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Register yourself today to get in touch with more 100K users immediately and use our platform sell your premium services and help them in achieving their health and fitness goals.

Instant Customer Connect

Easily connect and offer your premium services to more than 100K users. All MevoFit app users would have an option to access your exclusive services. The services are based on monthly, quarterly and half yearly basis.

Get Free App & Website

This is the first ever platform which not is opening doors for new customers but also providing you a free app and website for your existing customers.


Low Commission Charges

Grow your business and sell your services for a very small fee of 9.5% on all orders from the MevoFit customers, including transaction charges.



Tablemonks Take Orders

Easy Sign Up

MevoFit Serve is the easiest platform to register and start serving customers to grow your business exponentially.


Tablemonks Easy Payments

Ratings & Reviews

This is a self regulated platform driven ratings and feedback provided by its users who have taken advantage of its services


Table Monks Smart Apps Features

Tablemonks Book Tables

Secure Payments

As a platform, MevoFit Serve provides different easy payment options within the App to gain customer trust and loyalty.


Tablemonks Deals & Offers

Customer Loyalty

MevoFit Serve provides multiple options to the customers to choose the right fitness expert as per their needs. Once they see results, they are bound to be engaged and be loyal towards the service provider.





MevoFit Serve is a true marketplace that lets the participating fitness experts to offer their services and add value to our users who seek expert advice and scientific ways of loosing weight and getting fit.


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First Ever Self Regulated Platform

MevoFit Serve is self regulated with the ratings and feedback provided by its users who have taken advantage of its services. 


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Unlimited Growth Opportunities 

Simply sign up with the platform to grown your business dynamically. Get access to the right users who are in need of your services and help them achieve their goals.


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Introducing Slot System 

MevoFit Serve takes the service delivery to the edge by introducing the time slot system to avail the services of this platform. 

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Promotes Health & Fitness

MevoFit Serve as a platform holds a unique promise to serve the users with convenience and health benefits from expertise around the globe.




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Gain Access to 100K+ Users

Tablemonks Grow Business

Dynamically Grow Business

Tablemonks Customer Loyalty

Self Regulated Platform

Tablemonks Easy Management

Simplified Customer Management

This platform acts as an UBER of fitness that bridges the experts (dietitians and fitness trainers) with the fitness hungry consumers at home of MevoFit Apps.

MevoFit Serve


Restaurant Smart Apps Features

Restaurant App Features

Food Ordering, Booking and Loyalty App & Website 

Latest smart technology
Increased orders
Customers acquisition & retention
Brand awareness & loyalty

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Tablemonks Restaurant App Features

Delivery App Features

Delivery Tracking and Field Force App 

Real time tracking
Field management
Update order status
Facilitate faster delivery

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Tablemonks Delivery App Features

Table Monks App

Reach out to Table Monks existing customers

Gain visibility
Increased orders
Deals & coupons
Cashback rewards

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Table Monks App

Admin App Features

Business Management App

Manage & Track Orders
Real-Time Alerts for Orders
Dashboard & Business Reporting
Manage Menu, Products & Pricing
Update Deals & Manage Bookings

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Tablemonks Admin App Features

MevoFit Serve

This platform acts as an UBER of fitness that bridges the experts (dietitians 

and fitness trainers) with the fitness hungry consumers at home of 
MevoFit Apps. technology, for FREE.

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5. What if the users don't get the desired results? Can they claim refund?  

It depends upon the zeal of the user to attain the results. We understand that each plan will have different impact on different users. Though such a situation of claiming the refund should not arise but still if there's something like that there would be no refund charged from you.

10. Is there any trial available of this service for the dietitian?  

You can create a free account and get access to the user for 1 month without any charges. Beyond that 9.5%/mo commission charges will be applicable based on the plan chosen by the user.