Power Apps

MevoFit  has created a wide range of power apps to meet the needs of each and  every fitness enthusiasts.Following are few of our most downloaded app!

Healthy 101 Weight Loss Tips

Effective tips on food, diet & workouts

A wide range of weight loss, food and workout tips for right guidance.



Videos of Bodybuilding Gym Exercises

24*7 fitness coach in form of app with full image illustrations & videos of every move!



Low Calorie Weight Loss Foods

A wide collection of all recipes that are not only tasty but healthy as well.



BMI Calculator & Fat Tracker

Calculate, monitor, and analyze your progress for getting in shape


Weight Tracker

Easiest way to track your weight

Log your weight in the app and keep a close watch on it easily.

Coming Soon

Beauty Tracker

Logbook for your salon appointments

Log all your appointments and set reminders too so that you don't miss any.

Coming Soon