is one of the main reasons people eat more than they should. You’ll think that if your environment is not in control, why should you be? One study showed that when 100 women were split into two groups, one with a clean kitchen and the other with a dirty one, the latter consumed 65 more calories in 10 minutes than the clean kitchen group. If you have newspapers all over the table, a phone that doesn’t stop ringing, sticky notes all over your fridge and dirty dishes piling up in your sink – making a major makeover into your de-cluttering routine may make a huge change to your eating habits as well.

3. Exercise in the AM

Exercising in the morning helps boost your energy and metabolism throughout the day and curbs your appetite. For best results, throw in some activity throughout the day. After your morning workout routine, simply taking the stairs, parking further away from your office and doing some jump squats or crunches when you’re free can help.

4. Load up on Protein & Fiber

Protein is a slow-digesting macro nutrient and fiber is indigestible matter that adds the bulk of plant-based foods, making both effective in filling you up fast. Protein takes even longer than carbs and fats to digest so your best bet would be to have more protein, such as chicken, fish, beans or quinoa on the plate than rice or boiled potatoes. In addition, your metabolism elevates to about 20 percent to digest protein. Therefore, if you’re having a fiber-rich green leafy salad, add in tofu, cottage cheese or chicken to increase its protein factor or if you’re having a banana, pair it with peanut butter.
Other easy weight loss tricks include:

1. Skipping margarine for breakfast. Add 2 tablespoons of maple syrup to your wholegrain waffles instead of butter or margarine to save 110 calories.

2. Avoid anything “candied.” Swap a small candy apple for a medium apple to save 118 calories.

3. Whole fruits instead of juice. Have a medium orange instead of 12 ounces of orange juice to save 106 calories.

4. Thin over thick. Instead of ditching pizza completely, have thin crust over thick to save up to 106 calories.

5. Marinara instead of Alfredo. Craving for pasta? Replace 5 ounces of Alfredo sauce in your dish with 7 ounces of marinara sauce to save 129 calories.

6. Frozen yogurt for dessert. Have a one cup of low-fat frozen yogurt instead of ice cream to save 121 calories.

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